• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Jonathan Daltrey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Kent County Canine Association


Thank you to those exhibitors who entered, I note that there was a Chihuahua Breed Club Show today.



1. FLICKAN FROST, a lovely headed youngster who holds a very good outline stood and in profile action. Great personality and a real showman with good dentition and a clean and intelligent eye. I liked his head and ear carriage, top-line and tail-set and carriage. He moved very well in side-gait, just needs to strengthen a touch behind and will trouble the best. BOB

2. PAPADORE DUKE AT LOZEK. Another youngster with a decent head and eye, just not quite the dentition nor the presentation of the winner. I thought he looked a bit at the ‘in between’ stage today. He moves with accuracy coming and going.


1. FLICKAN FORTITUDE, a much smaller package but totally balanced. He too has a good head and wonderful attitude and was perhaps the best of ‘side-gaiters’ in the breed today. He too needs a bit more width behind but could not be denied Res BOB.

OPEN (3,2)

1. PIXELS MOONLIGHT EXPRESS JW. A very pretty and feminine youngster who has a lovely head and eye and an excellent top-line. I felt that she was just a touch too high-stepping today in front and also needs a touch more width going away.


PUPPY (2,1) 1. BORJOMI INDIGO AT LOZEK. A fabulous and very smart 6 month old. He has so much to like. His head and eye are melting. He is a sensational mover, particularly in profile where he holds the perfect top-line, has a lovely balance to body and has an excellent tail-set too. He just needs to tighten in front on the stack, otherwise, he’s hard to fault. BOB & BPIB.


(1) 1. LITTLETIGERS FANCY DANCER AT SANDIMAN. A very feminine puppy with a lovely shaped head and eye with good ribbing and compact outline with excellent feet. She just needs time to strengthen on the move. BPIB.

OPEN (5,2)

1. SANSARC JACOBEAN. I liked the compact outline and easy action of the winner, although I did prefer the head of the second male in this class. He scores in profile movement with a lovely front with good depth and has super feet, a strong top-line and lovely tail. BOB.

2. GODHEIM NASVILLE AT JALINDRI. Close up to the winner in many regards, I did prefer this dog’s head, but he’s slightly longer cast and wasn’t just quite as fluid in profile but has lots to like.

3. Exhibit 469. No name given.