• Date: 09/02/2019
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judge: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Swansea & District Canine Club

SKYE TERRIER – O 1 Grainger’s Whicheeta Celtic Connection, elegant bitch rising 9 years and looking well on it, good ear carriage& front, long neck, good coat, strong hindquarters, free & effortless movement. BOB, G2 & BV Terrier. SEALYHAM TERRIER – G 1 Jones’ Jacott Dancers Welsh Beauty, 21 months bitch, dark eye, good length of neck, well sprung ribs, well angulated. Lost out to litter brother on tail carriage. O 1 Wonnacott’s Hacott Dancers Welsh Wizard, impressive male, masculine head, dark eye, powerful jaw, good earset & carriage, broad chest, muscular neck, good ribbing, good bend of stifle, powerful hindquarters, excellent tailset, powered round the ring. BOB & G1. BORDER TERRIER – G 1 Davies’ Ianteg Pink Porche, 7 months feminine bitch, dark eye & correct expression, short muzzle, moderate neck, spannable, good coat texture, thick pads, tail set high, moved soundly. BOB, BP & PG3. WELSH TERRIER – G 1 Evans’ Too Darn Hot at Pendevour, 7 months wilful male, when settled did enough to impress, dark eye, ears set high & carried well, good neck into well placed shoulders, strong hindquarters, well bent stifles, good tailset, moved out confidently. BP & PG1; 2 Griffiths’ Aman Brennin, larger built lad, strong head & neck, well bodied, good set on of tail, moved well. O 1 Roberts’ Brecknock Bleddyn, 3 years smart male, dark eye, strong neck, well bodied, good bend of stifle, well set tail, on his toes & had his mind elsewhere put did enough to impress on the move. BOB & G4. WEST HIGHLAND WHITE – P 1 Owens’ Frisbeck Moon Rocket, 6 months dog & needs to gain confidence, domed head, correct varminty expression, medium sized eyes, ears carried correctly, compact body, moved OK. BP. O Owens’ Frishbeck Guitarman, 4 years dog, good strong neck, tail set bang on, moved with drive holding a level topline. BOB. NSC – G 1 Jenkins’ Twinan Bearfoot On The Beach, Jack Russell of 6 months, outgoing personality, lots to like, just needs to grow into his cast, correct eye shape & colour, good earset, muscular neck, well laid shoulders, good harsh coat, stong hindquarters, covered the ground well. BP & PG2. O 1 Holmes’ Egloshayle Black Dylan, Manchester T, dark eye, well set ears, good length of neck, good front, arched over the loin, good tailset, when settled to the job in hand moved out well; 2 Owens’ Brickin Happy Dance, Norfolk Terrier, dark eye, strong neck, good coat, good bend of stifle. Preferred movement of 1; 3 Williams’ Flaxella Living Legend of Gwendonydd. AV TERRIER – P 1 Too Darn Hot at P; 2 Thomas’ Tawnbarr Huntsman’s Moon of Croesybullys, Bull Terrier, powerful dog, strong head, strong jaw, well rounded body, just preferred movement of 1. V 1 W Celtic Connection; 2 Williams’ Championship Brynhir Rochelle Lil Rock, 11 years old SCWT, strong head, well sets ears, well bodied, good quarters, good furnishings, good silky coat, moved well. Just felt 1 had the edge in drive. TERRIER GROUP – G1 Sealyham; G2 Skye; G3 Stafford; G4 Welsh. PG1 Welsh; PG2 Jack Russell; PG3 Border T; PG4 Stafford.