• Date: 29/09/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Ian Sinclair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/09/2019

Romsey & District Canine Society

Romsey & District Canine Society 

Open Show 

29th September 2019 

Judge – Ian Sinclair (Lesamian) 

Thank you to Romsey & District for inviting me to judge Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes at their September Open Show. Thoroughly enjoyed my day despite the weather and made better by a quality entry of dogs. 

Siberian Husky 

Puppy 1(0) 

1st Toomer’s - Aloustairs Big Surprise with Shaali – 6 month old B/W puppy bitch, sweet little baby with nice almond eye, ears good size & shape and well positioned for a youngster, good pigment. Front and rear angulation correct, Level top line with good tail carriage. Slightly loose in the front on the move  but to be expected at 6 months. Will be interesting to see her develop. (BP) 

Special Yearling 2(0) 

1st Miles - Trailhunters Eywa – 14month old Grey bitch who is still quite immature which wasn’t helped by being out of coat but another one I would like to see in a year or so to see how she develops. Lovely foxy head with sweet expression. Good length of back with deep chest and slight tuckup. Tail was set well but slightly long.  

2nd Ellis - Dreamwolves Moulin Rouge. 18 month old R/W Bitch. Heavier in bone, if full bloom today with correct double coat. Head is quite broad giving slightly masculine profile. Moved well, light on her feet and with drive. 

Post Grad 4 (0) 

1st Snelson’s Salazka’s Mr Abernathy – 2 year old B/W dog. Lovely head on this dog, correct eye, good ear size and placement, correct stop. Neck of good length and nicely arched. Front and rear angles correct. Good length in back with level top line leading to sloping at croup. Tail set well. Would like to see a little more bone. Best mover of the day & very happy to award BOB. 

2nd Norman’s - Skimargue Shades of Midnite. 2 ½ year old B/W bitch. Slightly broader head than I prefer for a bitch but still had a mischievous expression. Balanced angulation, good deep chest with slight tuck up. Tail carried well. Lovely movement. RBOB 

3rd Leyland - Shaytaan's White Rhino (Imp Can)

4th  Ellis - Dreamwolves Moulin Rouge

Open 4 (1) 

1st Norman’s - Skimargue Margarita – 3 ½ year old R/W bitch. Another nice bitch who was close in the running for RBOB. Very feminine foxy head, good angulation front and rear. Level topline with good tail carriage. Another nice mover. 

2nd Cunningham’s Icebex Show Me the Money. Big G/W boy coming up to 5 years old. Masculine head with lovely eye shape. Good front and rear angulation, good proportions in general & in well-muscled condition. Movement not settled to the point where he was very loose in the front.  

3rd Snelson's Niflheim Gambit


Alaskan Malamute 

Puppy  - 0 

Special Yearling  - 0 

Post Graduate – 0 

Open – 1 (0) 

1st – Anderson’s – Cherubini Atene Cinquale – 4 ½ year old B/W Dog. Almond eyes set obliquely. Board head. Ear correct and in proportion. Deep chest. Back sloping toward coup but not straight & needs a little more muscle. Good coat.  Movement was ok but a little unsettled. Generally, a nice strong dog but just a little uncoordinated - BOB