• Date: 28/06/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Jennifer Hick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/07/2019

South Eastern Old English Sheepdog Club

The South Eastern Old English Sheepdog Club Open Show 28-06-19

Thank you to the Committee of the S.E. OES Club for inviting me to judge their club show. Also, thanks to Ann and Mel, my stewards, for keeping things moving along and for being on their toes throughout. Windsor was a good choice of venue with the benefit of being able to enter the club show and the Windsor Championship show. Exhibitors did well keeping their dogs cool on a long, hot day.

PD (2,0) 1. Palmer’s - Red Devil Aus Dem Elbe-Urmstomtal for Hazyland. Eye catching dog. A1 presentation. Almost 12 months old and very mature for age. Masculine dog with strong, powerful frame and good bone. Wide skull and dark eyes. Not the most cobby dog but excellent reach of neck into good shoulders. Good spring of ribs and depth of brisket. Some break in coat of blue colour. Well handled and moved well. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy in Show.

2. Adrian-Coleman’s - Bovaron Going for Gold at Barcole - Lacking maturity of previous dog. Needs time to reach full potential. Dark coat slow to change. Wall eyed dog. Gentle rising topline.

JD 1. (2,0) Jones’s - Quemerford Take Two. Well presented. Exuberant dog, affecting his movement, and testing his owner’s handling skills today. Wide skull. Strong body with capacious, deep rib cage. Stood four square. Some break in coat which is still changing.

2. Pointon & Woods - Vigilat’s Rhapsody in Blue. Square skull with dark pigmented eyes. Good shoulder placement and well developed hindquarters with well let down hocks. Coat still changing. Moved well. Preferred strength of body of 1.

YD 1. (1,0) Windsor’s - Holanga Go Wild. Wide skull with square muzzle and dark eyes. Attractive, intelligent expression. Well balanced dog with good angulation fore and aft. Compact body of good shape with rising topline. Well developed hindquarters. Coat still clearing but with good texture. Res. Best Dog

PGD 1. (2,0) Barton’s - Amblehay Dragon Heart. Excellent presentation. Not the largest dog but square in outline. Good head with wide skull and dark eyes. Well laid shoulders. Good bone. Stood four square with cobby body and well let down hocks, Coat of good, even colour and texture. Pleased to award Best Dog & Best in Show.

2. Cheshire’s - Molyneux Start Me Up. Larger dog, needing more time to reach full potential. Good head properties with large skull. Good shoulder placement. Not moving well today.

PB 1. (1,0) Castle’s - Molyneux Run for Home. Promising, 11 month puppy with much to like. Good head and sound body with well sprung rib cage. Gently sloping topline. Well balanced with good fore and aft angulation. Best Puppy Bitch

JB 1.(1,0) Labous & Steele’s - O’ La Parisienne with Arthrug of Reality Dream. Shapely, upstanding bitch. Long neck with well angled shoulders. Straight front legs. Gentle rising topline. Coat with break, clearing in colour. Moved well.

YB 1. (1,0) McClelland’s - Meldale Iolite Moon. Pretty bitch. Unsettled today, difficult to assess movement, needs more practice to get used to showing. Good angulation. Coat of good colour and texture.

PGB 1. (2,0) Jones’s Kerjalee Dream Moments at Wenallt - Feminine and cobby bitch. Coat of good colour and texture. Moved well.

2. Poole’s - Mellowdale Coral Gladioli. Square skull. Good shoulder angulation. Coat clearing. Wealth of undercoat, topcoat soft in texture. Moved well.

LB. 1. (2,1) Crane-Duplock & Duplock’s - Shaggy Blue Bobs Way To Go with Mirene. Shapely, feminine bitch. Arched neck into well angulated shoulders. Strong body with well sprung ribs. Moved with drive. Coat clearing. Res. Best Bitch

OB 1. (7,5) Naismith’s - Zottels Honey Moon at Shaggybo. Lovely outline. Mature, pretty bitch in full blue coat in excellent condition and good texture. Well balanced with good angulation fore and aft. Strong, cobby body with well sprung ribcage. Moved well, handler and dog in unison. Best Bitch & Res. Best in Show

2. Robertson’s - Hickorystix Keep the Faith. Another attractive bitch. Good head with wide skull. Well angulated shoulders and hindquarters. Blue coat with a wealth of undercoat. Well handled, moved well.