• Date: 07/04/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Glenn Woolley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/04/2019

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Mansfield, Open Dog Show, Sunday 7 April 2019,

 Judge Glenn Woolley, Affix Aratika

Thank you to Mansfield District Canine Society for inviting me to judge today, I had a very enjoyable time, also a big thank you to the exhibitors and your dogs not forgetting my stewards who were exemplary today.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Puppy 2 0

1 Mr D J Wright Essence of Love Antaeus 6 1/2 month dog of good size showing drive from well-muscled rear keeping good top line throughout. Nice eye and correct scissor bite, strong in jaw. Good depth of chest, Best Puppy & PG4

2 Mrs S Watkins Monalou Paul Hollywood   

 Post Grad 2 1

1 Mr & Mrs L B Knight Cullumbern Roman Road at Kernow Striking dog of 2 1/2yrs, well matured head housing nice dark eye, good muzzle, strong in jaw and good depth of chest, nice lay of shoulder, correct in proportion of rib to loin, well muscled in rear giving good drive to cover the ground with ease BO  

Open 1 0

1 Mr & Mrs L B Knight Kernow Something Fancy 2 yr 11 month of age of good stature and another with good muscle showing sound movement with a nice gait, good proportions all round RBOB

Bob Cullumbern Roman Road at Kernow                             Best Puppy Essence of Love Antaeus (imp Pol)

Res Bob Kernow Something Fancy

Dogue De Bordeaux

Post Graduate 2 1

1 Miss Mcenaney & Mr D P Oldham Zeleski Cuba Rhumba At 18 months this very muscular girl with a soft expression, although showing an athletic side. Good strong skull and a well laid shoulder, rib to loin in proportion, hind quarters strong with well angulated stifles RBOB   

 Open 2 1

1 Miss Mcenaney & Mr D P Oldham Bravadogue Lord Claude Sh.CM

 2 ½ yrs dog in excellent condition showing alertness along with his compliance with his handler, good strong head and well muscled neck leading to a well laid shoulder, nicely muscled rear giving power to his drive allowing good ground coverage. BOB

Bob Bravadogue Lord Claude Sh.CM                        Res Bob Zeleski Cuba Rhumba


Puppy 2 0

1 Mr & Mrs Evans Kitado’s Vengeance is Mine Lovely Brown dog of 11months wonderful outline both standing and in full flight accentuating his athletic stature, well laid should, rib of good length and well sprung, leading to a correct proportion of loin. Good rear angulation and well muscled allowing easy ground coverage. Nice head with good muzzle housing a very good set of dentitions. I was pleased to award this dog BP and subsequently PG1 well done. I was not disappointed with his performance for BPIS

2 Mr & Mrs Hopkinson Otago The One and Only

 Post Graduate 5 1

1 Mr & Mrs Hickling Supeta’s Under the Spell of Evalesco Bitch of just 12 months, black with good red markings, Nice feminine expression, good size head with a dark eye, good extension of neck leading into a level top line, well sprung rib, hind quarters carry good amount of muscle and well angulated showing nice free movement with balance. Handler and dog working in unison RBOB

2 Mrs A Swain Ackleypark Harmony at Liason

3 Mr & Mrs Beck Otago Kiss and Tell at Bekesha

4 Mrs M Sanderson Dobenar in the Black


Open 2 1

1 Mr P S Hemmings & Miss R F Radford Luftez Astronomy Sh.CM This 2 ½ year dog stood alone but didn’t disappoint me as he oozed confidence and style another which showed his athleticisms on the move with good extension and drive, stood with a good outline, head of good proportions and good depth of muzzle. Well-developed mouth with a perfect scissor bite, good forechest and depth of rib. Good overall proportions and in total harmony with his handler, deserved his BOB and subsequent WGK GROUP 2

Bob Luftez Astronomy Sh.CM                                  Best Puppy Kitado’s Vengence is Mine

Res Bob Supeta’s Under the Spell of Evalesco




 Junior 4 1

1 Mrs S M Pallett Sandbears Your Only Jello with Sheenmarie Newfoundland; very feminine black bitch of 16months, nice broad head with well-set ears and dark eyes, deep chest , good muscle on forequarters and well let down, nice broad back holding good topline, hindquarters strong with good muscle showing reach and drive moving freely. I was pleased to award this bitch RBOB

2 Miss P J Dempsey Senntino Drops Of Jupiter Bullmastiff

3 Mr & Mrs Ogden Ready to Rumble of the Bumblebarns Bullmastiff


Post Grad 3 1

1 Mrs S M Pallett Sandbears Your Only Jello with Sheenmarie Newfoundland:

2 Mr D Wright Maximus Z Mazurskiej Giant Schnauzer

Open 8 2  

1 Mrs P J Dempsey Optimus Daphne Bullmastiff: stunning 3 year bitch , oozes confidence and charisma boasting all round power from her well-muscled body, good square skull and well arched neck flowing into well muscled shoulder with good depth of chest, straight in back , strong hindquarters with well-developed second thighs allowing good purposeful movement and not over exaggerated excellently handled and totally deserved Best NSC and subsequently Working Group 1 Congratulations

2 Mrs S M Pallett Sandbears Hawiian Hot Stuff to Sheenmarie Newfoundland

3 Mr D J Wright Toktika Art Dice Game Giant Schnauzer

4 Mrs C Chapple Femme Fatale Bear Mountain at Peakcham Newfoundland

5 Ms J M Lindley Sensitivity Bliss Nikita at Lindgreave Newfoundland

Bob Optimus Daphne  Bullmastiff                                Best Puppy Senntino Drops of Jupitor Bullmastiff 

Res BOB Sandbears Your Only Jello with Sandmarie Newfoundland


1 Miss S Wolfe Ch Hawkeye Polarni Usvit My Veteran award went to the Alaskan Malamute dog of 8 years which is an excellent specimen, a good powerful dog with plenty of bone, sporting a thick course coat, broad head with good muzzle and strong under jaw, nice rib to loin ratio, moved with ease covering the ground effortlessly, he later went on to be placed 3rd in BVIS well done

2 Mrs A Johns Rajarani Koko for Alepenkye JW Siberian Husky

3 Miss S P Thompson Ch Shomont Rasin Coin Sh.CM Alaskan Malamute

4 Miss J & Mrs V Wright Elleonia Silver Star Siberian Husky

5 Miss S Wolfe Ch Dreamwolves Celtic Wizard Siberian Husky

My groups were filled with excellent specimens of your breeds and I found it very difficult on the decisions made so well done to you all.

Working Group

1 Miss P J Demsey Optimus Daphne Bullmastiff Showed the excellence of which she performed in her class

2 Mr P S Hemmings & Miss R F Radford Luftez Astronomy Sh.CM Dobermann Again could not ask any more of this boy today

3 Mr R Cruden & Miss R Kaye Amical Betty Boop for Shamsky Siberian Husky 6 year old bitch feminine features, light on her feet with good balance and flowed around the ring in fine condition with good all round attributes

4 Miss S Wolfe Ch Hawkeye Polarni Usvit Alaskan Malamute This was my best veteran and could not ignore his class and style

Working Group Puppy

1 Mr & Mrs Evans Kitado’s Vengence is Mine; Dobermann This 11 month dog was totally in unison with his handler and just didn’t put a food wrong all day and was outstanding in the BPIS challenge

2 Miss J Allen Zimavolks Force Awakened; Siberian Husky Another at 11 months, this bitch is so sweet she just flowed around the ring with grace, she is of good size and has well balanced proportions, good topline and very attentive to her handler, unfortunate to come up against 1 today I’m sure she will have a bright future

3 Miss P J Demspey Senntino Drops of Jupitor; Bullmastiff Again 11 months, my best puppy from AVNSC which came from Junior and you could say is a chip off the block as her mother who was my working group winner and shows promise and has good build and promise

4 Mr D Wright Essence of Love Antaeus; Bernese Mountain Dog 6 ½ month dog was the baby of the puppy group although I’m sure he did the handler proud and hopefully will move up the group placings as he matures