• Date: 01/12/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/12/2019

Maghull & Merseyside Canine Society


Sunday 1st December 2019 

Judge’s critique for Hound Group 
Basset Hound Puppy D/B (0 Entries) 

Basset Hound Junior D/B (0 Entries)

Basset Hound Post-Grad D/B (0 Entries)

Basset Hound Open D/B (0 Entries)

Beagle Puppy D/B (1 Entry)

1st & BOB & BP Woodcocks Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

This 8 ½ month old puppy certainly made a very good impression. He was beautifully balanced with substance and quality throughout. Excellent head with attractive expression. Correct bone, well angulated front and rear. Well sprung through the ribcage with correct short loin. The best of toplines and tail set. Moved very sound and with excellent drive. I had no hesitation in taking him through to BOB, Hound Group 2, Puppy Hound Group 1, and I heard later, the BIS judge gave him Res BIS Puppy. Great future for this youngster.

Beagle Junior D/B (2 Entries)

1st Woodcocks Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

As Before

2nd Jennings Kenaiteen Point Pleasant

This girl was feminine through the head and expression, with a good underjaw. But she was a shade longer through the ribcage than the winner. Good bone, excellent feet. Good depth of chest. Well let down hocks. Moved well.

Beagle Post-Grad D/B (0 Entries)

Beagle Open D/B (3 Entries 2 Abs)

1st Woodcocks Roddwood Rhea ShCM

Feminine girl with nice expression. Well set on neck let into well laid shoulders. Good tail set. Excellent bone. Good depth. Short loin and excellent rear angulation.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy D/B (1 Entry)

1st Parsons Priorpark Pinch of Salt

Nicely made throughout. Strong underjaw. Good front angulation. Still needs to drop through her chest and fill in under her shoulder blades. Good strong loin. Excellent rear quarters. Super feet.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Junior D/B (2 Entries)

1st & BP Parsons Priorpark Pot Kettle Black

Typical head with attractive expression. Correct length of neck, set into well laid shoulders. Good pasterns. Excellent feet. Good tail set. Deep chest. Correct ridge. Moved well coming and going and extended well in profile. More finished and mature than her litter sister who won the previous class, which won her the BP.

2nd Kehoe & Phillips Anzacol Amazing Alika at Redcrown

Very dark red bitch with a little too much wrinkle in the head for me. Good neck. Strong loin. Excellent rear angulation. Nice feet and pasterns. Good bone.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Post-Grad D/B (3 Entries)

1st Kehoe & Phillips Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya For Redcrown

Stong bitch. With a nice expression and good underjaw. Well laid shoulder and good upper arm. Nice pasterns. Good feet. Excellent underline. Good ridge. Moved soundly coming and going.

2nd Nash’s Mutoko’s Blaze of Glory

Fair angulation front and rear. Strong neck. Good spring of rib and excellent depth. Good fill in to front. Strong loin. Needs to fill in under her shoulderblades.

3rd Kehoe & Phillips Anzacol Amazing Alika at Redcrown

Rhodesian Ridgeback Open D/B (3 Entries 1 Abs)

1st & BOB Nash’s Tokwe Ginvincible With Mutoko

This girl had a lovely balanced shape but decided not to cooperate too well with her handler. Feminine, with good angles throughout. Good underline, and excellent ridge, muscle and condition. When moving she had a lovely free front extension and good drive from her rear quarters. Sound as a bell coming and going. Her overall quality couldn’t be denied, but it was a close thing!

2nd Kehoe & Phillips Affrhoda Ons Meisie Kya For Redcrown

As before.

AV Import Register Hound Open D/B (0 Entries)

AVNSC Hound Puppy D/B (4 Entries)

1st Bogarts Ina’s Fashion Exalted at Incitatus (Greyhound)

Quality particoloured boy whose effortless and sound movement won him this class. Masculine. Excellent front and rear angulation with lovely depth of chest for his age. Super topline and underline, and so much promise. Still a way to go to finish off but all of the framework is there.

2nd Hudsons Tokaji Moon Over Miami With Mutoko (Basenji)

Tricolour, Feminine, fine boned Basenji girl. Pretty head and expression. Nice eye shape. Good set and shape to her ears. Strong neck and well placed shoulders. Straight front. Good pasterns. Excellent rear quarters. Moved with a free and easy action and sound on the up and back.

3nd Matthews Wyeknot Come Fly With Me (W/H Dachs)

AVNSC Hound Junior D/B (2 Entries)

1st & BOB & BP Matthews Stanegate Billy The Kid (W/H Dachs)

Lovely head and expression to this boy and a beautiful flow from his neck into his shoulders, giving him a very attractive outline. Correct length through both the ribcage and on into the loin. Excellent tail set and carriage. Moved very well in profile and with good extension. Beat a very attractive Greyhound on maturity and then held his own in both the adult and puppy hound groups.

2nd Turner & Gallery’s Stableview Spindle Willow (Borzoi)

Strong, masculine male who was not particularly happy in the confinements of the ring. Long, lean head with small ears. Arched neck. Well laid shoulders with bladed bone. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Broad loin. Good coat. Moved soundly on the up and back.

AVNSC Hound Post-Grad D/B (2 Entries 1 Abs)

1st Abbott & Constantines Kaleginy Magnolia Steel (Deerhound)

Quality deerhound bitch who was strong but losing none of her femininity. Correct head and ear shape. Strong neck let into well laid shoulders. Good depth and spring of rib. Correct loin. Excellent rear quarters which showed in her movement. Easy and effortless with drive from behind. Sound as a bell too. The ring was a little too small for the bigger dogs to be shown at their best.

AVNSC Hound Open D/B (1 Entry)

1st Abbotts Kaleginy Calypso at Wildshore (Deerhound)

This girl was built on similar lines to the previous class winner, but much stronger overall. Good front angulation with excellent ribcage. Broad thighs. Good fallaway. Long tail. Carrying a little more weight than I would like. Moved well.


1st Whippet Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall

Very attractive typey, understated, whippet girl of a nice size. Well made all through with an excellent topline and curvy underline. Moved soundly coming and going and with good extension in profile. I really liked the Beagle puppy, but this girl’s qualities and finished maturity meant that she couldn’t be denied the top spot!

2nd Beagle Woodcocks Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

3rd W/H Dachs Matthews Stanegate Billy The Kid (W/H Dachs)

4th Rhodesian Ridgeback Nash’s Tokwe Ginvincible With Mutoko


1st Beagle Woodcocks Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

2nd Whippet Jones’ Shalfleet News Flash

A super baby who at 9 months still has to finish off and organise his legs. Well made through his conformation, with everything in the right place. Correct angles and curves and a lovely outline. Soundest of movement coming and going and excellent reach in front. Masculine but elegant. Should have a bright future.

3rd W/H Dachs Matthews Stanegate Billy The Kid (W/H Dachs)

4th Rhodesian Ridgeback Parsons Priorpark Pot Kettle Black

Judge Ann Beckett-Bradshaw