• Date: 01/09/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: James Newton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/09/2019

Spanish Water Dog Club

The 11th Spanish Water Dog Club Open Show (01/09/2019)

Firstly, I must thank the SWDC for originally putting me into the ballot and to the members who kindly voted for me as your judge. This is a breed I had been closely involved with since late 2008 and I felt very privileged to be able to judge this show. I would like to extend my personal thanks now to Pat Booth and Fleur Walker for being such excellent stewards on the day and keeping my ring ticking over like clockwork and to the club for their hospitality and the very thoughtful gift.

Overall I was delighted with the numerically large entry I received and that most attended on the day and I tried to find a balance between the correct breed type and movement with that passion and energy the breed is so renowned for. While I felt I achieved this overall, I do have a few points for improvement I would like breeders and exhibitors to please think about going forward.

 Firstly, there was a great variance in body depth to leg length proportions. The breed standard clearly states dogs are to possess a 50/50 body depth to leg length proportion, today I felt there was far too many that were either long in leg or too short in leg, neither are conducive to correct balance or economical movement.

Secondly, hind action is still one of the breed’s weakest points. The majority were either too close or cow hocked going away. The standard outlines that the breed can converge to the centre line of gravity as the speed increases, but, many dogs were gaited away/back at a fast walk and were still quite close. I feel a lack of width over the rear quarters coupled with croups that were the correct length but far too steep are the main components that cause this.

Thirdly, I feel that coat presentation is something that needs to be tended to. A few ½ - ¾ length coats were curled externally but quite thick and felted underneath which would not aid a dog bred to work in the water. I am also concerned at the amount of aesthetic trimming that is now creeping in. There were several dogs that had wispy ends to the curls on their heads but very short/neat, flowing edges down the back of the thighs, hocks, front legs, underlines and, in some cases, the coat down the front and along the topline. The standard has made it quite clear that the breed is meant to be rustic and free from aesthetic trimming. The Spanish people have safe guarded the breed from this sort of presentation for centuries and I am sure they want this to continue for many more centuries to come, do not allow this to become the norm for fear of losing the true essence of the SWD.

Having said that, I thought temperaments were exceptional with no dogs showing signs of a weak or nervous disposition. Toplines were generally strong, the balance of correct, moderate angulation has improved as has the consistency of tail set and carriage particularly in the long tailed exhibits. The overall atmosphere and sportsmanship was also excellent. I also only found 3 incorrect bites. You are all also to be highly commended for the fit, hard condition of your exhibits which was most refreshing! I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did and take the comments above in the way they are intended.

Puppy Dog (3,1) – An interesting class, 2 young long tail males of very different proportions.

1) Durrant’s, Glenturret Moon Pig. This 7 month old white/black long tail is so very raw in body and distinctly more compact in length/height proportions than 2. I really liked his correctly proportioned head with slight stop, dark eyes and well sized/set ears. He possessed a decent strength and shape of jaw with a well sized nose. Decent angulation fore/aft. Needs to spring in rib and deepen in brisket with age. Tail set and carriage was good. Sound away and coming towards with a balanced, active side gait. I liked his temperament and rustically presented puppy coat. Today, I preferred his leg length which tipped the scales in his favour but just lacked the fluidity on the move during the challenge for BPIS.

2) Shutt’s, Mourama Cordoba. Just 6 month old brown/white long tail was making his debut today. He would greatly benefit from more training and ring experience to tame his very endearing character. Breadth of skull was good for his age but would prefer more strength through his muzzle. Balanced angulation fore and aft with a very good spring of rib for a youngster but he is currently longer cast and shorter in foreleg than 1. I preferred his tail set and carriage to 1 but just lacked the typical balance and shape I was looking for at this stage. In a full, rustically presented puppy coat.

Junior Dog (2,0)

1) Durrant’s, Glenturret Moon Pig.

2) Parish’s, Chanderhill Alfredo. This 17 month old brown short tail is quite different to 1. I loved his head with excellent strength, his skull is flat with a correct stop and good strength and shape to jaw. He possesses excellent bone and forechest but would prefer him to have more length of foreleg for balance. His topline is firm and his underline is correct. I would prefer slightly less hind angulation. Going away he is true but needs to tighten in front. Liked his carriage in profile, well handled. I preferred the leg length and truer front action of 1. Coat was woolly in texture but is starting to blow.

Veteran Dog (3,2)

1) Wiseman’s, Valentisimo’s Olli Dante. This 7 year old brown/white short tail appealed for his excellent breed type. A shade longer cast but he possesses the desired 50/50 body depth to leg length proportions. His head is correctly proportioned and of good strength with a big nose. Well boned legs and good feet. Liked his spring of rib but, with age, has softened slightly in his topline. Excellent hind angulation with correct croup and tail set. Correct both coming and going and holds himself well in profile with very good reach and drive. Excellent handling and rustic coat presentation. He must be commended on his fit, hard condition for a veteran. BVIS, congratulations!

Post Graduate Dog (6,1) – A challenging class as there was such a great variance in size and type.

1) Donaldson, Glaysher & Palumbo’s, Rainthyme Mirror Image of Prizelands. This 23 month old black/white short tail appealed the most in this class for his excellent substance and strength. His proportions are decent with a correct 50/50 body depth to leg length. His head is strong and well proportioned with a flat skull and well set ears. His angulation fore/aft is balanced but would prefer his croup to be less steep and also his topline to be firmer. Moves correctly coming towards, close going away and has a balanced stride in profile once settled, handled sympathetically. His coat was rustically presented but felt it was beginning to blow in places.

2) Ladlow’s, Josalyn Roldan El Mago. This 23 month old brown long tail just lacked the maturity in body at this stage but can see these two changing places in the future. His skull is flat and broad enough with the correct ear set and a big nose, he has good strength through his muzzle but would just prefer his muzzle a little shorter. Slightly longer in leg than he is deep but with more spring of rib and maturity this can still develop. Strong topline but would prefer a slightly less defined underline. Correct moderate hind angulation with a medium set tail. His coat is rustically presented and he is in fit, hard condition. True going and coming with a lively and active side gait. Very professional presentation and handling.

3) Gilroy’s, Pabiaga’s Easy Feeling Cum Claychalk.

Limit Dog (4,0) – A more consistent class for type and size.

1) Wiseman’s, Nestor Vom Hause Kristo. This 2 year old white/brown short tail is excellent for type, rustic appearance, shape and proportions. Loved his strong head with flat skull, good 3:2 proportions and big nose. His forehand assembly is moderate but would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm. Excellent maturity in body with a strong topline and correct underline. He possesses the correct 50/50 body depth to leg length proportions. Would prefer him a little firmer going away, but he is correct coming towards. His side gait was a joy to behold, brisk and athletic with excellent showmanship. He commanded my attention and pushed my Open winner all the way but just lost out due to needing firmer hind action. Excellent condition and handling. Pleased to award him RBD, congratulations!

2) Armstrong & Egginton’s, Valentisimo’s Gran Pinnto. This 4 year old white/black short tail appealed for his type, strength and maturity in body although slightly longer cast than 1. His head is superb, built on slightly longer planes than 1 but still correctly proportioned. Loved his strong, square jaw. Super forechest, bone and feet. He has a good length of foreleg and well sprung ribs, would prefer his topline a little firmer. Correct, moderate hind angulation with a slightly steep croup. Sound both coming and going with a balanced side gait. Well muscled but while his coat was rustically presented I do feel it would benefit from being clipped and re-grown. I preferred the more extrovert performance and overall shape of 1.

3) Glaysher & Donaldson’s, Prizelands Adormidera Jacsen Solo.

Open Dog (4,1) – An interesting class as all 3 appealed for different reasons.

1) Whitehead’s, Sh Ch. Caspar De Agua Salada. This 7 year old, brown short tail ticked all the boxes for me today. He possesses such classic breed type combined with being medium sized, rustic and having excellent proportions. His head is so correct of super proportions with a square jaw and big nose. Gun barrel straight front legs with excellent bone and feet. I liked his moderately angled forehand assembly although I would prefer his upper arm to be longer. Well bodied with good spring of rib, correct 50/50 body depth to leg length with a firm topline and correct underline. His rear is textbook with excellent breadth over his quarters, corresponding rear angulation and short hocks. On the move he had the typical brisk movement in profile. He is precise coming towards with the best hind action of the male entry today. Excellent handling, rustic coat presentation and condition. I just loved him! He was pipped to the post very marginally for BIS by the bitch on her more extrovert performance. A pleasure to award him BD & RBIS, congratulations!

2) Northard’s, Valentisimo’s Lugo. A 6 year old black/white long tail, a very honest dog who is built on slightly larger lines than 1. His head is strong but I would prefer him slightly shorter in muzzle. Liked his moderate angulation fore/aft with the firmest of toplines and correct underline. He has an excellent spring of rib and the correct length of foreleg. His croup and tail set are correct with strong hocks. On the move he was active, precise and showed with great confidence. Freshly clipped off and in excellent hard condition, he cannot hide anything. His more correct overall proportions and stronger hind action secured him 2nd place today.

3) Donaldson & Palumbo’s, Prizelands You’re The One For Rainthyme.

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch (6,3)

1) Wiseman’s, Nestor Vom Hause Kristo.

2) Durrant’s, Glenturret Venus. 3 year old cream short tail bitch. She appealed for her obvious femininity. Liked her correctly proportioned head with correct shade of eye and big nose. She was moderately angled fore/aft and had a good spring and depth of rib. Although I would prefer her slightly shorter in leg for balance. Firm topline but would prefer her underline to be less defined. On the move she has lots of animation and excellent carriage being true both going and coming. Her coat was correct with super rustic presentation.

3) Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Rutherford’s, Int Ch Ir Ch. Burta Marinero Tesoro At Chanderhill ShCM (Imp).

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

1) Grief’s, Oh You Are Magic vom Hause Kristo of Goldfly (Imp). I was really quite taken with this 9 month old white/black long tail. Although a touch longer cast than I’d prefer she has such a lovely shape. Liked her head at this stage being well proportioned with dark eyes and well set ears of good size. She has an excellent forechest for one so young and is well sprung in rib. Correct length of foreleg with a firm topline and correct underline. Would prefer her a little shorter from hip to hock but the angulation is correct. Her tail is correctly set. So precise for a baby both coming and going with the most delightful carriage and presence in profile with that hint of cheekiness which I loved! Rustically presented coat and her handler got the best out of her. Her fluid and determined movement tipped the scales in her favour for BPIS, congratulations!

2) Northard’s, Oh Sancha Vom Hause Kristo (Imp Fra). Litter sister to 1, this freshly clipped black/white short tail is not as forward as her sister. While being very feminine, her head would benefit from being one size bigger but I liked her correct ear set and dark eyes. Her proportions are good overall and her topline and underline are absolutely correct. She is moderately angled both fore/aft. She needs more ring experience and training to help rein in her passion to show. Once settled she was true going and coming and had a balanced and active side gait with good deportment.

Junior Bitch (1,0)

1) Appleton’s, Valentisimo’s De Cascada. I thought this 13 month old brown bitch to be excellent for type and size. Her head is beautifully feminine of the correct proportions with a flat skull and a big nose. Her angulation fore/aft is moderate and balanced. Her topline and underline are correct with a good length of foreleg. She is well bodied for her age but can only improve with maturity. Needs to tighten up coming towards, one of the best hind movers in the bitch entry today. Excellent rustic coat presentation and a super extrovert temperament. Her overall type and correct rear action went in her favour to gain RBB today, congratulations!

Veteran Bitch (4,3)

1) Whitehead’s, Zulusky Harmony Bear at Pabiaga. An 11 year old, freshly clipped, black long tail who presented quite an impressive picture on the stack. I liked her strength in head while still being feminine. She has a strong jaw, dark eyes and well set ears of good size. She has an excellent front assembly including the desired width. She is a little longer cast than I’d prefer but has a correct body depth to leg ratio. Both her topline and underline were correct. I would prefer a little less hind angulation for balance. On the move she retained a good outline.

Post Graduate Bitch (6,1)

1) Salvatierra’s, Sierrasalva’s Regalo. This 20 month old brown short tail is just quality from her well sized nose to her correctly set tail. She is medium sized and exudes robustness, super breed type and class. On first glance I was taken with her classic shape and correct 9:8 length to height ratio. Her head is beautifully feminine and correctly proportioned. She is well bodied for her age and can only improve with maturity. She possesses a correct 50/50 body depth to leg length proportion. Her angulation fore/aft is balanced with lovely short hocks. Her topline is absolutely firm and her underline is correct. She possesses adequate width over her front and rear quarters giving her parallel forelegs and hocks. On the move she was true both away and back and her side gait was just a joy to behold. She could be considered quite unassuming when stacked, but on the move she comes alive with great passion and expressive energy showing excellent reach and drive, which for me is what the SWD is all about. All of these qualities wrapped in a woolly coat that is rustically presented. The more I saw her the more she appealed. I shall watch her career with great interest; I feel the best is yet to come. It was my immense pleasure to award her BB and ultimately BIS, congratulations!

2) Meakin’s, Valentisimo’s Wise Owl. A 2 year old brown short tail that is from a slightly rangier mould than 1. Her head is well proportioned and feminine with a slight stop, I would just prefer it would size bigger. Her angulation is truly moderate both fore/aft, I would prefer her slightly shorter in leg for a true 50/50 body depth to leg length ratio. She has decent spring of rib and width over her quarters but still has time to body up a little more. On the move she was brisk, sound and energetic showing great deportment and style. It was the more balanced leg length of 1 that I preferred. Her coat is also rustically presented and of the correct woolly texture.

3) Whitehead’s, Pabiaga’s Love Bites.

Limit Bitch (4,0) – An interesting class again, all these bitches appealed for various reasons, it was finer points that contribute to overall breed type that separated them.

1) Palumbo’s, Rainthyme Memory Keeper JW. A really typy 23 month old brown/white short tail. She immediately appealed for her overall shape and proportions. Her head is beautifully feminine with the correct proportions, slight stop, flat skull and correct strength in muzzle. Her forehand assembly is excellent with a well developed forechest. Liked her correct length of foreleg. She has a very good spring of rib and a strong topline with correct underline. Her croup and tail set are correct but would prefer slightly less hind angulation for ideal balance. In profile, she moves with great style and panache and is absolutely correct coming towards. I would prefer slightly tidier hind action to complete the picture. Her coat possesses the correct woolly texture.

2) Glaysher & Donaldson’s, Prizelands Sweet Truffle. This 3 year old brown long tail is from a taller and more compact mould than 1. I liked her robustness and strength overall. Her skull is flat and very feminine with the correct 3:2 proportions. She is a little too moderate in angulation but balanced both fore/aft. She possesses gun barrel straight forelimbs of good length with excellent bone and feet. She has the correct underline. Her ribs are well sprung. She has well let down hocks and a medium tail set, her croup is of good length but would prefer less fall away. Could be a little tidier both going and coming but goes in profile with great pace, style and energy with an excellent tail carriage. The overall length to height proportions of 1 pipped her to the post. Her coat is the correct woolly texture.

3) Salvatierra’s, Sierrasalva’s Amor De Elena.

Open Bitch (4,3)

1) Gilroy’s, Claychalk Alfonsa. I liked the overall size and proportions of this honest 5 year old brown short tail. Her head is correctly proportioned with a flat skull, square jaw and well sized and set ears with a big nose. Her angulation both fore/aft is moderate with straight forelegs with her bone and substance being of great appeal. Tends to soften in her topline both stood and on the move. She has an excellent spring of rib. Her croup is of good length but steeper than I’d prefer but her tail is medium set and carried well. Going and coming she was sound and true with an active side gait where she carries herself well. In a rustically presented coat and super muscular condition.

Brace (5,3)

1) Salvatierra’s, 2 brown short tail bitches who were quite uniform in type and proportions. I preferred their synchronised movement.

2) Gilroy’s, 1 brown tail bitch and a white/black long tail dog, I liked the medium size and mature bodies of both these two but they were not quite as uniformed in type or movement as 1.

Junior Handling 5-10 years (3,0) – Can I please praise these 3 young ladies so very highly on their politeness, excellent sportsmanship and individual presentation. Their dress choices were all very smart but did not distract my eye from their dogs. With youngsters this polite and enthusiastic I feel the breed is in safe hands. Hats off to their parents for obviously supporting them so well in their chosen hobby.

1) Charlotte Rutherford, whose overall performance was well practised and polished which won her the class. Her stack work was swift and unflustered with good presentation of the teeth. Also noticing the back leg I deliberately misplaced. Charlotte’s triangle was well executed with straight lines and tight corners, making the most of her ring space. Excellent individual presentation which was smart and did not detract any attention from the dog, well done Charlotte!

2) Summer Ladlow, pushing Charlotte all the way but her noticeable ring experience went Charlotte’s favour. Summer’s stack work was breed specific but did tend to rush a little, don’t panic, the more experience you gain the slower and more relaxed it will all become! Summer showed the teeth in a clean and gentle manner and noticed the back leg I misplaced. She executed the triangle well at a good pace and made the most of the ring space, Summer just needs to ensure her lines are a little tidier. This will improve with more practice I’m sure. Another smartly dressed young lady who put everything into her performance. Great work Summer, a few months of practising and you can trouble the best!

3) Scarlett Ladlow, I loved how Scarlett constantly talked to her dog to keep his attention and never gave up trying to stop him becoming distracted from the job at hand, some dogs are a little harder to work with than others but a handler with patience can win any dog over! Her stack work was good overall but she just needs to shorten your lead to keep full control over the dog once he is stood. Scarlett showed the teeth in a gentle, sympathetic manner. Her pattern work was executed at an excellent pace for this individual dog but Scarlett’s lines were a little untidy, nothing a little more practice can’t fix! Despite having a more challenging dog, you were very patient and never gave up, a great quality to have. Well done Scarlett!

Judge: James Newton (Patamoke)