• Date: 01/12/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Claire Sharp Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/12/2019

Woolwich Bexley & District Canine Association

Woolwich, Bexley & District Canine Association

Many thanks to the society for their invitation and hospitality on the day and special thanks to my very able (and easily heard) steward, Ailien, who kept everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Border Terriers A breed I have owned personally for over 20 years. I found a few of them today that were way over size, several mouth faults and one with only one testicle. Coat quality across the entry was excellent and I didn’t find any tail kinks. Puppy (3 entries) 1st & BP Aldis’ Torryburn Maisie’s Angel The only one in the class I could span. Blue and tan with a lovely head with lots of fill under the eye. Ribs well back, short loin. Good topline and short tail. Decent pelt. On the move, throwing her front around a little but forgivable in such a youngster. Delighted to later give her Puppy Grp 1. 2nd Goddard’s Awbrooksby Endgame Lots to like about this boy. He’s got a super head, big teeth, he’s a lovely shape and his coat is excellent. Just a bit on the big side for me. 3rd Kovacs & Whitley’s Wispbrook Spider Jack Post Graduate (8 entries, 4 absent) 1st & RBOB Elliot’s Otterwood Leda of Lyndham Splitting hairs here between two very nice borders but this girl had the edge with more accurate front movement. Such a sweet expression without losing the terrier keenness. Easily spannable, good pelt and coat of good texture. Nicely made all through. 2nd Aldis’ Torryburn Schiehallion Best head in the class with lovely big, clean teeth. A little more upright in shoulder than my winner and this was evident on the move. Super crisp coat. 3rd Aldous’ Twigglestone Serendipite Open (5 entries, 1 absent) 1st & BOB Aldis’ Torryburn Allegro Won this class and later, BOB on his movement. He has a lovely head with plenty of width between his ears and lots of fill under his eyes. Straight bone and lovely feet. Ribs well back, short strong loin. He is balanced, racy and in super coat. 2nd. Holmes’ Bimandi Banana Smoothie Ir Jun Ch This girl was doing herself no favours in this class on the move though it was nice to see that she was enjoying herself!! A very nice bitch nonetheless who is well constructed with a good head and in excellent coat. Delighted to hear that the AV class win later on gave her the final points needed for her JW. Congratulations. 3rd. Khatchikian’s Cib/Grd Ch Cro/It/Fr Grd Ch Slov/ Ch Rom Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo Cact Br

AVNSC Terrier Post Graduate (6 entries, 0 absent) 1st & RBOB Foster’s Thozow I’d do Anything WHWT. Lovely head with good dentition. Lovely clean neck and shoulders, short back with ribs well back. Good topline and tailset. Harsh coat. Moves well in profile. 2nd. Gardener’s Northwool Jenni and Romance at Danalas Norfolk. Really liked the shape and make of this girl but she wasn’t as positive on the move as my winner. She is nicely put together and her coat is of good texture. Would benefit from a strip. 3rd. Newcomb’s Comdale For your eyes only at Newrane Open (15 entries, 6 absent) 1st & BOB Ruffle’s Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar JW ShCM Irish Terrier. 5 year old girl who just didn’t put a foot wrong. Lovely head with super keen expression. She is balanced, well constructed all through and presented to perfection. On the move, she covered the ground precisely and accurately. Harsh coat. She won the Terrier Group with ease and I was thrilled to hear she later won RBIS – congratulation. 2nd. Foster’s Thozow Master of the House WHWT. Lovely head, good topline and tailset and coat of excellent texture. Moved well, just unlucky to come against my winner today. 3rd. Gardener’s Perrisblu Liberty at Danalas ShCM

AV Terrier Open (7 entries, 5 absent) 1st. Holmes’ Bimandi Banana Smoothie Ir Jun Ch 2nd. Khatchikian’s Cib/Grd Ch Cro/It/Fr Grd Ch Slov/ Ch Rom Jrasamuyr Violette Szabo Cact Br Left the ring before I could write a full critique. Decent head, heavily coated, too big to span and not the movement of my winner who had got her act together in this class and moved well.

Terrier Group 1 – Irish Terrier - Ruffle’s Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar JW ShCM 2 – SBT – Turner’s On the Hill Two at Tidestaff Really like this smart bitch. Really good head with broad skull and pronounced cheeks. Good teeth. Strong neck, level topline and well muscled all through. In excellent condition and moved with drive. 3 – Jack Russell Terrier – Springham’s Bel Ch Grand Surprise Ziemann ShCM 4 – Border Terrier - Aldis’ Torryburn Allegro

Terrier Puppy Group 1 – Border Terrier - Aldis’ Torryburn Maisie’s Angel 2 – Jack Russell Terrier – Hughes’ Diskay Dzheks Love my Way A smart boy who was well constructed and in good coat. Superbly handled and moved well. 3 – SBT – Guiver & Barren’s Borgstaff Nightswatch

AV Good Citizen Stakes (22 entries, 9 absent) This was a class filled with real quality which meant that some really good dogs left the ring unplaced purely as there weren’t enough places. I was splitting hairs in some cases. 1st. Longley’s Attomic Mirror Man (AI) Boxer. Took my eye as soon as he came into the ring and he didn’t disappoint on closer inspection. Lovely head with an intelligent expression. He had a good neck into well laid shoulders. Correct topline with ribs well back and a short loin. Well angulated rear. Presented in hard, fit muscular condition and a gleaming coat. His super conformation was further evidence on the move where he covered the ground effortlessly and with accurate foot fall. 2nd. Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss JW ShCM ShCEx Cocker Spaniel that I have done well before. He is a handsome boy with a gentle expression. Correct ear set and length. He is nicely constructed and presented immaculately. Moves beautifully with the breed’s characteristic bustle. He was unlucky to come up against the stylish boxer today. 3rd. Horn’s Droveborough’s Smooth Mover