• Date: 11/05/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/05/2019

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society

Tunbridge Wells & District Canine Society (11/05/2019)

I would like to express my many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at your show. I thought it to be very well run with well sized rings and a really friendly atmosphere. Thankyou to those who exhibited under me, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and I hope you did too.

German Shepherd Dog Puppy (0,0)

German Shepherd Dog Post Graduate (7,2)

1) Pucknell & Palmer’s, Nellinka Christmas Hades. 17 month old B/G dog. Medium sized, strong of good proportions. This male was what I was looking for today. He possesses good breed type and an excellent, flowing shape with obvious balance. His head is strong and well proportioned with well set ears which he used well and he has dark almond shaped eyes. Strong neck of good length set into high withers with good forehand assembly overall although the upper arm could be a little less steep. He has a well developed forechest. I would prefer him a little longer in foreleg to his body depth. His limbs are well boned with excellent feet. Firm back with well sprung ribs, his underline was OK but would look better with a little less weight! Short loin with excellent hind angulation, his croup is a little short but well moulded. Firm hocks going away and firm coming towards. He possesses a long, far-reaching side gait with good hind thurst and forward reach retaining his high wither. A very correct dog, I was delighted to give him BOB and to see him take G3, congratulations!

2) Austen’s, Draycore Izzi. 2 year old B/G bitch. Medium size, medium strength with excellent proportions although a little heavy in body condition for me. I liked this bitch for her overall type and shape, again, unexaggerated with flowing lines all through. Feminine head with alert expression and firm, well set ears. Good reach of neck. High wither, good forehand assembly overall. Correct body depth to leg length proportions. Good underline, firm back with a shorter croup. She is close going away but correct coming towards. Her side gait is powerful but needs to settle and learn to be steered in smaller rings to show to full advantage. I liked her a lot.

3) Short’s, Kintaro Seville.

German Shepherd Dog Open (4,2)

1) Pucknell & Palmer’s, Nellinka Golden Pride. 5 year old B/G dog. Upper medium size, strong of good proportions. Done this boy well in the past but today he was not in the best condition. Masculine head with firm ears but would prefer them set a little higher. Strong neck onto a decent wither height but the upper arm needs to be less steep. He would look better with a little less weight over his shoulders which slightly unbalances his outline. Firm back, decent underline. Croup is of good length but a little steep. Sound both coming and going with a balanced side gait. RBOB, congratulations!

2) Short’s, Kintaro Seville. 3 year old B/G bitch. Absolute medium sized, medium strong of slightly stretched proportions. Very feminine head with well set, firm ears. I would prefer a little more stop and strength through her skull and muzzle. Very good reach of neck, onto a normal wither. Upper arm is short but well angled. Firm back, would prefer a little more definition to her underline. Croup is of very good length but slightly steep. Decent hind angulation. Not in her best jacket today. Correct coming and going with an active side gait but does tend to level out.

Bracco Italiano Puppy (2,0)

1) Sladden’s, Tyrbechgyn Believe You Will at Canemamans. 11 month old orange/white dog. Slighty longer cast but with good body depth to leg length proportions. His head is masculine with correct stop and decent divergence, long ears that are correctly set but would prefer tighter eyes. Good reach of neck onto a good forehand assembly and well developed forechest. Well sprung ribs for age with a firm topline. Well angled hind quarters. Still needing to tighten up both coming and going but has a ground covering side gait. Very well schooled and conditioned, RBOB & BPIB.

2) Moore’s, Kenaiteen Orange Zest. 7 month old orange/white dog. His first outing today and it showed in his comical performance! Very raw overall and can only improve with time, more ring training and show experience. Liked his head of good strength for age with tight eyes. Well bodied for his age but needs to deepen in brisket. Decent angulation fore and aft. Once he settled he showed glimpses of promising front and hind action and can look good in profile. Loved his extrovert temperament!

Bracco Italiano Open (2,0)

1) Sellwood’s, Jack di Montericco (Imp Ita). 2 year old chestnut/white dog. Very strong and upstanding dog. I liked his ring presence, proportions and overall athletic appearance. His head is of great appeal being lean with good divergence throughout. I would like him less throaty. He needs a little more layback of shoulder but stands on well boned legs and excellent feet. Well sprung ribs with correct hind angulation. Correct topline and underline. He is sound as a pound both coming and going. Once settled, he displays such an easy, elastic side gait although a little proud with his tail. I felt this dog to be the best for overall breed type and to top it all, he is in the most fabulous muscular condition. BOB, congratulations!

2) Sladden’s, Feel Of Pride Eva Electra at Canemamans (Imp Rus). 19 month old chestnut/white bitch. Ultra feminine on first appearance, coming from a longer and slightly finer mould than 1. Her head is lean possessing thin, non-pendulous lips with correctly set ears and big spongy nose. Her angulation is balanced fore and aft with a firm topline. She still needs to firm up both going and coming but possesses an active, ground covering side gait. Another one who was very well schooled!

Hungarian Vizsla Puppy (2,0)

1) Mills’, Karrouki Wildfire. This 11 month old dog was of great appeal for his overall type, strength and substance. Liked his well proportioned, masculine head with correct shape and shade of eye. Ears were well set and of good size. Good reach of neck onto a moderately angled forehand assembly. Well boned legs and good feet. Needs to deepen in brisket, but this can come with time. Firm topline and good underline with a correct croup and tail set. His rear angulation was correct. Steady front and hind action while retaining a good outline in profile. In the challenge I preferred his substance and more robust appearance which tipped the scales in his favour for BOB & BPIB, pleased to see him go PG4!

2) Comber & Robertson’s, Kozel Halvanypiros. 6 month old bitch, presented a very raw picture. Liked her femininity combined with good bone. Feminine head and expression. Good angulation fore/aft. Liked her attitude on the move a lot but needs to tighten both ways as one would expect.

Hungarian Vizsla Post Graduate (3,0)

1) Mills’, Karrouki Wildfire. See winner of Puppy.

2) Credland & Butcher’s, Carnlochan Jack Frost. Appealing type and proportions to this dog. Liked his overall athletic and robust appearance. Head is of good strength with good shape and shade of eye. Liked his angulation both fore and aft with a firm topline. He has a ground covering side gait and is correct coming towards but I preferred the hind action of 1. In excellent condition and handled to advantage.

3) Sutherland’s, Carnlochan Morar to Silverstre.

Hungarian Vizsla Open (4,1)

1) Mills’, Karrouki Windrush D’Lyla JW ShCM. This bitch has excellent type and shape. She is very feminine with a lovely head and expression and very good reach of neck. Her angulation is moderate fore/aft with a firm topline. To be critical I would prefer a shade more bone and slightly less tuck up. She is very balanced and precise on the move retaining her shape which won her the class. RBOB, congratulations!

2) Sutherland’s, Carnlochan Morning Star Lux Jr Ch. This was another nice bitch, slightly longer cast than 1. She is a little more robust, which I prefer. Her head is very feminine with a lovely expression. She has good angulation both fore/aft with a firm topline and good underline. She is correct going away and presents a balanced side gait but I would prefer slightly tighter front action coming towards.

3) Credland & Butcher’s, Silverstre Ace.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Junior (0,0)

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Post Graduate (1,0)

1) Augustus’ Sharbae Prettiest Star. A stand alone today but what a cracker! This brown bitch presents the picture of a strong, athletic working dog with excellent bone and substance. Her head is feminine, broad enough in skull with a lovely expression, I would not want her ears any bigger. Her muzzle is strong and gradually tapers. Strong neck of good length into an excellent forehand assembly with correct amount of forechest. Well sprung ribs with good depth of brisket. Her length of foreleg is correct as is her desired tuck up! Rear is slightly higher than the withers with excellent breadth and well angulated hindquarters. All of this wrapped in a super, thick, oily coat with a harsh texture. Her movement was a joy to behold, absolutely correct coming and going with a ground covering side gait showing excellent deportment. I loved her, BOB and delighted to see her take a very well received G2!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Open (1,1)

Weimaraner Puppy (2,1)

1) Fotara’s, Astraios Jets Belladona. This long haired bitch is longer than she is tall with a firm topline. Her head is very feminine with correct proportions, stop and well sized ears. Her angulation both fore and aft is good but needs time to develop in her body at present which can still come. Liked her reach of neck. On the move she needs to settle being a bit unsteady both going and coming, I think the sandy surface did not aid her performance but there is lots of time on her side to gain experience and mature. BPIB, congratulations!

Weimaraner Post Graduate (2,1)

1) Finch’s, Silberliss Summer Of Love. I liked the overall make and shape of this bitch. She has very good substance while still retaining her femininity. Her head is well proportioned with well sized ears and good stop. Lovely reach of neck but would prefer a slightly better lay back of shoulder. Her return of upper is good. Liked her forechest and length of foreleg. Well sprung ribs with a firm topline. Moderate hind angulation. Her front and hind action was precise and her side gait covered the ground with a lot of panache. In the challenge I just preferred the fluidity and slightly better extension of my Open winner, a very worthy RBOB congratulations!

Weimaraner Open (2,0)

1) Hazeltine, Crowther & Alcorn’s, Hundwith Chortle with Hookwood ShCM. This bitch is from a slightly larger and longer mould than 2 but what a beautiful shape, she flows from nose to tail! Loved her aristocratic head with long ears. Reachy neck onto a correctly angulated forehand assembly. Well sprung ribs with a firm topline and good underline. Her croup is smooth and slightly falls away with a good tail set. Liked her hind angulation and breadth across her hips. She possesses accurate hind action but is a little narrow coming towards. She just eats up the ground in profile with long easy strides and excellent showmanship aided by first class presentation. Pleased to award her BOB, congratulations!

2) Int Sh Ch/Nl/Lux Ch Silverstre Last Tango with Silberliss JW. From a smaller and more compact mould than 1 but still very balanced. Liked her strength all through while still obviously feminine. Her head is so aristocratic with a lovely shape and shade of eye and long ears. Good reach of neck onto a good forehand assembly with well developed forechest. Firm topline and well sprung ribs would prefer her a little less heavy and with a more defined underline. Balanced hind angulation. Precise both going and coming but I felt she was a little busier in profile than 1.

Judge: Mr James Newton (Patamoke)