• Date: 03/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Andrew Scourfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/11/2019

East Kent Canine Society

East Kent Canine Society

3rd November 2019

Judge Andy Scourfield


Puppy (6,3)

1. Morgan’s Happypaws Kiss in The Dark Super Coton deTulear. 11 months old in super coat, sparking white with absolutely black pigmentation. Up to size but excellent proportion and balance both of the head and the body. Good round eye and lovely expression and good underjaw. Moved with style. Best AVNSC Toy , Best AVNSC Toy Puppy TG3. TPG3

2. Cracknell’s Pug Paysend Silent Night With Crackapack. 10 month male. I liked this boy very much, lovely head with good proportions, good dark round eye, and well placed ears which he uses well. short compact body with plenty of substance, good depth of chest . Moved well with good topline both standing and moving. Very unlucky to meet the Coton .

3. Atkins Lacerta Over the Moon CKCS

Post Grad (3,2)

1 Binks. Angel Times Song For Mia( Havanese). Stood alone here. Nicely made and of good size, well proportioned head, moved will keeping a good topline.

Open (4,1)

 1 Hillyer’s Brokus Double or Nothing at at Glonido . Lowchen. Good head , nicely proportioned with correct width. Good neck and well sprung ribs, coat of good texture, showed well and moved soundly coming and going.

2 Morgan’s Cotontastic Here’s Charlie. Coton de Tulear, good head with lovely expression , good front and correct topline with slight rise . Coat in great condition and pigment good throughout.

Moved well .

Miniature Pinschers

PG (1,0)

1 Colborne-Barber and Stark’s Tubize Giovanni Red D with masculine head of good proportions, Nice neck and well set shoulders. Topline and tailset good both standing and moving. Correct Hackney action and moving positively both coming and going. Res BOB

Open (4,0)

1 Gentle’s Dimogen Don’t Cha Know. Very smart red dog of medium size, Good head with neat small ears. Correct length of neck flowing into good shoulders. Excellent short hard back with good ribbing and short loin, Tailset good. He is well trained and stands with a good topline which he also holds on the move. Correct hackney action and good drive from behind. BOB and later I awarded him the toy group and the Bred By Stakes. . It is always difficult when judging the group to put up your own breed and I tend to be extra critical . However this little dog is outstanding for balance and type and just had to have it. Never stopped showing.

2 Colmore Baber’s Bourneways Alfred the Great. B/t, smaller in type but very well made. I liked his head, neck and. Topline. Good body proportions and good ribbing. Also very well handled and schooled. Another with good hackney movement.

3 Hawksflight Black Russian


1 Miniature Pincher Gentles Dimogen Don’t Cha Know

2 ETT Haffenden’s Nasabe Lily Marlene . 7 months old baby of outstanding quality. Very smart, good wedge-shaped head with ears of excellent shape and position. Elegant neck , good topline, . Shown to perfection by her young handler. TPG1 Delighted to see her awarded BPIS in a quality line up.

3.Coton de Tulear Happypaws Kiss in the Dark .

4.Lowchen Brokus Dpouble or Nothing at Glonido

Toy Puppy Group

1. ETTHaffenden’s Nasabe Lily Marlene

2. Pom Lambert’s Yarburg Hacker ( imp Russia). Orange d with lovely foxy face, dark eye and pigment and small well placed ears. Plenty or rib and a level topline. Moved well coming and going. Sadly he was spooked by something in the hall.

3. Coton de Tulear Happypaws, Kiss in the Dark

4. Papillon Soleona A Diamond in the Sky

Bred By Exhibitor Stakes

Huge class with a lot of quality dogs.

1 Min Pin Dimogen Don’t Cha Know. - also my Toy Group Winner

2 ESS Sh Ch Dexbennela Atticus Finch Dog of excellent balance and breed type, Well balanced masculine head without any coarseness, soft expression ,. Great neck and shoulders, good forechest, ribs deep and carried well back, tailset spot on. Went v well on the move both fore and aft showing well and keeping a good topline.

3. Shih Tzu Middletune Finest Charmer

4. OES Kalanju Klassicly Klassy

Champion Stakes

1. Vizsla Sh Ch Bournehouse Crispin I havre admired this dog from the ringside but have never put my hands on him before. He has a classic head of good proportions, correct shape to the eye, good colour, and good neck and shoulders. He is a medium sized dog,well off for bone but with no courseness, good topline, correct croup and moved well with good front reach and adequate drive to correspond.

2. Bulldog Ch Odinschild Violet Princess. FW bitch of great quality, good brick shaped head, , good width and turn to underjaw , neat roll over nose combining to give the desired sour expression. Well off for bone, which is of good quality , good reach of neck which is slightly arched well coupled , excellent in topline lovely feet. Moved well both directions.

3. ESS Sh Ch Dexbenella Atticus Finch

4. Shih Tzu Bellway Charm Time Zone for Tilbe JW ShCM