• Date: 26/01/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

City Of Cambridge & County Canine Society

JUDGE’S REPORT FOR CITY OF CAMBRIDGE & COUNTY CANINE SOCIETY ON SATURDAY 26TH 2019 Thank you so much for inviting me to judge some of your Pastoral breeds and having the added bonus of stepping in to judge the Utility group. I felt the show was very well run, finishing in good time. It could not have been easy with the show been spread over two halls. My stewards were very friendly and efficient.


JUNIOR (3) 1. Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl. Tricoloured bitch. Well-proportioned head, flat skull and correct stop. Medium sized eyes with sweet expression. Ears carried semi-erect. Well arched neck of nice length. Straight forelegs with good round bone. Correct length of body, with slight rise over loin. Nice oval feet. Tail bone reaching hock joint. One of the best movers, but I wish she had moved with more drive. Perhaps she was a little unsure on the floor. Very nicely presented. In good coat with straight and harsh outer coat, plus soft undercoat. BEST OF BREED. PASTORAL GROUP THREE. 2. Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Linnet. Nice head with good eye shape and colour, giving correct sweet expression, with good ear set. Straight forelegs with good round bones. I would have preferred not so much rise over the loin. In good coat. 3. Whitaker’s Siluto Over the Blue Moon.

POST GRADUATE (4) 1. Whitaker’s Siluto Misterious Girl. 2. Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas. I found it difficult to choose between 2nd and 3rd, as I felt both dogs had some better points than the other. As heads are a very important feature in Rough Collies, I preferred this one’s head and expression. Ears set correctly, but would prefer them tipping forward more. When she looked down, they were beautiful. Good reach of neck, correct length of body with slight rise over the loin. In lovely coat and condition. Tending to move a bit close behind. 3. Boyle’s Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW.

OPEN (4) 1. Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas. RESERVE BST OF BREED. 2. Whitaker’s Aniesh Misty Blue Moon of Siluto. Blue merle bitch. Correct head with sweet expression and good ear placement. Lovely arched neck leading down to nice length of body with a firm back and slight rise over the loins. Correct length of tail. Well-muscled thighs producing good movement. Presented in good coat. 3. Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud to be Black. 4. Boyle’s Barrenclough Moon Magic. BEST PUPPY. Only 7 months old and very much a baby, with a lovely full baby coat. Up to size for his age and does not need to grow much higher. It will be interesting to see how he matures.

COLLIE (SMOOTH) JUNIOR (2) 1. Russell’s Koczkodan Midnight Sun. Nice sable and white bitch, just over a year old, presented in excellent condition. Good head proportions, with slight but perceptible stop. Pleasing dark brown eye, giving sweet expression. Would prefer ears to be carried a little more semi-erect for perfection. Up on patterns, showing flexibility without weakness. Good reach of neck and excellent depth of chest. Rather a compact body, which I would have preferred slightly longer. Noticeable when compared to the Open class winner. But nice firm, level back with correct rise over the loin. Well-muscled hindquarters allowing her to give drive from the rear to move and cover the ground well. Tail nicely reaching her hock joint. Super oval feet, with arched toes, close together. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (1) 1. Russell’s Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan. 9 years old tricolor bitch, lovely for her age. A true Smooth Collie, clean and graceful from every angle, personifies dignity without losing the essential qualities needed in a working dog. Correct size and in super condition. Well proportioned, good length of head, flat skull with perceptible stop. Black nose and scissor bite. Correct colour and shape of eyes, giving the ‘sweet expression’. Well placed, semi-erect ears. Straight forelegs with good bone. Pasterns showing flexibility. Good length of arched neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Superb forechest. Nice length of back, level and firm with slight rise over the loin. Well sprung ribs, angulations in fore- and hindquarters in balance. Her good length of upper arm provides an excellent and functional front assembly complimented by her balanced hind quarters. She has lovely flowing lines and travelled around the ring effortlessly, outshining her younger competitor, deserving to beat her for BOB. Her movement was outstanding for her age. Nice oval feet. Coat of correct texture and colour. Tail reaching hock joint. She could have been placed in the group. A great shame she was not entered in the Pastoral Veteran class. BEST OF BREED.

LANCASHIRE HEELER POST GRADUATE (1) 1. Bellinger & Felstead’s Ochre’s Vanilla Spice at Woodhawk. A lovely liver and tan colour with correct rich tan spots in the right places. A small amount of white on forechest. Not in the best of moods and did not want to co-operate with her handler, slipping her lead a couple of times. Nice, well-proportioned head. Almond shaped eyes of colour to match the dog. Good ears. Nicely bodied and well-muscled. BEST OF BREED.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG OPEN (3) 1. Bastiani & John’s Ch. Hawk Blue Eye Des Romarins De Mayerling Joins Auberswell (Imp Fra). A very classy, elegant, Shetland Sheepdog and worthy champion. Thank you for entering him for me to judge. Masculine yet with a sweet expression and beautifully balanced. Well-proportioned, balanced, elegant head with flat skull. Medium sized almond eyes of colour to match his blue merle colour. Well set semi erect ears. Neck arched and shoulders well laid back. Straight forelegs with strong but not heavy bones. Good length of body, well ribbed. Level back with graceful sweep over loins. Nice neat oval feet. Beautifully presented coat of excellent colour with all the correct shading. Moved smoothly, with grace, covering the ground with minimum of effort. An eye-catching mature blue merle dog who was in commendable coat and condition. I was surprised he was not placed in the group. Glad to see his kennel mate went Best Veteran in show. BEST OF BREED.

UTILITY GROUP BEST UTILITY – Green & Sears’ Dalmatian, Boschendal Simply Red at Judally. Upstanding 3 year old liver dog, strong, muscular, but free from coarseness. Looked capable of doing a good day’s work. Wonderful head and expression, uses his ears to full advantage. Good front and shoulders with well sprung ribs that are carried well back. Powerful level back. Muscled hindquarters with well-developed second thigh and good turn of stifle. Round, compact feet with well arched toes. Showed himself off to advantage, moving out, with rhythmic long strides. Beautifully marked with liver spots, well distributed. Pleased to see him go BEST IN SHOW.

RESERVE BEST UTILITY – Sutcliffe’s Lhasa Apso, Newcliffe Kia-ora. What a wonderful 9 month old puppy. So well balanced, gay and assertive, with that ‘look at me’ attitude. Will watch his future with interest. A lovely golden colour. Head with slight narrowing and a flattish skull, well- furnished and presented, covering cheeky dark oval eyes, well hung ears. Correct muzzle and reverse scissor bite. Arched neck on well-placed shoulders and good front. Correct length of body with level top line and good hindquarters. Well set and carried tail with nice plume. Beautifully presented and conditioned heavy gold coat of a lovely straight harsh texture. Well feathered tight feet. Stunning mover, free and jaunty.

GROUP THREE – Brandrick’s Tibetan Spaniel, Matsuri Specially Maid for Lillinca. Good overall balance, with gay and assertive attitude. Good head, with slightly domed skull and define stop. Correct mouth and oval eyes with good, feathered, pendant ears. Forelegs slightly bowed but firm at shoulder and hare feet. Well bodied, with level topline and excellent tail set. Positive movement.

GROUP FOUR – Hanley’s Bulldog, Blenhiemstar Dee. Another quality puppy, well presented and handled. So mature and bodied for 8 months old. Gives the impression of determination and strength. Good ‘bulldog’ head, flat forehead and good layback, fine wrinkled, neatly set rose ears, dark round eyes and good open nostrils. Broad and square jaws with six teeth between canines. When relaxed and was getting tired, he would let his jaw drop, showing his teeth. But they did not show, when mouth shut properly. Lovely square front, with straight, stout, strong forelegs. Short, strong body, with slight fall behind the shoulders, rise to loin and curving to tail. Belly tucked up. Moved well.

BEST UTILITY PUPPY - Sutcliffe’s Lhasa Apso, Newcliffe Kia-ora. A shame he got tired and flagged in the ‘Big ring’.

RESERVE BEST UTILITY PUPPY – Morgan & Ling’s French Bulldog, Tytorro Tiger Feet. Very mature for an 8 month old puppy, sturdy and compact. Nice square head, with nearly flat skull and dome forehead. Correct round, dark eyes. Super ‘bat ears’, set on high and carried upright. Correct mouth. Legs set wide apart, straight and strong boned. Cobby, well rounded body. Strong, muscular hindquarters. Correct tail. Moved freely.

PUPPY GROUP THREE - Hanley’s Bulldog, Blenhiemstar Dee.

PUPPY GROUP FOUR – Saich’s German Spitz (Mittel), Lindcoly Love Affair. Certainly showed her intelligent, active and alert characteristics. Played up her handler from start to finish, making it very hard to assess her. Nice small, erect, triangular ears. Good scissor bite. Good tail set, well carried. Moved very briskly. In good coat.

JUDGE - Felicity A. Snook