• Date: 02/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Jane Eyeington Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Isle Of Ely Canine Society

Isle of Ely Canine Society

2nd February 2019

Judge – Mrs Jane Eyeington (Meadowdale)

I would like to thank the committee for their kind invitation to judge at this Premier Show. A fabulous venue, with big rings and plenty of space for everyone, just rather cold on the day! A huge thank you to the exhibitors who brave the arctic temperatures, it was a pleasure to judge your dogs

Bedlington Terrier

Puppy (5,2)

1. Mr & Ms Baldwin - Woolytop The Piper’s Son

Charismatic and fun filled 8 month old liver dog. Liked his overall size and outline when stood. Certainly, spirited and lithe. He has a pleasing wedge shaped head, good eye, long neck, chest down to the elbow. Showing a good topline and underline with a well set on tail and good tail carriage. Moves with the typical spring in his step, just needing to tighten a little more. Well presented - BP

2. Mrs Kinns - Kinnuva Hawaiian Velvet

Another pleasing youngster, 8 month old liver bitch who shows herself off with confidence, but perhaps feeling the cold today. She has a shapely profile, elegant and feminine all through, good depth to the brisket, and showing the arch over the loin when stood

3. Mr & Ms Baldwin - Woolytop Stand And Deliver

Junior (2,1)

1. Mr & Ms Baldwin - Woolytop Stand And Deliver

Litter brother to Puppy class winner and 3rd in that class. A nice young dog, but not yet the overall balance in outline. He was a little unsure of the surroundings being cold and noisy, but willing to please his handler. Lovely head piece, good length of neck, correct topline. Showed good driving movement in the rear

Post Graduate (2,0)

Both of these bitches really not liking the cold today

1. Mr & Ms Baldwin - Woolytop Lavender Girl

2 year old blue bitch, very feminine and balanced all through. Her head has the desired wedge shape, with intelligent dark eye, well set thin ears. Good length of neck, and depth to the ribcage with a nice rise over the loin. Shown in good coat and muscular condition. Moving out true in all directions

2. Ms Godden - Vakurblue Bacon Buttie

From a larger mould than winner, Liked her overall ratios and graceful in outline. Unfortunately, the cold was making her lose her shape. Having a balanced lean head, thin ears, good length of neck, well let down brisket. Well presented not as precise on the move as winner today

Open (4,0)

1. Mrs Offer - Woolytop The Wherryman ShCM

2 year old blue dog, well grown, but so balanced and proportionate. Smart and showing himself off to advantage, not caring about the cold. He has a shapely silhouette when stacked, being graceful but all male. His head is deep and long, dark eye, thin ears and correct bite. His long neck flowing into the correctly held topline both stood and, on the move, Body showing good depth and shapely underline. Put down to perfection and moving with light and positive footfall - BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Bannister - Miteymidgets Love In Bloom JW

Lovely balance and ratios to this 4 year old blue bitch. She is so feminine and shapely, with lovely body lines. Her head is narrow and deep, with a lovely dark eye. Good depth to the brisket, holding her topline on the move. Coat of good texture and in good condition. Moving out well, not quite the precision today of winner - RBOB

3. Mrs Kinns - Kinnuva Dark Sleekster

Border Terrier

Thank you for a lovely entry, I was spoilt for choice, super dogs

Puppy (5,0)

1. Brewster & Green - Stowthorney Wicker Man

Racy and workmanlike. Lots to like with nothing overdone. He has a good otter head, with a lovely dark eye and keen expression. Alert to all going on around him. Having length and depth to the ribcage. Good pelt and harsh coat. Moving freely and true in all directions - BP

2. Mrs Holmes - Bimandi’s Banana Smoothie

Smart 8 month old bitch, more compact than winner. She has a well balanced head, nice and short in foreface, strong moderate neck flowing into a firm level topline, well boned limbs, racy hindquarters and carrot tail. Not quite as true as winner today on the move, well presented and handled

3. Miss Adams - Otterwood Nemesis

Junior (5,1)

1. Mr & Mrs Hollingsbee - Otterwood Diodem

13 month old bitch, showing her stubborn streak today, so not showing herself off as she could, but she has a lovely outline racy and well put together. Her well balanced head, has good width to the backskull and strong short foreface. Ribs are carried well back and easily spanned with a firm topline. Good angulation fore and aft. Moving true, free and easy

2. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien

Another lovely bitch, close up to winner, of a slightly different stamp. She is of a nice size, having a little more substance than winner, but oh so feminine. Lovely well balanced head, so keen and alert from those dark eyes. Deep through the body, firm topline, well set on carrot tail. Shown with a harsh coat. Moving well

3. Mr Armstrong - Otterwood Titan

Post Graduate (3,1)

1. Mrs Heeley - Thistlemead Harmony JW

21 month old bitch, today showing herself off to advantage, keen and alert. She has well balanced body lines, and is workmanlike. Having an appealing head of good proportions, well placed ears, dark eyes and short muzzle. Clean neck of good length, narrow but deep through the body. Shown with a harsh jacket and thick pelt. Moving soundly

2. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien

Repeat 2nd Junior

Open (10,3)

1. Brewster & Green - Byrewick Valentine

A natural presence on this 4 year old b/t bitch, who just oozes raciness and femininity. She is racy and narrow all through yet has substance. Easy to span. She has a balanced head of good proportions, strength to the muzzle, with a keen yet kind expression. Well developed through the body, lovely straight front onto tight feet, firm topline with muscular hindquarters. Super harsh coat and good pelt. Well handled and moving very soundly- BOB

2. Mr & Mrs Hollingsbee - Tarkaswell Smart Move To Otterwood

Full of character this 2 year old dog, made his presence felt! So sound and just right for size and balance. He holds himself so well, keen and attentive to his handler. Lovely masculine head, short strong muzzle, dark intelligent eyes. Well constructed all through, deep but narrow, with nicely boned limbs and tight feet. Super coat and pelt. Showed with attitude and true on the move - RBOB

3. Miss Pateman - Twigglestone Somethin Else For Lessien

Norfolk Terrier

Puppy (3,1)

1. Mrs Gee - Watercroft Rosie Lee

Lovely 8 month old bitch, mature for her age and never stopped showing. She has a shapely outline, compact and strong. Feminine head, which is well proportioned, good width to the skull, dark eye and pigmentation giving a keen and inquisitive expression. Found her to be well developed through the body, with a good spring of rib and short coupled. Shown in with a harsh coat. Moving out true and with drive - RBOB

2. Miss Simpson - Brickin Wish Me Luck At Megalex NAF

Raw dog just 6 months old and having a fab time not worried about a thing. He has a lovely head, with a keen expression. Well sprung ribs, a fraction longer in the body, holding a firm topline both stood and on the move. Pleasing hindquarters showing a good bend of stifle. A happy mover, just needing to tighten.

Junior (3,0)

1. Mrs Gee - Watercroft Coin Of The Relm

What a little superstar, just loved her. At just 8 months old thought her to be top quality and holds lots of promise for the future. Super outline when stood, compact and sturdy yet so feminine. She has an appealing head, showing good balance, and strength to the muzzle, her expression is so keen and full of mischief. Well developed through the body, level topline, well boned limbs and nicely angulated fore and aft. Put down with a hard wiry coat. She is a powerful and free mover and a pleasure to watch – BOB & BP – Group 4 & Puppy Group 1 – Best Puppy In Show – congratulations

2. Mrs Stevenson - Capp’s Smart Excuse By Brickin

Very smart 7 month old dog, with much to like. Thought him to be of a nice size, with substance and masculine all through. Quality head, with keen and alert expression, strong and deep body, firm topline, shown in good coat A happy mover, not quite as precise as winner in front today

3. Miss Macartney - Ivrig Dancing In The Sun

Post Graduate (1,0)

1. Mrs Gee - Watercroft To Coin A Phrase

8 month old dog, litter mate to BOB winner. Many fine qualities to this young dog. He has a delightful expression, strong neck, depth to the ribcage and developed forechest, ribs well sprung, firm topline, complimentary angles both ends. Wiry jacket and well presented. Not quite as settled on the move

Open (2,1)

1. Mrs Gee - Watercroft Pop Picker

Mature 3 year old bitch, loved her cheeky and outgoing nature. Compact and sturdy in outline. She has a feminine head, with good width to the backskull, neat well paced ears, and keen dark eyes. Looking a little heavy today over the shoulders. She has good development of the forechest and ribcage, short coupled with good hindquarters. Not quite the movement of the winners, showing good drive in profile

Norwich Terrier

Puppy (1,0)

1. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Seven Jumps

Compact and strong 11 month old bitch. She has a pleasing head, with lovely dark eyes well placed ears and a keen expression. Good length of neck flowing into a firm level topline. Well spring ribs, a fraction longer in the body. Showing well for her handler, in good coat and nicely presented – BP & Puppy Group 4

Junior (2,0)

1. Hitchen & Lumpkin - Ch Kreatin Extra Treat

This 17 month old bitch who oozes breed type and quality, smart and having that sparkle to show herself off. She has such a pleasing outline on the stack, shapely yet compact and sturdy. Fabulous head, well proportioned, alert expression, good length of neck, which flows seamlessly into her firm level topline. Deep through the body, short coupled. On the move positive and true. Put down is lovely coat and condition – BOB & Group 3

2. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Seven Jumps

Repeat Puppy

Post Graduate (2,0)

1. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Seven Jumps

Repeat Puppy

2. Mrs Crozier - Sea Sky

Pleasing balance when stood in profile to this 3 year old B&T dog. He is short and compact and every inch male. Such a happy dog, his tail never stopped wagging. He has strength to the backskull with good width between the ears, kind dark eyes. Body shows well sprung ribs, just a tad wide in front, firm topline, moving out with drive

Open (3,1)

1. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM

Confident 4 year old dog, showing lots of character. In profile when stood presents a pleasing picture, with substance and masculinity. He has a kind expression from those dark eyes. Good length of neck, chest well let down, firm level topline, a fraction longer in the body. A happy mover, strong and active strides - RBOB

2. Mrs Hayes - Ragus Seven Jumps

Repeat Puppy

Miniature Schnauzer

Puppy (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Cox - Travistons Black Is Back

Very smart 6 month old black bitch, confident and outgoing to show herself off to advantage. She is well balanced in outline when stacked. With a compact and nearly square outline. She has a pleasing head with a lovely dark eye giving an intelligent and inquisitive expression. Strong neck, deep through the body, short coupled, with well boned limbs and tight feet. Moving with purpose – BP & RBOB

2. Mrs Beckson - Tammux Promise Of The Return

Black & Silver bitch, 9 months old. When stood showing a square profile, but having a little more range to her outline. She has a pleasing head with a lovely dark eye, with an alert expression. Enough neck flowing well into a firmly held topline. Nicely boned limbs, enough depth to the ribcage, nice short hocks. Showing a good side gait on the move, not quite as precise as the winner today

Junior (2,0)

1. Mr & Mrs Cox - Travistons Woos Girl

Compact and sturdy 15 month old p/s bitch. When stood she has an impressive and balanced outline with lovely body lines. She has good strength to her head, with a super dark oval eye, and well placed ears. Moderate length of neck, firm topline, straight forelegs onto tight feet. Deep through the body with well sprung ribs and short coupled, muscular hindquarters and lovely short hocks. Immaculately presented in a harsh jacket. Moving out well - BOB

2. Mrs Beckson - Tammux Blazing Simplicity

Litter brother to 2nd in Puppy. B/S dog 9 months old. A well grown dog and a fraction longer in body. He has a masculine head, with an alert and attentive expression from his dark eyes, good length of neck, enough depth to the ribcage. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Moving with lovely drive from the rear

Post Graduate (4,3)

1. Mrs Beckson - Tracy Twister V D Blessewichof (IMP)

Such a happy and outgoing 2 year old B/S bitch enjoying every moment. Her outline is compact and square. Feminine and balanced head shape, dark mischievous eyes, well set ears. Chest is down to the elbow, good spring to the ribs, falling away a little at the croup. Moved with enthusiasm and pizzazz

Open (2,1)

1. Mrs Beckson - Adore With Tammax (IMP)

Confident 4 year old B/S bitch. She is of a nice size and has a cobby and compact profile when stood. Liked her head which has good balance and strength yet feminine. Dark oval eye, with strength to the muzzle and well furnished. The body has good depth and spring of rib, keeping a firm topline. Moving with style just a tad close behind today

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (3,0)

1. Mahon & Hunns - Arnac Bay Huron (Chesapeake Bay Ret)

Cracking 6 month old dog, everything just right for his age. Showing good balance in profile when stood. His head is masculine and well proportioned, the skull is broad but not overdone, eye toning with the coat with and kind intelligent expression. Liked his depth and spring of rib, with lovely boned limbs and well rounded feet. Nicely angulated hindquarters, with a good width of thigh. Correct texture to the coat. Moving well for one so young – BP & Puppy Group 4

2. Miss James - Kahawei Teal (Curly Coated Ret)

Thought this 9 month old black bitch was lovely, pushed the winner all the way. She is so shapely yet functional and workmanlike. Most feminine of heads, with the correct wedge shape, lovely dark eye, and intelligent expression. Having a good flow from nose to tail. Deep through the body and short coupled. Firm level topline. Coat has thick crisp curls. Moving out with drive and holding her outline

3. Mr Sladden - Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will At Canemamans (Bracco)

Junior (4,2)

1. Ms Edwards - Kimbajack Precious Metal (Labrador)

Well balanced 16 month old yellow dog. All in proportion and well put together. Letting his confidence shine through. He has a lovely flow from nose to tail. Masculine head with a dark kind eye, strong neck of good length into a firm and level topline. Having the desired barrel rib but not carrying excess weight. Good depth to the ribcage and well boned limbs. Liked his hindquarters as they show a good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Shown in good coat and moving out with drive - RBOB

2. Mr Sladden - Feel Of Pride Eva Elettra At Canemamans (IMP) (Bracco)

Such a shame this 16 month old bitch seemed to have been spooked. Very feminine, there is no mistaking her gender, she is slightly longer cast in profile. Head shows the correct divergent planes, and long and lean. Enough depth through the body the hindquarters show a good width of thigh. She did perk up a little on the move to show good drive

Post Graduate (4,2)

1. Ms Edwards - Kimbajack Precious Metal (Labrador)

Repeat junior

2. Mr & Mrs Rule - Elkysar Red Mistique (Curly Coated Ret)

Lovely outgoing temperament on this 2 year old liver bitch. More refined all through. Head shows the wedge shape, eye a little round, good length of neck and depth to the ribcage, medium boned, good bend of stifle, coat showing tight curl. Moving with purpose

Open (3,2)

1. Mercer & Thomas - Stormacre Marguerita Time (Curly Coated Ret)

Upstanding 2 year old black bitch, she is strong yet feminine, workmanlike and functional in build. Having a lovely flow from nose to tail and showing herself off. Pleasing head and expressive dark eyes, strong neck with the slight arch, firm level topline, deep brisket and developed forechest. Well boned limbs and tight feet. Shown in a good tight curl to the jacket. Moved with power reach and drive – BOB – Group 3

AV Gundog

Junior (31,27)

1. Miss Bougen - Gwendariff Hot Ticket (Irish Setter)

Very elegant and stylish 16 month old bitch. So feminine all through. She has substance yet retaining the racy quality. Pleasing feminine head, long and lean, dark inquisitive eyes and well placed ears. Long elegant neck, good depth, nicely boned limbs and good sweep of stifle. Moving at one with her handler

2. Mrs Smith - Tivalake Anything Goes At Tollisty (NSDTR)

Liked the size, substance and femininity of this 14 month old bitch. She is very balanced in outline when stood. She has an appealing head, eyes toning with the coat, with a bright and intelligent expression. Her strong neck flowing into a firm and level topline, lovely depth and spring of rib, Good development to the hindquarters. Shown in good coat and condition. Not quite as settled today on the move

3. Miss Sharpe - Tivalake Crystal Ball At Rosettia (NSDTR)

Post Graduate (16,14)

1. Miss Ram - Dacan Sharp Spear (pointer)

Shapely B&W dog, who showed himself off well despite the cold. Well grown dog with substance but having the desired elegance. Masculine head, with a kind dark eye, good reach of neck, firm topline both stood and on the move. Chest down to the elbow, straight forelegs onto tight feet. Good width of thigh which he used to drive around the ring a little untidy in front

2. Ms & Miss Adshead - Afonbach Dance With Dragons (NSDTR)

Robust 14 month old bitch, who did not seem happy today unfortunately. She has a shapely outline on the stack and attentive to her handler. Well developed through the body with good depth, holding a firm level topline, well boned limbs, and tight feet. Settling a little on the move to show a true and jaunty action

Open (10,8)

Both of these bitches feeling the cold

1. Mrs Vaughn - Teisgol I am What I am At Phlynnies (Pointer)

Curvy 5 year old B&W bitch, who was coping the best in the very cold arena. She has a lovely head, showing good proportions, well defined stop and slight dish. A good length of neck flowing into a firm topline, chest down to elbow and well boned limbs onto tight feet. Hindquarters have a good width of thigh and in good muscle tone. A powerful mover, a little untidy in front, lovely drive from the rear

2. Miss Westaway - Ridenflight Raisen (Pointer)

Another lovely bitch, but this 2 year old B&W bitch kept losing her topline in the near arctic conditions! Refined and elegant all through, with the desired curvy profile. Balanced head, dark kind eye. Long neck, deep chest, not quite the forechest of winner, well angulated hindquarters. Showing lovey driving action

Veteran (6,3)

1. Miss Dummett - Almondsbury Domino Dancing ShCM (Am Cocker)

Eye catching and fit as a fiddle this tri bitch who is coming up 9 years of age. She has a kind and feminine head, plushness to the muzzle and dark full eyes. Having a flow to her firm topline, with the slight slope. Super spring of rib and depth to the ribcage. Shown in full bloom. Moving with precise and powerful strides and at one with her handler – BV

2. Ms Brooksmith - Nightgold Blackavar (Pointer)

Elegant and refined 7 year old B&W bitch. Shown in gleaming coat and lovely muscular condition. She has a well proportioned feminine head, lovely dark eye and kind expression. Enough depth to the ribcage, a fraction longer in the body, good fill in of forechest. Well angulated hindquarters. Not quite the movement of winner today

3. Miss Dunn - Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer ShCM (Pointer)

Import Register Gundog (4,1)

1. Edmondson & Westaway - Perdizcyo Byron (Portuguese Pointer)

Solid and muscular 16 month old dog, liked his overall size, substance and masculinity. A smart young dog with good body proportions. Appealing head, with good width to the back skull, well filled in cheeks, and squareness to the muzzle. Have a lovely flow from nose to tail. Good depth and spring to the ribs, hindquarters showing good width and bend of stifle. Moving on an easy stride

2. Chevalier - Stormdancer Coral (Slovakian R/H Pointer)

Lovely 6 year old bitch in super condition and moving out so well. Smart yet functional in her outline. Having good substance but not overdone. Feminine head with good length to the foreface, almond shaped eye, and longer ears to give a typical expression and proud in her demeanour. Deep through the ribcage, well boned limbs, firm topline, and hindquarters that show a good width of thigh. Well handled and shown in good coat. Moving out free and positively

3. Mr Sladden - Khyannes Triton At Canemamans (IMP) (Braque D’Auvergne)

Gundog Group

A really lovely group, many super dogs, shame I couldn’t shortlist all the dogs I liked

1. Miss Strevens - Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire At Tollisty JW ShCM SHCEX (NSDTR)

Super 4 year old dog, who’s confidence and ring presence just oozes out of him. He is so clean and sound throughout. Shown in tip top condition. His gives a totally balanced picture when stood. Lovey wedge shaped head, clean strong neck flowing seamlessly into a firmly held topline, depth through the body, and well angulated hindquarters. Moving with power reach and drive in the typical jaunty fashion

2. Hardcastle, Green,Bradley - Vizslanya Sziena By Viszaset (Vizsla)

Elegant yet workmanlike, showing herself off to advantage in the big ring. She has lovely body lines and so well put together. Typical head and expression, and so feminine. Well developed ribcage and forechest. Strong hindquarters, which were put to good use to drive around the ring

3. Mercer Thomas - Stormacre Marguerita Time (Curly Coated Ret)

Looking a picture on the stack, having strength but so feminine. She is clean and sound throughout and fit for function. Well boned and bodied, shown with a tight crisp curl and moving at one with her handler showing positive footfall

4. Miss Tully - Gwendariff Lily The Pink (Irish Setter)

The picture of elegance and quality. Lovely flowing lines to this young bitch. She has substance and raciness combined. Beautiful long lean head, with those dark adoring eyes. Long slightly arched neck flowing into a firm slightly sloping topline. Well boned limbs onto tight feet. Shown in gleaming coat and condition. A free and positive mover

Puppy Gundog Group

1. Mr, Mrs & Miss Pretty - Lenrones’s Lets Twist Again (Cocker)

A quality puppy showing lots of promise, at only 7 months old, this liver roan put on a sterling performance. She has a compact and stylish outline when stood, so well balanced. Feminine head, clean through the neck and shoulders, firm topline, a good spring to the ribs, and nicely angulated hindquarters. Moved with enthusiasm and pizzazz to take this strong group

2. Miss Tully - Highclare Oos The Daddy (Brittany)

What a poppet, another exciting prospect with much to appreciate. A few days short of her 1st birthday, and maturing into a super example of the breed. Lovely and cobby in outline, with good substance. Pleasing head shape and alert expression. She is well developed through the ribcage, short coupled with the desired moderate bend of stifle. A brisk and happy mover

3. Mr & Mrs Harrison - Glenbrows This Is Me (Welsh Springer)

Lovely balance to this 10 month old dog, showing great maturity to his shapely outline. He has good body proportions and put down in super condition. He has a pleasing masculine head with a soft and gentle expression. Well developed through the body, good bone and tight feet. Hindquarters show a good width of thigh. A little hesitant on the move, but soon got into a flow and showed his positive footfalls

4. Mahon & Hunns - Arnac Bay Huron (Chesapeake Bay Ret)

Liked the type and balance of this 6 month old dog, and performing like an old pro. He has super strength and substance but in no way coarse. Appealing head, excellent angulation fore and aft. Moving with power reach and drive