• Date: 07/08/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Cath Moffat Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/08/2019

Cartmel Agricultural Society


Grad 5(0)

1. Heitschold’s Newfangled Bone Voyage to Chrishelkate. Immaculately presented 2 year old black bitch, appealing head and expression with good pigment. Good front and neck leading into a pleasing shoulder assembly. Excellent top-line and sound, well muscled rear. Correct proportions, she moved with good reach and drive when settled.

2. Black’s Camnoire Crush Blackcoast JW. Another lovely example of this breed at 3 years. Expressive and feminine head. Well angulated front and rear with good overall body structure. Nicely balanced on the move, she showed good extension, even in this very restricted area, beautifully presented, just currently out of coat.

3. Anderson’s Gezandos Do You Like What U See.

Open 6(3)

1. Adair’s King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear JW. 2 year old bitch who I have judged before, really starting to mature and very much looking the business. Beautifully balanced all through with pleasing angulation front and rear. Very feminine and expressive head. Sound top-line which she held well moving and standing. Free and easy movement which she displayed in a very tight area, immaculate presentation and in excellent coat, BOB, G1.

2. Hudson/Bone’s Newfangled Bone Idle. Strongly made male of 2 years. Masculine head with lovely expression. Good proportions and angulation throughout, well muscled rear. He moved with good extension and drive and presented in immaculate quality coat.

3. Park’s Parkbears First Edition.


Junior 1(0)

1. Milburn’s Lazybears Betty Boo for Dawstenbears. Lovely young St Bernard bitch of 14 months. Feminine head with lovely expression, good neck and pleasing shoulder. Soundly angulated throughout with correct body proportions. Excellent top-line and in hard, well muscled condition. Moved with purpose and presented in tip top condition.

Post Grad 2(0)

1. Perks’ Kernow Festival Buzz ShCM. Beautifully presented BMD of 4 years. Lovely head with gentle expression. Nicely balanced with sound top-line and good muscle moving with good reach and drive.

2. Price’s Pagency Noels Santa Clause. Leonberger male of 3½ years with good substance and masculinity. Balanced head with kind expression. Would like better angulation all through and felt he was a little close behind. However, he moved out OK in profile and was well presented.

Open 4(2)

1. Ellis/Nevinson’s Chayo Golden Touch ShCM. Striking Alaskan Malamute, very masculine and strongly made. Appealing head with lovely expression, good neck and shoulder placement. Nicely proportioned with good angulation and bone. Moved out well with easy, ground covering gait and presented to perfection, BAVNSC, G2.

2. Price’s Pagency Noels Santa Clause.


Adair’s King of Helluland Love Actually at Darebear JW (Newfoundland).

Ellis/Nevinson’s Chayo Golden Touch ShCM (Alaskan Malamute - NSC).

Gillespie-Wren’s Bandwar The Yorkshire Lass (Great Dane) - well presented with good proportions, balanced head and sound top-line. In a very restricted ring showed some easy movement although would prefer more substance overall.

Sharhyste’s Luck of The Devil (Dobermann) - nicely proportioned with appealing head and good angulation, showed some steady movement when settled. Well presented and handled.


Park’s Parkbears Diamond Girl (Newfoundland) - 11 months, very feminine. Nicely balanced throughout, just hope she grows on as she matures. Moved well enough with some good extension and drive, well presented in good coat.

Woodhouse’s Queens Demantur (Dobermann), 8 month old bitch with balanced head. Would like better angulation and better proportions. Unsettled on the move but nicely presented.

A replacement judge at short notice for this group, I wish the scheduled judge a speedy recovery. My thanks to the exhibitors for accepting my placings with good grace.


Open 3(1)

1. Riley’s Schojan Aleksandr of Lakshmi. Good head with lovely expression. Straight front with good angulation. Liked his confidence and brisk movement where he gaited well in all directions, nicely presented and handled, BOB & G4.

2. Collier’s Stoneyburn Banna. Another nice example of this breed, well balanced head. Good body proportions and correctly angulated throughout. Moved well just thought 1st was a little cleaner going away. Presented and handled well.


Open 1(0)

1. Johnson’s Almolka For Eva in Blue Jeans at Xandaloo. 6 year old Shiba that stood alone. Feminine head with alert expression. Adequate body proportions, she moved well enough in all directions. Well presented and handled, BOB & G2.


Open 1(0)

1. Gleave’s Christimae Field of Dreams. Nicely presented 3 year old bitch who didn’t put a paw wrong. Feminine head with lovely eye and muzzle, well balanced in skull. Good body proportions, she moved, when settled with good extension and drive, BOB & G1.


Puppy 1(0)

1. Bumford’s Davebos Love at First Sight. 11 month old Boston bitch, feminine head although would like better ears. Nicely proportioned and smartly turned out, she moved well enough in all directions once settled, BP & PG1.

Junior 1(0)

1. Gibson/Wells’ Valgarus Magna Carter. Nicely presented Min Poodle who just wasn’t settled in herself today. Very feminine and expressive head. Good proportions and sound angles. Once settled, showed some lovely free movement.

Post Grad 2(0)

1. Bumford’s Davebos Trick or Treat. Appealing Boston of 4 years. Nicely proportioned, she stood 4 square with balance. Good angulation with sound top-line. Moved easily once settled. Well presented and handled, BOB & G3.

2. Nixon’s Roymarlas Majestic Star. TT bitch of 5½ years. Kind head and expression. Would like better angulation all through but sound top-line and well muscled. Moved OK once settled into her stride.

Open 2(0)

1. Boardley’s Friarland Royal Albert. Nicely presented Tibetan Spaniel of 10 years looking well for his age. Good head with balanced skull. Nice body proportions and good top-line, he moved with purpose in all directions.

2. Roymarlas Wizard’s Wish. TT dog of 5½ years. Adequate front and shoulder with sound enough body proportions, strong top-line and well-muscled rear. Would prefer a tidier rear action but showed some good profile movement.


Gleave’s Christimae Field of Dreams (Standard Poodle)

Johnson’s Almolka For Eva in Blue Jeans at Xandaloo (Japanese Shiba Inu)

Bumford’s Davebos Trick or Treat (NSC – Boston Terrier)

Riley’s Schojan Aleksandr of Lakshmi (Schipperke)


Bumford’s Davebos Love at First Sight (NSC – Boston Terrier)


1. Boardley’s Friarland Royal Albert.

2. Archer’s Abylity Midwinter Snow with Radash (imp). 9½ years Schipperke with sound body proportions and expressive, alert head. Moved well in all directions and presented in good coat.

3. Nixon’s Mylayagold West Coast Lass.