• Date: 03/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Jennifer Millard Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Merseyside Gundog Club

Merseyside Gundog Club

3rd February 2019

Judge: Mrs Jennifer Millard 

Sussex Spaniel

Graduate (6 entries, 1 absentee) 

Grahams Eald Dances With Wolves Amoung Nyliram 

This youngster had an energy that saw him head up this pleasing entry really went on the move and didn't want to be beaten wide skull kind expression and chest deep and well developed for one so young BOB & BP

Hastings Bardings Bypolar Bear Another promising youngster unlucky to meet 1 sound coming and going and lovely coat coming through pleasing eye and correct amount of bone.  

Limit (2 entries) 

Davey Eald Village Scandal JW 19 month old bitch still some maturing to do but excels in body right amount of bone and correct angulation coat coming on well lovely disposition.

Way Norriss Northern Coleridge For Shuvick More up on leg than 1 can appear to have a slightly sloping top line which is unfortunate because otherwise creates a typical picture sound coming and going

Open (3 entries, 1 absentee) 

Eald Village Gossip A pleasing competitive exhibit won on movement pleasing head and expression and a good size well set ears and round well padded feet. RBOB

Hipgrave Bethryn Night On The Town Heavier headed exhibit compared to 1 but not incorrect strong body and scores in shoulders moved well. 

Field Spaniel 

Graduate (2 entries) 

Holgate & Baumann Prince Arthur Vom Belaure See at Nadavin (IMP DEU) An eye catching puppy well off for maturity presents a lovely outline when it all comes together very sound on the move a lovely head with characterful expression BP pushed hard for higher honours. 

Jones Ewtor Crazy Kinda Love At Pennybeck Finer in head than 1 but not incorrect lovely coat coming through lovely deep chest sweet kind disposition. 

Limit (3 entries, 1 absentee)

McVitty Smith Sonnetend Faith Handler had a tendency to stand this bitch a little short which she isn't stifles moderately bent moved well excels in rear drive a competitive exhibit RBOB

Smith Fecimus Living The Dream At Flyenpyg 6 month old raw puppy very eye catching in outline lovely liver colour with coat coming through moved well and lovely attitude for one quite so young. 

Open (3 entries, 1 absentee) 

Taylor Sh Ch Elgert Take A Bow With Tayowen JW All male exhibit with lovely noble head and expression super condition and showed with a slight assurance that made him difficult to beat nice outline and lovely stride with real drive. BOB

Smith Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg JW ShCM Also liked the outline of this one who pushed one all way just carrying a touch too much condition today which cost higher honours moved well and much too like.


Open (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

Cook Highclare Only One Avec Talliside Pleasing exhibit with the most mischievous attitude excels in ribs with a lovely appealing typical expression looks like he could go all day moved easily great attitude one to watch. BOB & BP


Puppy (5 entries, 2 absentees) 

Scales Sharnpilly Quintesensual Caught me eye straight away credit to the handler for getting such a good rapport established with one so young lovely size so curvy and sound on the move pleased to award her BP

Stokes Moenfair Dances The Moon Into Guanabara Unlucky to meet 1 today has many of the same qualities just not quite as together as 1. Lovely head and expression with good body. 

Junior (1 entry) 

Smith Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki Tall upstanding exhibit that showed well would prefer a more concave muzzle but otherwise good bone slightly sloping pasterns well off for depth unlucky to stand alone. 

Graduate (3 entries, 1 absentee) 

Scales Sharnpilly Mackintosh of Saloplass Lovely dog of nice size showed to full advantage and moved well would just prefer a little more angulation to the upper arm but generally a typical picture. 

Smith Sniperay Lord Lambourne Via Tzaziki 

Post Graduate (2 entries, 1 absentee) 

MacManus Luneville Divas Diamond Mature male nice bone and well off for first and second thigh good depth of chest and correct toppling sound coming and going put on a good show. 

Open (3 entries) 

Gordon Hawkfield Audacity JW (AI) This chap appealed and headed a good class well off for angulation and good depth hocks down really covered the ground when he got into his stride BOB

MacManus Cookrise Diva By Luneville A bitch of nice size with lovely tail set and carriage carrying too much condition today but appealing head and expression feminine and in no way overdone.