• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Barry Denyer Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Border Collies

With so many of today’s exhibits related to one another it was no surprise that there was a degree of similarity in some. One common factor being the colour of eyes. The breed standard calls for a ‘medium brown’ colour and there appeared to be a preponderance of rather dark eyes. P (2/1) 1 – Johnson’s TIDESPRING STORM BREAKER. 6 month old b&w dog. Nicely balanced in skull with well-defined stop and less prominent occiput. Good length of neck. Rear assembly far better than front, with plenty of muscle to thighs. Muscle tone to forequarters will come in time. Somewhat distracted ‘on the move’ but this is hardly surprising with such a young dog. Clearly has potential. BP. PG2. Y (4/2) 1 – Johnson’s TONKORY TALKING POINT AT TIDESPRING. 23 month old b&w dog. Well balanced profile with good head shape. Ears set well apart and, arguably, the best eye colour of any of those showing today – medium brown. Kept a level topline both standing and on the move. Good angulation at stifle and strong hock joints. Moved well. 2 – Gregory’s TONKORY UNDER THE SUN. 19 month old b&w bitch. Pleasing head, from front on but I would prefer a slightly longer muzzle. Ears set well apart and semi-erect. Good muscle tone to a slightly arched neck. Shoulders well laid back. Would like to see a little more angulation to the front assembly. Super rear angulation with adequate muscle to thighs. PG (2/0) 1 – Johnson’s TONKORY REVERIE AT TIDESPRING. 2½ year old b&w bitch. Good proportions to skull, well filled under the eyes although eye colour was a little dark for my liking. Ears set well apart and carried semi-rect. Plenty of drive from the rear but a touch upright at the front, although elbows well tucked in. Good muscle tone to rear, medium angulation at stifle and strong hock joints. 2 – Greening’s KANANNAREN HOLD ON MY HEART. 2½ year old b&w bitch. Much slighter than 1. Good proportions to skull with ears set well apart. Front angulation better than rear where she needs a little more in the stifle. Carried the best tail of any today, reaching well beyond the hock. Steady mover. OD (1/0) 1 – Gregory’s LOCHEIL RAISE YOUR GLASS TO TONKORY. 3½ year old b&w dog. Although standing on his own today, the step up in quality was immediately obvious. Ideal head proportions with nicely defined stop. Correct shape and size of eyes, although I would prefer a slightly lighter colour. Front legs parallel with good width of chest. Elbows nicely tucked in. Excellent topline. Well-muscled rear assembly with super turn of stifle. Hocks parallel from behind and close enough to ensure the correct movement. BD, BOB, G3. OB (5/3) 1 – Johnson’s KANANAREN ANYTHING SHE DOES AT TIDESPRING. 2½ year old b&w bitch. Very feminine bitch with pleasing expression. Good muscle to a slightly arched neck. Good front angulation with elbows tucked in. Good depth and breadth of chest, well extended. Correct set on of tail. Pleasing muscle coverage on thighs. Would prefer a little more strength to hock joints. Moved well both coming and going. BB. 2 – Greening’s ARNISTON SPRING SUNSHINE AT KANAMAREN. B&W bitch rapidly approaching her 7th birthday. Somewhat taller than 1 but not quite as balanced. Pleasing head shape set off by correct, medium brown, colour to eyes. Slight arch to neck. Good width at the front. Level topline and medium angulation all round. Hocks parallel and close when on the move although I would prefer a little more strength in the hock joints.