• Date: 02/03/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford and District C.S. 2/03/19

L/C Chihuahua

P(6) 1st Culverhouse’s Lykath’s Flash Gordon. An aptly named dog pup of 8 months. Pleasing for size, overall outline and conformation. Correct head shape, large, expressive eye and scissor bite. Well set-on ears of good size and shape. Good body for his age and quite mature. Moved easily and freely. PG2.

2nd Smith’s Gabrielbelle Ghost. Bitch pup of 6 months and enjoying her day here. Smaller and finer in type than 1st. Everything right for this stage and liked her compact outline. Tail set and carriage a bit too high but gave a good account of herself both on the table and on the move.

3rd Smith’s Gabrielbelle New Hope.

J (4) 1st Culverhouse’s Lykath’s Peep Bo. Loved this pretty little girl. Just right for size, substance and bone and the most delightful head and expression. Dark, sparkling eyes. Good conformation, firm topline, light bone standing on tight feet. Correctly set tail, carried high on the move. In good coat of correct texture and density, well presented. Light, brisk mover, sound in all directions. BOB in a good entry. Pleased to hear she topped the Toy Group.

2nd Jones’ Flickan Frost. Glamourous cream dog of good type and proportions. Correctly shaped head, large, dark eye, good ears, used to enhance his expression. Good front and rear. Moved easily, just tended to hackney a bit. Excellent coat. Well handled and prepared.

3rd Ayres’ Juchi Casper.

PG (8) 1st White’s Crydera Ivy May. This bitch presented the best overall package in this mixed class. Pleasing in head, eye and ears. Good neck and front. Holds a firm topline although a shade long in back. Good rear angulation and moved out well, driving off sound hocks. Lacking some finish in coat but well deserved RBOB.

2nd Jones’ F Frost.

3rd Bradshaw’s Lykath Serenity.

O(12) Big class and quite varied. 1st Culverhouse’s Lykath’s Mystic Moonflower. Liked this glamourous cream bitch very much. Correct head shape and muzzle. Large, round dark eye and well set ears, although she could use them more to better advantage. Correct neck, balanced angles and well set tail. Best mover in the class, showing reach and drive. In full coat of good texture and presentation. Had a change of handler in the challenge and rather lost her composure.

2nd Baker’s Zahla The Defiant Di Valenchino. Another glamorous bitch. Slightly longer in back than 1st but holds her outline well at all times. Pretty head and expression, good eye and ears. Confident on the table and pleasing in conformation. Lacking in furnishings but what she has is of good texture and immaculately presented. Moved with reach and drive and correctly set and carried tail.

3rd Smith’s Gabrielbelle Soliel.


P (3) 1st Swinge & Saffer’s Ragemma Saucy Suzie At Bathazar. Super cobby bitch pup of just 6 months. Delightful head and cheeky expression. Small, thin, well set ears. Moderate neck, nicely angled front and back, just right for bone and an excellent tail. Really strode out on the move and now, understandably given her age, needs to tighten-up all through. Good coat and presentation. BP.

2nd Ayres’ Megalfie We Found Love. Older and much more mature bitch of 10 momths. Pleasing in head, size and overall outline. Excellent body and good to go over on the table. Moved out well but preferred the rear quarters and tail of 1st. Confident show girl.

J (1) 1st Saffer’s Ragemma Upsy Daisy. Really promising young fawn bitch. Compact outline with substance to match but not compromising her femininity. Lovely head piece, good skull shape, fine, wrinkles and open nostrils. Medium neck good angles and holds a firm topline at all times. Think she will have a great future and was close-up in the challenge.

O (1) 1st Swinge’s Samhaven Rocket Man At Balthazar. Lovely dog for type, size and outline. Good head, strong, shapely skull, correct fine wrinkles and clean, open nostrils. Large dark expressive eye, tidy bite and small, fine ears. Moderate neck, deep chest, well ribbed back and a short, firm loin. Good angles and bone but not overdone in anyway. Moved with purpose and sound in all directions. Shows himself well with a confident personality. BOB.

Darren Clarke (Judge)