• Date: 01/12/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/12/2019

Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society

Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society

1st December 2019

Golden Retrievers 

P. (3, 2 abs) 1. Ashton’s Willowlane Wyldstyle. A very pretty 9 mths bitch with substance and style. On the stack she is very balanced with a level topline, plenty of heart and lung room and tail well set on. Her head is balanced with a strong muzzle and her dark eyes give her a kind and intelligent expression. She has good length of neck, well laid shoulders and return of upper arm with plenty of dog in front. She stands on well boned legs and cat like feet and her hindquarters are wide and powerful. Her coat is dense with good undercoat and enough feathering for her age. She moves with a strong driving action although her tail carriage is a tad high. BOB & BPIB. J. (4, 2 abs) 1. W. Wyldstyle. 2. Baxter & Riley’s Storrswood Fire Opal via Bermary. A nicely balanced bitch with a good forehand and bend of stifle. Slightly domed head, dark eyes with ears set on just about level. I preferred the strength in muzzle of the winner and her feet could be tighter. Moved steadily on a good length of stride. Open (3, 1 abs) 1. Baxter & Riley’s Bermary Duke of wellington. Well boned with plenty of substance and carries a level topline with tail coming straight off. Handsome head with dark eyes and clear stop although I would prefer more strength in muzzle. Quite bouncy on the move. RBOB. 2. Millington’s Carneval of Golden Duck (Imp Srb) He doesn’t have the front of the winner and lost his topline when stacked but he has the strength in muzzle that I like to see. He is a substantial dog with forelegs well place under his body and has well bent stifles.

Christine Morgan