• Date: 09/06/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Domenico Santoriello Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/06/2019

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge the Toy Group at their show. It was unfortunate the weather was against us but thanks to the exhibitors who braved the elements today and to Brooke Taylor for her great stewarding. Understandably some winners decided to leave early due to the adverse weather condition. Unfortunately my notes may be a bit sparse due to the judges book getting too wet as the day went on.


Puppy 1. Dowsett & Jackson’s Avantgarde Italys Secret with Tteswood, smart 8 months Affenpinscher of good type. Pleasing head with that typical monkey expression, wide open nostrils. Round dark eyes. Ears are small & well set. Short in body & well angulated throughout. Compact feet. Tail set high. Moved out well & even better in the puppy group to take PG1. 2 Jonusaite LA Ayoune. Maltese 6 months, hard to assess this one. Moved Ok.

Open 1 Jolley’s Witchstone Odd’s On Favourite at Dekobras. ETT 15 Months male of pleasing type. Pleasing head with that typical wedge shape. Dark well set eyes. Typical Candle flame ears. Well bodied with a slight curve over the loin. Moved well with good drive. I’ve watched this boy before and he is surely destined for the top. BAVNSC 2 Jolley’s CH Witchstone Don’t Crow with Dekobras, 3 years ETT, slightly larger than his kennel mate. Masculine head, correct ear set into good neck shoulders, well bodied with a curve over the loin. Moved OK, just a touch wide behind today. 

Long Coat Chihuahua

  Puppy 1 Hills Torree Del Pilar Fenrir at Lilliputchi (Imp ESP) 12 months male in good coat of a soft texture. Well rounded skull, large eyes set well, large ears, well arched neck into good shoulders. Well angulated throughout. Moved out with good reach. BP.

Post Graduate 1 Hunters Twiganlu Gamora 2 years bitch, Good head, eyes & well set ears. Small dainty feet. Moved OK, not entirely happy today.

Open 1 Allcock’s Sandiman Last Tango in Paris 3 years fawn male. Striking boy, flaring ears well set on apple domed skull. Large round eyes, arched neck into good shoulders. Level topline, tail set high and carried over his back. Small dainty feet. Moved out well with reach and drive. BOB 2 McCallister’s Bermac Blazing Glory JW another pleasing boy, Well set ears, dark rounded eyes, well arched neck into good body. Well angulated. Good turn of stifle. Moved out soundly.

  Smooth Coat Chihuahua


1 Allcock & Suprinaityte’s Borjomi Fortune, what a star she is! Cream bitch who instantly took my eye. Exquisite head, well rounded apple dome skull. Sparkling dark eyes, into good neck and shoulders. Level topline and well set tail. Small dainty feet. So well balanced throughout. On the move she comes alive with her forceful action. wish she was mine. A future champion I’m sure. Couldn’t be denied BOB & BP. 2 Stangoe’s Stanghurst Cry A River, another quality boy of good type. Pleasing head, good neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, small dainty feet, moved out well with good reach and drive.

 Yearling 1 Mcallister Bermac Bayani, quality boy, pleasing head, well domed apple skull, good ear and eye placement, good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline. Nice Brisk movement. 2 Slavenic’s Charonchi Tilly Trotter, pretty bitch with a good head & expression. Level topline into good tailset. Moved out well. 

 Post Graduate 1 Slavinec Silverchi String of Pearls at Charonchi, dainty bitch, pleasing head with good dome & well set ears, Compact in body, slightly arched neck, into level topline & well set tail. Moved out well with good reach & drive. 2 Stangoe’s Stanghurst Strike A Pose, a dainty bitch with typical head & expression, good ears. Level topline, small dainty feet. Moved out well. 

 Open 1 Stangoe’s Spindepoint Noel Coward at Stanghurst, quality boy, pleasing head with masculine expression, good neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, good feet. Moved with enthusiasm. RBOB 2 Nikitos NameThatDog another quality boy, with a typical head & expression, dark eyes, well set ears. Good neck into level topline. Moved out well. 

 Chinese Crested 

Puppy 1 Lane’s Transylvania Sasima At Konishiki, H/L bitch of a lovely shape. Super head & expression. Dark medium eyes, well arched neck into long sloping shoulders. Good length to body. Good depth of chest. Well bodied with a good tuck up. Moved out well with good reach and drive. BP, RBOB, PG3. 

 Post Grad 1 Lane’s Transylvania Sasima at Konishiki. 2 Masters & Shakeshaft Doucai’s Show Boy h/l, feeling the cold & difficult to assess, moved ok, well up to size. Open 1 Dowsett’s CH Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood JW ShCM, an old favourite of mine who I have judged many times over the years, hard to believe he is 10 years old as he certainly doesn’t show it. A masculine head, dark eyes, good well set ears, good length to body, well angulated, good feet. Moved out well to take BOB, TG3 and Best Toy Veteran and RBVIS Day 2 Saunder’s Scherzando Goldfinger, h/l good eye and ear. Good length to body, moved OK. 

 Italian Greyhound – not the best weather for Italians! 

Puppy 1 Guyton’s Ansanda Glitter & Gold, a well proportioned bitch, who has a good outline and topline. Long skull, large eyes with good expression. Well placed ears. Good length to neck. Moved out with good front movement. I’d like to see her on a warm sunny day! BOB & BP. Yearling 1 Fryetts Silhouettig Follow My Lead a quality bitch who again presents a good outline. Pretty head with good eyes and ears. Well balanced throughout. Good feet. Moved out well. RBOB Post Graduate 1 Fryetts Crystaldrift Leonidis, male, up to size, good head & eye, feet OK. Moved soundly. Open 1 Guyton’s Ansanda Scarlet Ribbons, 3 years bitch, another with a good outline. Nice head, & eye. Pleasing outline. Moved out well.

 Lowchen (Little Lion Dog)

 Limit 1 Bush’s Bundu Timeless, attractive head with lovely eyes. Nice size & shape. Well set tail. Good angulations. Moved well. 2 Sergents Melfield Firecrest Feather with Grestean not showing her best today. Pleasing head & body. Well set tail. Moved Ok. Open 1 Wilson’s Melfield Jasper Conrad a super smart male who presents a lovely outline. Masculine head, dark round eyes, well arched neck, short in body with a level topline. Small feet. Moved out freely fore & aft. BOB 2 Bush’s Bundu Callipygan, 11 years bitch who has good dentition for her age. Pretty head, well bodied. Moved out well. 

 Pugs Puppy 1 Fitsalls Abukadra Electra, bitch of a good size, pretty head, small ears, large dark eyes, open nostrils, felt she was a bit too long in body. Moved well for her young handler. BP Post Grad 1 Saffer’s Ragemma Upsy Daisy JW, I judged the bitch as a very young puppy and gave her BP then and I am pleased to see she is fulfilling her early promise. A smaller bitch but proportioned throughout. Pretty headpiece with large dark eyes, open nostrils good ears, short and compact in body, well set tail. Slightly arched neck into level topline. Moved out soundly to win BOB & TG2. 2 Fitsall’s Abukadra Tutti Frutti large bitch than 1. Good head and neck. Longer in body than 1. Moved OK. Open 1 Fitsall’s Adoram Shady Lady. Bitch of a good size, typical head & eye, good neck into level topline. Good feet. Moves soundly. 

 AV Toy Veteran 1 Dowsett’s CH Doonbeg Bette Noir Via Tteswood JW ShCM, Chinese Crested 2 Hill’s CH Casarow’s Monty Python, a foxy Pomerian close up to 1. In Good coat & condition, typical expression, well laid back shoulders, compact feet. High set tail, powered around the ring. Worthy CH. 3 Bush’s Bundu Callipigan. Lowchen 

 Toy Group 1 Soulsby’s Aizen’s Dream Of Being A Star at Trenarwyn and a star he is! Black Pom who despite the weather conditions still could not be denied the group here. Typical head with that foxy expression. Small ears set well. Compact in body, tail set high and carried well. A fabulous mover completely owning the ring. Delighted to see he won BIS Day 1. 2 Saffer’s Pug Ragemma Upsy Daisy JW 3 Dowsett’s Chinese Crested CH Doonbeg Bette Noir Via Tteswood JW ShCM 4 Brown-Percival’s Japanese Chin Littletigers Fancy Dancer at Sandiman 

 Toy Puppy Group 1 Doswett’s Affenpinscher Avantgarde Italys Secret with Tteswood 2 Soulsby’s Pomeranian Baptism of Fire at Trenarwyn, beautiful black bitch, typical head & expression, short in body, moves out soundly. Very promising. 3 Lane’s Chinese Crested Transylvania Sasima at Konishiki 4 Brown-Percival’s Japanese Chin Littletigers Fancy Dancer at Sandiman, a smart bitch, pleasing head properties, moves out well, would like to see her on a warmer day. 

 Domenico Santoriello (Pinicio) JUDGE