• Date: 24/11/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: ANDREA ADSHEAD Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/11/2019

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Sedgley &a Gornal Canine Association

Open Show – Sunday, 24th November 2019

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Junior D/B (5/6) Such a mix of ages and types, but plenty of quality boding well for the future.

1. Miss M L Elkin’s Tollelkin Caife Americano, 6 month old male, so much to like about this boy. Full of breed type from head to tail. He has an attractive masculine wedge shaped head of good proportions, ears of a triangular shape and nice weight, but would just prefer a little more lift at the base, but at teething age this is being picky. Neck of medium length, set on to a well constructed front assembly. Well laid shoulder with equal return of upper arm. So nice to see a young male with good length to the upper arm and a well laid shoulder. Presents with strong straight front columns, well off for bone and substance. Very pleasing spring of rib for a puppy, good depth of brisket and elbows well in. He is nicely short coupled with good width across the loin. Wearing a thick medium red weatherproof coat of good texture and forgiven for being a little too wavy at the moment. So well angulated fore and aft which showed as he excels in reach and drive for one so young. Just rolls a little on the move, as one would expect at this age, but he covers the ground well. A very promising puppy that must surely have a bright future ahead. Pleased to award him Best Puppy.

2. Mrs T M & Miss S Westwood’s Eusanit Hot Totty, very feminine 15 month old bitch, who made her handler work today for her placing. I have judged her before and my thoughts of her today had not changed, her construction, movement and breed type is a joy to see. She was not on her best behaviour today and paid the price. A truly well balanced bitch, super front and rear angulation. She presents a very neat and appealing profile to the eye. Slightly longer cast than 1, strong level topline on the stack and whilst moving carrying her well feathered tail up and wagging.

3. Mr P G & Mrs J Fielder’s Cretshengan Signy. 8 month old attractive bitch. Clean outline that appeals to the eye. A little up on leg at this stage, just needs time to mature and come on in substance and ribs. Loved her rear assembly with well let down hocks. She moves well and with correct width behind.

Post Graduate D/B (3/4)

1. Mrs T M & Miss S Westwood’s Eusanit Hot Totty, 2nd in Junior. A little better behaved and more settled in this class.

2. Miss P A Rogers’ Eusanit Peaky Blinder, reserve in the junior class and litter brother to 1, but not as well put together at the moment. He has a good typical wedge shaped head, well proportioned. He has ample bone and substance, good front and rear assemblies, and a lovely deep chest. A little long cast for a male, but still time to grow on in leg and square up. He had moments where he moved very well and held a level topline once he was more settled in this second class. A lovely jaunty mover with a good stride. Really needs to pay attention to his handler more to get the best out of him.

3. Miss H Strevens’ Tollelkin Caife Gaelach at Tollisty, 6 month old bitch, VHC in junior, just so very raw right now, but lots to like about her. Another bitch at the puppy leggy phase, which throws her proportions out at the moment. A happy show girl she stood well for her handler, showing a pleasing profile. Nice angles to front and rear assemblies at this stage, stood on straight front columns, good length of ribs and well coupled, she moved with confidence.

Open D/B (7/8) Such a strong competitive class and it was an honour to go over so many lovely quality exhibits:

1. Miss D M Anstead’s Sh Ch/Bel/Lux/Nl/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Atka CW’16 BWNL ’14/16 BWBE ’15, Fully mature 7 year old male. Excellent breed typical head, broad in skull, nicely chiselled, wedge shaped, with flat cheeks. He has the best ears, of good triangular shape with correct lift at base and well dropped. Lovely almond shaped eyes of correct placement and size, presents with a classic Toller masculine expression. Strong muscular neck leading onto well laid shoulders with equal length and return of upper arm. Good width in front standing on straight columns , excels in bone and substance onto powerful feet. Ribs were just a shade too round for me, but well muscled and of correct length leading onto nice short couplings giving strength in the back. Plenty of width across the loins. Would prefer a little more bend of stifle, but he powered round the ring on the move, holding a level topline, with the best reach and drive in the class. He is so full of breed type and had the most compact, powerful profile of the day, a worthy winner of this class and BOB.

2. Mrs P Barker’s Eusanit Silvr Dream Machine, 2 year old male, of good size and proportions, longer cast than 1, but still a lovely example of the breed. So close up to first and another with an excellent classic head. I preferred his rear assembly , and he is very well balanced, just not as tidy in front movement as the winner and a little closer behind on the out and back. Well handled and presented in excellent hard condition, in good coat of correct texture. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, with elbows well tucked in to body. Nothing is overdone or exaggerated here, unlucky to meet the winner today. He still has plenty of time to come at only 2 years old to finish maturing and really drop fully and settle. Pleased to award him a well deserved RBOB.

3. Mr P G & Mrs J Fielder’s Schindow Junior Cowboy With Cretshengan, just 3 years old, attractive young male of a different type to 1 and 2. Correct head with pleasing length of neck well set on. Leading onto a nicely flowing level topline. He has good length of leg, with elbows well under him, nice straight front with enough bone. Handled well and free stacked well showing good foot placement, standing square and true. He holds a level topline at all times and has an attractive, clean profile. Moves well and at one with handler , but would just prefer his head to drop a little on the move.

Judge: Andrea Adshead (Afonbach)