• Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Elaine Bradley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/11/2019

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association


Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entry, unfortunately a few absentees, however, those present were of high quality and a pleasure to judge. Unfortunately, the small ring hampered movement but all coped well and gave me enough to see correct movement.

P (2,1abs): 1. Anthony’s Jilony Viola B/W bitch, just 6 months old and what a sweetheart, pretty head that has obviously yet to finish but correct skull to muzzle proportions, darkest of eyes giving a soft expression, clean neck into correct front assembly, good length of back with correct tailset and a tail which never stopped wagging, chest deep enough at this age, well boned legs down to tight oval feet, her exuberance and the ring size did nothing to help show off her movement but there were odd flashes of sound, driving action, enough to see she can move right. BP

J (1,1abs)

PG (5,1abs): 1. O’Neill’s Tenshilling Biscuits JW O/W dog nothing overdone with this boy and maybe not the most eyecatching on first look but the more I saw, the more I liked, lovely masculine head with eyes that toned with his coat colour, wide nostrils, strong slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders, correct straight front, good depth and forechest, elbows tight to body, well sprung ribs and strong topline held both standing and on the move, moderately angulated front and rear, well-muscled and moved soundly and steadily in the small ring, in the challenge I just felt his overall demeanour was a little more settled than the open winner, pleased to award him BOB 2. Anthony’s Jilony Iris, B/W bitch of a lovely size, I see she is half-sister to my BP and many of the comments also apply here, pretty head and expression, nicely angulated fore & aft, balanced, correct feet, moved well with style 3. Ram’s Dacan Sharp Spear

O (7,3 abs): Lovely class of quality exhibits, one of which I’ve previously awarded a BP to, another has had a BIS under me, today they were unlucky to meet each other and I was really nitpicking between these 3. 1. Watkins & Davies Ansona Aladdin almost 4 year old B/W dog who I judged last as a pup, he has matured into a lovely example of the breed and I think is just reaching his peak, upstanding, well-muscled, masculine, I love his head and dark eye with melting expression, strong slightly arched neck into well laid shoulders, strong legs to tight feet, well ribbed up with a strong topline & correct tailset, moved with drive in the small ring but in the challenge the crowds & noise started to unsettle him and I just felt the PG winner coped a little better in the conditions but it was a really close decision and more than happy to award him RBOB 2. Norbury & Adams Medogold Bamalam at Heartbury JW ShCM lovely L/W bitch to whom I’ve previously awarded BIS, she pushed the winner hard but today she wasn’t moving quite as well as I’ve seen her go, again the small ring and crowded hall probably didn’t help. She has a lovely head of correct proportions, strong level topline, correct tailset with tail carried correctly straight off on the move, good depth of chest & spring of rib, well boned legs and good feet, moved soundly but just lacked a little drive today but I still think she’s a cracker 3. Matthews’ Medogold Tartini with Sonham JW ShCM