• Date: 01/12/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Dave Mckimm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2019

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association

Morecambe and Heysham Canine Association

Open Show   

1st December 2019



Thank you to the Association for inviting me to judge at this small friendly open show, and thankyou to my Steward Jo Malin for keeping the ring running smoothly. Not the biggest entry, but by all accounts one of the better years for Staffords, and apparently 2 other shows within a 50 mile radius on the same day. Thank you to the exhibitors for allowing me the privilege of going over their dogs and the sporting manner in my decisions were accepted.  

My BOB went on to achieve TG1 and my BPIB to achieve TPG1 so a nice result for the owners and the breed on the day.  

Puppy Dog/Bitch 3 (1 abs)

1st Tillcarr Flirt with Fire (Johnson and Preston) 25.12.18 BPIB

Bk/Br bitch of almost 12 months, white patch on chest. Still a lot to go on this one but nevertheless a pleasing bitch. Shown in nice condition for pup without being over done at this young age. Head ok, with dark eyes and good dentition, but would have liked to see a little more strength, enough underjaw and tidy ears which she used well in class observing me throughout and very alert, obviously enjoying her time on the mat. Clean, straight front with enough width and ok for bone, very neat well-padded feet. She was lacking in rib but still has time on her side. Handled and moved well holding her topline. Went on to achieve TPG1

2nd Blazing Flame (Caprani) 12.1.19  

Red bitch of nearly 11 months.  Overall more compact bitch than my first place. Pleasing head with eyes a little lighter than my first place but bearing relation to coat colour and correct dentition. Another alert one very keen to observe the class unfold. Short neck flowing into well laid shoulders with correct front and rear angulation. Enough width to her clean straight front and a little less bone in comparison to my first place but showing more rib at this stage. Presented in good condition and held her topline well both on the move and stacked. Moved well and handled well.  

Junior Dog/Bitch1 (0 abs)

1st Elitebull Avenger (McCarron-Tuer & Tuer) 23.09.18 RBOB

Bk/Br Dog of 13 months with white patch on chest. Noted what a cracking looking dog he is at first glance coming into the ring and I thought was my winner today with a smashing headpiece on him, very strong with distinct stop though could be just a touch longer in the muzzle for me. Very strong underjaw with some beautiful white teeth with correct bite. Clean and straight front of good width, short and strong neck tapering into well laid back shoulders, good front and rear angulation and good spring of rib. Well off for bone and presented in beautiful hard condition. In class he moved with confidence and well deserving of his 1st place even though he stood alone. Had to settle for RBOB in the challenge just being outshone on minor points by the Open Dog winner.

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch 0 entries

Open Dog/Bitch 3 (1 abs)

1st Tillcarr Fire Starter JW (Preston) 28.06.17 BOB

Bk/Br dog with white patches on chest of almost 2 ½ yrs. Only judged this dog 2 months ago and today put another sterling performance in. Keen and alert at all times and presented in top condition, I noted that his owner had trimmed a little weight off him this time round and this only served to improve his eye catching and balanced appearance in side profile. He screams out dog with his unexaggerated strong and balanced features. Love the cleanliness and strength of head on this dog beautiful dark eyes and super tidy ears used to best advantage. Well deserving of his 1st place, handled to perfection, moving up and down the mat with ease driving from his strong back end. He had a tough challenger in the final line up with the junior dog but just pinching minor points on movement and muzzle, went on to take TG1, well done and thanks for bringing him.

2nd Ozzies Red Rascal (Wilson and Rodgers) 02.09.10

Red Bitch with white patch on chest of just over 9 years. I’ve known this bitch since I first set foot in the ring myself and saw her pinnacle when she received top honours several years ago at my own club, a pleasure to go over her. Not as strong in the head as my 1st place and a touch more muzzle, dark eye and good dentition with enough underjaw (complimented by some charming silver). She enjoyed her time in the ring, paying attention at all times and putting her ears to good use.  This young veteran lady is certainly still very active, and her condition a credit to her owner, no extended couch days for her! Good front and rear angulations and a strong back end, excellent mover both ways. Handled well, thank you for bringing her.

Judge Dave Mckimm