• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Kent County Canine Association



Labrador Retrievers


1. Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Daisy. 7 mths bitch of superb type. So very balanced in body with strong bone and substance and yet so very feminine. She is strongly built, has good width to her forechest, big ribs, strong loin and a nice big bum finished off with a correct otter tail. She stands on round, neat feet and has excellent second thigh development. Her head is clean cut and very pretty with ears well set on. Her eyes are a dark shade of hazel and she has such a meaningful expression as she gazes lovingly at her owner/handler. In fact, it was this adorbale expression that clinched it for her to be not only BPIB but also BOB. Very good front and back movement. Puppy Group 3. 2. Climpson’s Othamcourt Heathcliff. Strong, straight front with sturdy bone and legs placed well under body. He has a well defined stop and a strong muzzle. 3. Rees’ Eremos Moment in Thyme

Post Grad

1. Boulden’s Honey Bean at Rumhill. Has the better balance, tail set and carriage of the two. Well balanced head, with broad skull and strong muzzle. Powerful neck, level topline, wide quarters and thick coat. 2. Tickner & Welford’s Ankari Bare Necessities. Rather too broad in skull, strongly built but down in pastern. Big ribs and well muscled loin.


1. Climpson’s Othamcourt Edith Grove. Good type with balance throughout and excellent construction. She has a very pretty head with a kind expression. Clean over neck and shoulders, good width of chest and depth of brisket, short coupled with tail coming straight off the level of her back. Moved well. RBOB. 2. Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW ShCM. She has the same soft expression as her half sister but was not so positive on the move as the winner. Very good front and rear angulation. 3. Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lyjansen

Christine Morgan