• Show Date: 07/03/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Yvonne Slaughter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020


Breed: Gordon Setter

Crufts Gordon Setters

I would like to thank the Crufts Committee for my invitation to judge, the pinnacle of ones judging career, it certainly was a memorable day. I had 2 great stewards who kept the ring moving and in good order. A lovely entry, so thank you all the exhibitors who had entered under me. I had some fabulous Gordons to go over and in many classes I was splitting hairs. The majority of dogs were clean and well presented, those that weren’t, why pay all that money and not present your dog the best you can. I still worry about our beautiful Gordon heads, finding quite a few long and narrow in fore face and several with lighter eyes, which certainly alters the expression required. There were also quite a few with too much black in their tan.

Veteran D (8) What a lovely class to start the day. 1. Robson’s Sh Ch Laurelhach Limited Edition at Yohenoak. 9yr d in fabulous condition and coat for his age and boy can he still move. Lovely head with such a kind gentle expression, good reach of neck, correct front assembly and level top line which he held on the move. Body of good depth and well sprung rib cage. Strongly made hindquarters which he used to advantage covering plenty of ground. BVIB 2. Timmermann & Cornums CIB/AM/ITCH Ludstar Don Corleone. At 8.5 yrs old another sound moving boy but not quite as tidy as 1. I really liked his head which has plenty of work in it, good eye colour and low set ears. Strongly made neck, correct shoulders and strength through his body to his well set on tail. He stood on lovely tight feet with good bone and clear tan. 3. Danks Liric Blac Nuggett. 9 yr old who didn’t show his age. His confirmation is good, with a strong top line and strength in his hindquarters and a well set on tail. Moved well. PD (9 1) Rather disappointed with this class. 1 Becker’s Totally Different V D Mergelhoeve (ATC AV01711NLD) An easy winner this strongly made 11m pup was a challenge for his handler. He has plenty of substance with good bone and a rich clear tan. I found his head a bit long in foreface for me but there is plenty of time for it to break. Excellent forehand with plenty of chest and a good straight front. Already has plenty of depth to his body and hindquarters which were well muscled. When he settled, he had good driving movement BPIB. 2 Sandiford & Sutherland’s Harbingers Highland Treasure. 11m A very different type to 1. Not the substance of 1 but has enough bone. Head rather plain at the moment, has great reach of neck and is balanced fore and aft. Level top line held on the move which was precise with good use of his tail. In good coat and condition. 3 Walker’s Diersett Plutonium. 11mth Still quite a baby and was a bit unsure of himself, consequently he did not present himself to the best advantage. JD (4 0) an interesting class to judge as all very different but could swop places on another day, and the deciding factor for me was the movement. 1 Alcorn Crowther & Macara’s Lourdace Headhunted By Cromasaig. This stylish 15mth youngster has the most glorious head, beautiful dark brown eyes giving such a melting expression. In profile he is a lovely shape, although there is still plenty of maturing to do body wise. For preference I would like a bit more bend of stifle but that should improve with maturity. Movement was correct going and coming using his well-muscled hind quarters covering plenty of ground. Rich clear tan. 2 Horler’s Hernwood Jack O’ Lantern by Rackens. 16mth of good shape and well up to size. Strongly made body with excellent depth. Well ribbed up and short loin. Strongly made hindquarters giving good driving movement. Feet could be tidier. Head rather plain at this time and I would prefer more definition. Moved ok. 3 Robert’s Cairacailie Spice of Life. Unfortunately, today this 16mth dog was let down by his movement which was rather erratic. He has the most glorious head being deep rather than broad with a lovely dark eye, large nose with open nostrils and ears set low. Strongly muscled neck, straight front, good depth to his well-made body, level top line and excellent hindquarters with good width of thigh and well set on tail. In good coat. If only his handler could control him. YD (8 1) 1 Sandiford’s Hernwood Neptune Sea. Stunning youngster who just screamed Gordon at me. Everything flowed and fitted together as it should. His head is of good shape giving plenty of brain room, melting dark eye and long low set ears. Arched neck into best of shoulders, well let down elbows and he stood on good feet. Enough depth of body for his age. Such a good width of thigh and well set on tail which he used so happily. It is when he moves that he comes alive and drive off his short hocks, powering around the ring. Coal black shining coat, good tan and lovely feathering completed the picture. RCC. I would love to own him. 2 Parker-Smith & Tuer’s Lignum Evolution at Bratticus. Similar in type to 1 but not so mature. Nothing overdone in any way. He has a lovely kind expression with good moulding to his skull, correct stop, eye shape and colour. Enough neck with balanced body although drops off a bit over his croup. Moved steadily with good use of tail. 3 Harker’s Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick. Top size male who looked good in profile although not quite as balanced as first 2. Good shape head with clearly defined stop and correct muzzle. The best of fore hands he stood straight in front and has good flat bone. Powerfully made hindquarters of good width. Moved ok. PGD (17 1) 1 Bryant’s Kilnrae Hallmark JW. What a sound honest Gordon with plenty of coat (could be a bit tidier). Looked good in profile and moved well with correct foot fall as he moved positively around the ring from his well-muscled rear to win this good class. Lovely head and dark eye strongly made neck, correct front and rear angulations with level top line and well sprung rib cage. Broad muscular thighs and short hocks. Tan could be clearer. 2 Johnston’s Gordon -Sett Style Heartbreaker for Glenquin. Shorter coupled dog with great depth and spring of rib. Well-made forehand with good layback of shoulder, top line was firm and his hindquarters strong and muscular. Masculine head with good length and depth to his muzzle. His movement was positive and true. (IMP) 3 Melville’s’ Tsruhnova Tumnus JW. Stylish youngster with a good outline, good front angulations, depth to his body and strong muscular hindquarters. Masculine head with dark eye. Moved out on a long free stride. (15 2) 1 Hall’s Melview Moving Time. JW. Just love this boy’s head which is all in proportion, clean neck that flows into his well laid shoulders, strong fore chest and stands on lovely tight feet. Body well ribbed with good length and his hindquarters were strongly made. Moved so well with good reach and drive.2. Collins-Pitman’s Amscot Raisin Black. Heavier made dog all through. Masculine head but wouldn’t want it any stronger, great reach of neck, well-made forehand, firm through his body and muscular broad hind quarters. Moved well and in excellent coat.3 Abba’s Hernwood Summer Lovin. Not an overly big boy but is balanced. Refined head with kind expression & long low well set on ears. Body of good depth, firm level top line with good tail run off. Hind quarters of good shape and well-muscled. In good coat with a pleasing rich tan. Just moved a bit close today. OD (18 1) I felt very privileged to have an Open Dog class this size. 1 Boxall’s Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein (IMP IT) This dog is such a great ambassador for the Breed. Whether handled by his owner or breeder he always gives of his best. He is a fabulous mover and drives off his short hocks with good use of his tail and covers every inch of the ground with his strong powerful driving movement. Shown in great coat and condition and well-muscled all through. He has a delightful masculine expression with dark eye, long low set ears and large black nose. Strong muscular neck into good shoulders, great fore chest, lacking in so many. His top line is level and held correctly on the move which he excels in using his well-muscled hind quarters. My pleasure to award him the DCC & BOB. Looked stunning in the group and I was disappointed he wasn’t short listed. 2 Ness’ Sh Ch Liric Souvenir JW Well-proportioned dog with a characteristic Gordon head, balanced all through with good construction. Well made in front with good bone and his hindquarters were well muscled. Moved out well but would prefer a bit more animation.3 Ford’s Liric Fusilier with Shillay JW SHCM. This dog did well at only 4yrs to hold his own in this strong class. Great outline on this stylish lad, excellent head and eye, good in front with well boned legs and tight feet. Body of good depth with spring of rib and short loin. Hindquarters were strong with enough bend of stifle and short straight hocks. Moves so well with reach in front and strong drive from behind. Presented in gleaming coat. (2) 1 J Halliday’s Yennadon Reiss. Powerhouse of a dog who was in such hard condition. Balanced fore and aft with a strong top line. He stood straight in front on good feet, and his strongly made hind quarters with short hocks gave him strong driving movement. Not a lot of coat but colour was good. 2 Collins-Pitman’s Amscot Rebel with A Cause (Ai) JW. Different type having a more masculine head and a much heavier coat but with too much black in his tan. He stands over plenty of ground with a good lay of shoulder, well sprung rib cage and level top line. Excellent width to his hindquarters but unfortunately was not moving at his best today. Sp. Working Gundog (4) 1 Surma’s INT/MULTI Ch Taransay Alexander EU JUN W’13 (ATCAQ00695PRT) Not a big dog but well balanced all through. Head not too strong, his body was well constructed with an excellent top line, hindquarters of good shape which he used well on the move.2 Greile & Ramelli’s CIB/VDH CH/GER CLUB CH/AUST/SW CH Black Mystery Prince of Gordon (ATC AK00492CHE) Taller and heavier dog with plenty of coat, but tan not as clear. Longer in foreface than 1 but expression ok. Excellent forehand with good depth and width to chest. Strong through body and well angulated muscular hind quarters. 3 Dolezal’s Cedric Z Holubicke Strane (ATC AU00835CZE). Smart dog shown in good coat and condition but tan rather dark. Great depth to body with level top line which he held on the move although tended to fly his tail a bit. GCD. (9 1) 1 Mr P Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora SHCM. Not an over done dog in any way who is symmetrical in conformation and balanced throughout. Head of correct proportions with a dark brown eye giving a keen expression, enough neck into correct shoulders, a good depth of brisket and ample fore chest. Firm top line, hindquarters of good shape and he moved positively around the ring. 2 Mitchell’s Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brobruick JW. Typey masculine head, correct muzzle and good skull allowing plenty of brain room. Eyes correct in colour giving the most melting expression. Excellent fore chest and he stood straight in front. Well sprung rib cage, giving plenty of heart and lung room. Powerfully made hindquarters and today he moved really well. Gleaming coat with enough feathering and a lovely rich tan. Just not quite the balance of 1. 3 Hernwood Jack O’ Lantern by Rackens. VB (15. 3) A lovely class of Veterans 1 Sandiford & Lewis’s Sh Ch Hernwood Calypso Goddess JW SHCM. 7.5 yr. old well-known bitch That I have done well for before. She has such ring presence and can still out move many of the youngsters. Still in fabulous coat and condition and has such an attractive head. Body in good muscular condition and hind quarters give good powerful drive holding her top line on the move. RCC. 2 Veleman’s Ch Ellea From the Moorland Friends. (ATC AT00768NLD) 8.5yr old whose make and shape I liked. Pretty feminine head, with good ear set and width of skull. Body was strong with depth and a level top line. Strength in her hindquarters gave good movement. 3 Johnston’s Laurelhach Lightening at Glenquin. Well up to size 9yr old who stood over plenty of ground. Appealing head, good body properties although tending to lose her top line a little. Moved well.MP (1 1) PB (2) 1 Whiting’s Locksheath Princess Tiana. 11mth honest bitch, head going through a bit of a plain stage at present. She stood straight in front on good feet. Excellent top line held on the move, well-made hindquarters with good width of thigh. Moved soundly using her tail. 2 Reid’s Diersett Irridium 11mth pretty bitch of good size. Finer all through than 1 but with enough bone. Moved ok. JB (9 3) A good class of very promising bitches. 1 Johnston’s Glenquin Phoenix. Lovely outline on this very pretty bitch. Such a feminine head with correct dark eye and lovely expression. Excellent reach of neck which flowed into her good shoulder placement. Already has good depth to body. Well angulated hindquarters with good width of thigh. Moved out really well to win this strong class. 2 Hall’s Melview Phoenix. Such a pretty youngster with a delightful feminine head and expression. Balanced all through with straight front, depth to body and strong rear, moved well with good use of her tail. Gleaming black coat and rich tan. 3 Tillettt’s Fieldtalk’s Lady in Red (Imp Deu) Very pretty bitch but not the maturity of the first 2. She is longer cast and as yet not the depth of brisket but has plenty of time to develop. Moved really well holding her top line with slashing tail. YB (8 0)1 Justice’s Ludstar La La Land to Liric (Imp It) Up to size youngster who had left most of her clothes at home today. Feminine head of good shape, dark eyes and long low well set on ears. Strength through her clean neck and stood straight in front on her well boned legs and tight feet. Maturing in body and a good rear. Once settled she moved out well for her runner to win this class of mixed types. 2 Lummen’s Farquharson’s Princess Mimosa Dutch Jun CH (ATC AV02268NLD) Plainer in head than 1 but her dark eye gave a kind expression. Enough neck into her well laid shoulders with width across her fore chest. Strong top line with depth to chest, good width across her thigh and tail well set on which she used on the move. 3 Marsh’s Lignum Black Lightning at Kilnrae. Not he maturity of the first 2 but she is such a pretty girl with a great settery profile. She stood straight in front on good feet, body balanced throughout and moved very well for her runner. PGB (16 3) 1 Robert’s Birchgarth Be Bop for Mirkwood. I kept finding myself coming back to this bitch and I think it was as they say, ‘a good honest Gordon’. She is so very well made all through from her desirable head, enough neck and a good front with well let down elbows. Body of good substance and depth correct over croup with well set on tail. Great width of thigh bend of stifle and short hocks that she used positively on the move. 2 Wrigley’s Kattandale Black Fern (Ai) Another bitch of good breed type with pleasing correct head, excellent front and lay of shoulder. Plenty of substance with depth and powerful hindquarters, for preference would prefer a bit more bend of stifle. Moved well although a bit untidy at times. 3 Melville’s Tsruhnova Tarkheena JW. Quality girl of good size who moved well both ways and looked good in profile. Appealing head and expression, good in front, body well ribbed and powerful hindquarters. Completed a trio of 3 very nice bitches. LB (18 6) Phillips & Watkins Flaxheath Top Model at Glenmaurangi. A Gordon I have admired from the ringside. Stylish bitch with a glorious head of correct proportions, darkest of eyes with a naughty glint, depth to muzzle and broad open nostrils. Good reach of neck, the best of shoulders with plenty of fore chest and elbows well let down. Her body is maturing nicely, strong over loin and correct croup with well set on tail. Hindquarters of correct construction, well bent stifle and short hocks. Moved in unison with her handler with strong driving movement.2 Jaconelli’s Hernwood Storm Diva from Togipoto. Different type to 1 with more elegance. Pretty head with a lovely expression. Correctly made in front with good angulations, mature in body with good depth and enough angulation behind with short strong hocks. Moved well for her handler once settled 3 Sandiford & Keens’ Hernwood Luna Eclipse JW. Eye catching bitch with plenty of coat. Pretty head but wouldn’t want it any finer, Excellent reach of neck. Strong firm top line and well set on tail. Moved out stylishly. OB (17 5) A wonderful entry of bitches. 1 Collins-Pitman’s Amscot Love Is in The Air JW. Eye-catching young girl who at just over 2 had to pull out all the stops to win this strong class. She moved so true going away and back, with good reach in front and powerful drive from her well-muscled hind quarters. Her body already has good depth and a well sprung rib cage, level top line and a good tail run off. Feminine head of good proportions and a kind eye. Shown in excellent coat, although would prefer her tan to be clearer. 2 Osborn’s Sh Ch Amscot Siena Spice JW. Another typey bitch from the Amscot kennel. She has the most beautiful head and expression, the best of shoulders, with wide flat bone, a strongly made body and her hindquarters were broad and muscular with a strong second thigh. Moved true. I was splitting hairs with these 2 but 1 just had that extra showmanship on the day. 3 Palliser & Robson’s Sh Ch Lignum Tornado JW This bitch really impresses me but today she was a bit ‘flighty’. She looks good in profile, is correct size and has a stunning head with a kindly dark eye. Strong through her neck, shoulders well placed with correct angulations and a firm body with a well sprung rib cage. Her rear quarters were really well muscled which she used positively on the move. FTB (4 1) Thomas’ Chartan Treacle Tart JW. Nothing to hide here as she had left her clothes at home you could therefore see her excellent construction. Not a big girl but she is powerfully built with a level top line, well sprung rib cage and well angled fore quarters which are balanced by her strongly made hindquarters. Certainly, built to do a day’s work. 2 Thomas’ Chartan Hermione Grainger. Dam of class winner and has certainly passed on her qualities to her daughter. Nicely shaped head and strong arched neck. Not so good in front as 1. Strongly made body with wide loin and muscular hind quarters with good second thigh. 3 Ross’ Lockama Camberwell Beauty. Pretty headed bitch with a kind gentle expression. Overall a nice shape and in good coat. Moved okay. Sp Working Gundog (3 1) Sklorz’s Celtic Blackened Kochanej Emilki (ATC AR02215POL). My notes say ‘Just wow’ this bitch just gave me goose bumps. She had everything I look for in a Gordon bitch. Totally feminine with a stunning out line and not exaggerated in any way. Pleasing head with correct length to foreface, finish to muzzle, a good stop and dark eye. So well made in front with correct angulations, good fore chest with width and depth. Mature in body with ribs well sprung, strong over loin and good tail set. Wide hindquarters with good muscle, bend of stifle and short hocks. Her movement was true and powerful and used every inch of the ring. Presented well and she was in good coat. Very pleased to award her the BCC and it was such a pleasure to see the obvious delight of her handler. 2 Nedavaskova’s CI B/C I E/CZ/PL/HR/SK/RO/UA CH Caffe Racer Manon Lescaut EJW(ATC AT00439CZE) Although a different type she was still very feminine. A great reach of neck leading to well angulated shoulders, she stood straight in front but was a bit down on her pasterns. A touch longer cast but with a firm top line and substance to her body. Hind quarters were strong with enough bend of stifle and short hocks. A strong happy mover. GCDS (7 0) Melville’s Kilnrae Party Time at Tsruhnova. Won this class on her sound steady movement. Pleasant head although now going a bit grey. Balanced angulations fore and aft, with good length to her body.2 Collingbourn’s Graylacier Princess Sophia at Pollyspark RL. Sweet head with nice expression. Mature body, front angulations correct and enough bend of stifle. Moved ok. 3 Whitings’s Locksheath True Baloo. Balanced bitch with appealing head and nice overall shape. Level top line which she held on the move. Would like a bit more of her.

Yvonne Slaughter