• Date: 06/10/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Gerri Staples Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/10/2019

Beckenham Canine Association



Gerri Staples


I had a lovely time at Beckenham Canine Association open show and thank the organisers for inviting me to judge Giant and Miniature Schnauzers at their well run show. My stewards were excellent and I really appreciated their help and organisation. 


 I’d like to thank the exhibitors for attending today, and although only the two entries for Giant Schnauzers both were mature imposing males of similar type with attitude and alertness which had them on their toes and showed them at their best. The decider was down to minutiae between them both.

Open Dog/Bitch (2 Entries)

1. Cox & Bowman - Pushkadell Tuscan to Grovelea. 2 year old black male. Visually square in outline with slightly sloping topline and balanced front to rear. Nice dark eyes with keen expression and alert to surroundings. Large strong head, moderate in length and with decent head planes and medium stop. Would have preferred a tad more overall length to head maybe and neater ears. Correct scissor bite. Arched neck flowed into flat laid back shoulders. Enough forechest and fill between legs, good depth to well sprung chest and rib. Nice harsh coat on body and legs. Well conditioned and well presented. Balanced on the move in profile, true and straight moving out and back. Pleased to see he was placed in group. BOB. 

2. Kirkwood - Draxpark Lots to Like. 5 year old black male. Definitely lots to like about this boy and very similar to 1. in type. Again, big imposing male, almost square in outline with sloping topline and balanced front and back. Correct dentition. Moderately broad skull with decent head planes, medium stop, nice ear set with tidy ears, a shade lighter in the eye than 1. but with keen alert expression. Clean arched neck flowing into flat laid back shoulders. Enough forechest and decent fill. Strong rib with good depth. Slightly longer in the loin than 1. Lovely harsh coat and hair on legs. Moved well in profile but not quite as together today at the back as 1. going out. RBOB


A big thank you to all the exhibitors that attended today, it was a lovely entry of good quality and well presented dogs which made decisions difficult at times. It was lovely to see all 4 colours represented. Thank you for your sportsmanship.

Puppy Dog/Bitch (5 Entries)

1. Parker & McDonald - Silversocks Shot In The Dark with Violis. 9 month black male. Square in outline, nicely put together boy. Lovely dark keen eyes with a hint of mischief, strong masculine head with decent head planes, ear set and tidy ears. Correct scissor bite. Clean arched neck neatly set on shoulders and flowing into sloping topline. Enough forechest, depth and fill for age. Good angles front and back. Nice harsh coat of good colour. Steady on the move striding out front and rear.

2. Cherryman - Philoma Johnny Come Lately. 11 month black male. Another nicely put together boy. Correct dentition. Nice strong masculine head with dark eyes and alert quizzical expression. Clean arched neck flowing well into shoulders and sloping topline. Slightly longer in the loin than 1. Good depth to chest and fill for age, decent angulation front and back. Excellent colour and coat of good harsh texture. On the whole he moved well with balance front and back, but had a hop and skip with his back left leg on turning.

3. Kirkwood - Violis The Trickster. 6 month black/silver male.

Junior Dog/Bitch (3 Entries)

1. Parker & McDonald - Jokerland’s Honey Pot for Violis. 14 month pepper/salt female. Very attractive and stand out little girl caught my eye today as soon as she came into the ring, and didn’t disappoint close up. Square in outline with good angles front and back. Very feminine head of good proportions, length, and breadth with neat well set ears. Dark eyes with keen knowing expression. Correct scissor bite. Elegant arched neck, moderately long, set cleanly onto shoulders, flowing evenly into sloping top line which was held on the move. Decent forechest and fill, with depth and spring of rib for age. Excellent harsh banded coat. Well conditioned and well presented. Very balanced on the move from all angles with reach and drive. A well deserved BOB today.

2. Myers - Ersmy Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. 11 month pepper/salt male. Almost square in outline. Nice masculine head with decent head plains, of moderate breadth and good length, neat ears and ear set. Nice dark eyes with alert expression. Correct scissor bite. Good angles front and rear with just enough forechest, fill and depth for age. Arched neck set cleanly onto shoulders flowing into sloping topline. Excellent harsh banded jacket. Didn’t have the movement of 1. in class, but pulled it out of the bag in the challenge and moved much better with balance, reach and drive. RBOB and BP. Pleased to see he went onto Puppy Group 2.

3. Jones - Egyptian God Dastynella at Quintastique. 18 month white male.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2 Entries)

1. Jones - Quintastique Perfect Storm. 20 month white female. Square in outline. Nice feminine head of good proportions, moderate breadth with neat ears and ear set. Dark eyes with alert interested expression. Correct dentition. Excellent forechest with fill and depth. A little longer neck would enhance balance but good set on shoulder into sloping topline. Harsh coat and good pigmentation. A bit cheeky on the move but steady and balanced once settled.

2. Brown-Malenda Monteray. 5 year old pepper/salt male. Almost square in profile. Nice clean masculine head of good proportion with dark eye and keen expression. Nicely arched neck set cleanly onto shoulders into sloping topline. A little longer in the loin than 1. and not the front or depth. Well presented. Nice harsh jacket of correct banding. Steady on the move with even balance front and back.

Open Dog/Bitch (5 Entries) (2 abs)

1. Cherryman - Marnimica Mix N’ Match. 2 year old pepper/salt male. Well presented and square in outline with good balance front and back. Nice head with keen dark eyes, good proportions with moderate width and length. Correct scissor bite. Nice tidy ears. Enough front and fill, with decent depth to chest. Lovely arched neck of moderate length, set well into shoulders, and onto sloping topline. Felt tail set was a little tight to topline. Excellent harsh coat of correct banding. Moved well from all angles with reach and drive.

2. Johnson & Slater - Marnimica Sorcerer. 10 year old pepper/salt male. In excellent condition for age. Seemed to be enjoying his day out. Well presented with harsh banded jacket. Clean masculine head with dark eye and alert expression. Correct dentition. Moved well and was balanced and even on the move.

3. Lian - Dashing Darrel. 6 year old black male.