• Date: 24/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Anthony Allen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Brittany Club Of Great Britain

The Brittany Club of Great Britain

Memorial Special Classes

24th February 2019

Judge: Anthony Allen

Ad Astra Special Yearling (D or B)

1st Highclare One and Only Avec Talliside (AI)

I thought this was a very smart dog, he was certainly enjoying himself and gave his owner a hard time. Just over the twelve month mark he is a very promising youngster who already has super movement, especially in profile. His head is smart and has a good shape and eye colour which gives a masculine expression. His front is well made with shoulder well set, Straight legs, neat feet and elbows tight in to his body. Ribs developing as they should for his age and well back to a firm loin. Well-made quarters with stifles moderately bent. Once he settled I could see his positive action on the move, certainly had plenty of enthusiasm.

2nd Bonapartist Orchid of Lyndfil

Another top quality bitch who pushed hard to top the class, has everything right at this age and is implacably schooled. Like her feminine head and expression, correct proportions, parallel planes and width to muzzle to giving that typical shape. Moderate neck, firm and in to well set shoulders. Stands on straight legs and neat feet. Ribs well developed for her age but still need to spring to give the rounder appearance. Firm through the loin with a good topline, just a shade longer than the winner but not unbalanced. Quarters well made, moderately bent stifles. Could have easily won the class but didn’t quite have the enthusiasm of the winner.

3rd Rochus Noble

Sandy Massie Memorial Special Open BCGB Tan (D or B)

1st Sanbosier Naos at Laurremar

This chap scored in outline, clean with good angles front and rear. Typical head and expression of correct proportions, ears well set on. Neck in to shoulder good which are well set. Needs to drop in to his chest a little but at 19 months he is where he should be. Front well made with straight legs and neat feet, would just like him a shade tighter in elbow. Good through the body, held his topline, loin firm and in to well-developed quarters with moderate bend of stifle. Scored on movement in this class where he had the most accurate action.

2nd Tarward Laura at Jayricnbrits

I liked this young lady, she was very pleasing in expression with lovely eyes. Clean through the neck and set in to well-placed shoulders. Straight well boned legs with super neat feet. Body developing well for her age with ribs well back. Hindquarters correct with a moderate bend of stifle. Liked her on the stack but found her a shade heavy and would have liked a little more enthusiasm on the move. I note that I judged her as a puppy when she did well under me, so am really pleased to see how she has come on.

3rd Rochus Lucie

Peter Green Memorial Open (D or B)

1st Sh Ch Bonapartist Grande Duchess

Smart lady with a pleasing outline, I like her overall shape and make up, she was just a shade untidy in coat and underneath as I understand she was only a few months off a litter. I really liked he head piece, well made with the correct expression and a lovely dark eye. Clean in neck in to a well assembled front with shoulders well set. Straight legs and super feet. Body of good proportions with ribs well rounded, decent length of loin. Quarters well developed without being overdone. Good action on the move, had enough drive with that brisk stride. A quality bitch.

2nd Sh Ch Tillybirloch Jem

On the move I had this chap down as my winner but he didn’t quite make the most of himself on the stack. I like his head, not overdone in any way and super eye with an attentive expression. Well-made neck of medium length set in to well-placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and elbows tight to body. Stands on well boned legs and has good tight feet. Topline correct, ribs rounded and a short loin. Well-made quarters with stifles moderately bent and good muscle, just has a tendency to stand very wide behind. Excelled on the move with the correct gate, plenty of drive and a tidy action. I was not surprised to see he has his title.

3rd Highclare Only One Avec Talliside (AI)