• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Golden Retriever Puppy (3)

1. Fenn’s Chalksville Highlander at Jandeburn. 6 mths and at her very first show where she put on an excellent performance. Balanced in outline with a lovely head and soft expression, well off for bone, neat feet, level topline with tail well set on. She moves confidently with good head and tail carriage. BPIB. 2. Richardson’s Catcombe Cut Above for Stormhayes. Although lacking some body and spring of rib at present she has breed type with good front angulation and plenty of width behind.

Sp Y (5)

1. Matthews Mavistan Pandora. Symmetrically built with balance and power. Her head has a kind dark eye with lovely chiselling and a strong muzzle. Her legs are well placed under her body and her elbows close fitting. Moves on a long free stride. RBOB. 2. Merrick’s Stormerick Constance. Excellent body properties, plenty of heart and lung room and well turned stifles but doesn’t quite have the balance of the winner. 3. Hewitson’s Seruilia Splash of Class


1. S. S of Class. 3rd in the previous class she is a quality exhibit but out of coat today. Well boned forelegs, round feet, strong neck, well placed shoulders, tight elbows but could use a tad more bend of stifle. Pretty head with wide deep muzzle. Moves steadily.

2. Ellis’ Shearstone Diva in Deceit at Goldleigh. What a happy girl with fabulous tail action she was just a little finer in muzzle than the winner. Has an excellent bend of stifle.

Limit (6)

1. Lewis’ Lovehayne Bijou Among Fairwinds JW. What a lovely girl this is. She is eye catching in outline with her great balance and substance, symmetrical build, level topline and height to length ratio. Her head is beautifully proportioned and chiselled with a well defined stop and dark eye showing what a kind and friendly temperament she has. Her forehand is typical with plenty of dog in front, deep and well sprung ribs, short coupled and nice big bum. She uses her hocks very well on the move and keeps her lovely shape with its level topline and has great head and tail carriage. A very worthy BOB. 2. S. S of Class. 3. Giltsoff’s Endellion Spinnaker

Open (8)

1. Armitage’s Warrentor Plum Duff of Nakuru. Attractive head with dark eye but lacking a little stop. Good in front and well boned, good spring of rib and is well muscled behind. She moves soundly with a fabulous lashing tail. 2. S. S of Class. 3. Fenn’s Chalksville Barregarrow at Jandeburn JW ShCM