• Show Date: 09/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vivien Stucke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)

Flatcoated Retrievers – Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland November 9th 2019

My thanks to the committee for the chance to judge at this lovely show, and to my two busy stewards who kept the ring going so well. I was pleased to find most people still came despite the recent deluges in some areas, and I had a quality entry to judge. This gave me some heartache at the tough decisions to be made, but a real pleasure in finding so many true to type dogs, in great condition and with sound movement too. Sincere thanks to each and every exhibitor, you all gave me a wonderful day. Temperaments were as expected, delightfully enthusiastic and fulfilled the standard, no nervous or aggressive dogs all day. Mouths good. Two comments on the down-side – I found one or two heads where there was a tendency to an over-refined element which I found not typical or desirable. Feet still seem to be a bit of a worry, I got excited when I found good tight feet! In all other respects the day was just wonderful.


Veteran (8) 1. Cullen’s Orkhatos Lucas at Auchinbreck ShCM This dog took first in a wonderful class to start my day, beating some very worthy dogs whom I have done well for before. I have often admired him for his soundness and true type, no exaggeration or flashiness, and he was in great condition. Attractive male one-piece head, good length of neck and a pronounced sternum, correctly developed spring and length of ribcage. Really well angulated hindquarters and he moved so soundly on well-shaped feet. A dog to treasure. 2. Holland’s Sh Ch Brightmoor Caught in the Act at Flatcharm (Imp) Another I really like. Has a lovely typical head with well-shaped dark eye, correct earset, Good angulation, level topline and tailset and moved well. Lovely boy in good coat and condition. 3. Blain’s Sh Ch Rotherfield First Request JW.

Minor Puppy (8) 1. Bellamy’s Woodfinch Masquerade. This is a lovely 7 month puppy with long and correctly moulded head, good eye placement and earset. Pleasing construction, already showing good depth of ribcage, correct moderate bend of stifle, level topline and good tailset. He moved well and went on to take Best Puppy and was shortlisted in the puppy Group. 2. Lutner and Lutner’s Telurn Don’t Wanna Know. Also 7 months and showing promise of being a quality boy. Correct front, good length of neck, lovely topline and OK overall angulation, gleaming coat, excellent condition, just preferred head of 1. Moved well for a youngster. 3. Holmes’s Rydanah This Charming Man

Puppy (3) 1. Grant’s Westoncruive Black Tornado. Lovely 10 month pup although lots still to develop, as you would expect. Head long and nicely moulded, good dark well-shaped eye. Lovely front construction. Moved correctly. 2. Buckley’s Steelriver Hit the Beach with Buckleyhill. Pleasing boy who gained VHC in Minor Puppy. Lovely head, dark eye, good angulation, developing nicely. Preferred head qualities to more mature-looking pup placed 3rd. 3. Macpherson’s Rachanmill Columbo

Junior (3) 1. Holland’s Flatcharm Mr Brightside. Classic head and eye on this young man. Nicely made all through with good length of neck, prominent forechest, and in very good condition both of body and coat. Nothing exaggerated. Moved soundly. Promising. 2. Morris and Finlayson’s Finhamspride Kovu This pup had a lovely head, good length of muzzle, short coupled, good tailset, overenthusiastic in front movement today but excellent hind construction enabling him to move well keeping level topline. 3. Blain’s Ronevorg I’m a Believer in Steelriver

Yearling (3) 1. Young’s Ballyriver Back to Basics. Young man of good type with happy attitude. Correct in head, eye, bite. Time to develop but has good length of rib, is short coupled, has great substance and in lovely coat condition. Moved out well on good tight feet. 2. Nicholson and Brown’s Everblack Backseat Driver at Hareddals. Has a lovely head and eye of good dark colour. Nice depth to ribcage already. Just into yearling and needs time to strengthen in movement. 3. Blair’s Pick Pocket.

Graduate ( 6 (2a)) Difficult class on the day 1. McConnell’s Kazval Lugano at Torrweaving A size larger than I prefer but forgave that for his lovely elegant head and excellent free movement, slightly sloping stood but balanced on the move. Lovely length of muzzle and deep in chest already. 2. King’s Kingisla Glen Sligachan More my preferred size with a nicely proportioned head, good eye in colour, shape and placement. Well balanced in body and tail set good. Moved OK. 3. Chipperfield and Higginbotham’s Islstrom All of a Storm at Howlingale.

Post Graduate (!0, 2a) 1. Ross’s Go With The Flow Ebony in Harmony at Qlocontrail (Imp Nl) JW ShCM Attractive young dog who has matured a lot since I last judged him. Particularly liked his front construction, overall shape, lovely tight feet and strode out so well across the ring. Typical in animation. 2. Watson’s Rainesgift Urban Myth. Lovely head and eye on this young dog, classical sort typical of this kennel with good length of neck and just right in ribcage for his age. Good rear construction and well let down hocks. Moved well behind but a bit exuberant in front today. 3. Smitherman and Roberts Seaheart Crian at Gloi JW.

Limit (12, 2a) Needed more red cards here. 1. Smith’s Castlerock First Glance at Whirleymere My star of the day in very hot competition. This class held a number of dogs I have liked before or admired from the ringside and this boy had to pull out all the stops to win. Love his elegant male head with dark well-placed eyes with melting expression. He has correct oval bone and is well angulated fore and aft, with well let-down hocks and correct feet. His coat was in good condition and feathering. A shade larger than my ideal but so well balanced, with length through ribcage not loin. Power without lumber and still racy. His construction enables him to move freely and purposefully and he swept all before him. So attentive to his owner it is almost a disadvantage. Delighted to award him CC and BOB. 2. Nicholson and Brown’s Chanangel U’Got the Look at Harredals. Have watched this boy for two years and he did not disappoint on handling. A very typy, unexaggerated dog with all the breed essentials. Correct male head, particularly good front construction and movement, lovely outline, neat feet, went very well indeed. Close up in challenge for RCC. 3. Stevenson’s Plainfire’s The Captain of My Heart is Steelriver (Imp Che)

Open (7) Another fabulous class with some really tough decisions but it has to be ‘on the day’. My thanks to everyone. 1. Walker’s Sh Ch Lizzlog Granny Won’t Like It JW. Perfect size for me, presenting a lovely outline when standing freely and moved so well. Classic well-moulded one-piece head, correct length of muzzle and beautiful dark almond-shaped eye on this 2-year-old dog. Correct angulation all round, correct in ribcage, short in coupling, lovely turn of stifle. Loved him, held his own in Challenge and took well deserved RCC. Just preferred racier outline of Limit winner. 2. Stevenson’s Sh Ch Caci’s Just a Gigolo at Steelriver (Imp Swe) JW. Lovely boy with truly classic head, gorgeous colour and shape to eyes. Really good front construction, level topline, good length of ribcage, well angulated behind. Moved out well with freedom and drive. Not in best jacket. Unlucky to meet another good one, was second to overall winner today last time I judged. 3. Walker and Roberts’ Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingal JW ShCM. Another I have admired from the ringside and did not disappoint.


Veteran ((3,1a) Two lovely and typy ladies, similar remarks apply for each and a shame to split. Both had classic outlines and moved soundly and enjoyed the outing. 1. Stevenson’s Blacktoft Misty Blue Steelriver. 7-year-old with good dark eyes, pretty feminine head, correct angulation in front and short coupled. 2. Reid’s Orkhatos Elektra – litter sister to winner of Veteran dog. Classic head and super feet on this 8-year-old and a great attitude to being in the ring.

Minor Puppy (6) A very promising class of babies who all moved well. 1. Lutner and Lutner’s Telurn Dear Darlin. Classic head shape, good almond-shaped dark eye in, excellent length of neck. In good coat already and had a lovely topline standing and on the move. 2. Knight and Jacobs’ Rydanah Electrik Dreams by Gemswin. Another with a pretty head, correct proportions, really short coupled and excellent hind angulation promoting good movement. 3. Holland’s Woodfinch Highland Fairy for Flatcharm.

Puppy (4) 1. McKenzie’s Rachanmill Agatha Christie. Just loved this youngster on the move which helped her to win here. Nicely moulded head with correct shape to dark eye, good length of neck, leading into well-laid shoulder and good length of upper arm. Super tight feet. A little shy today but should gain confidence. 2. Walker and Roberts’ Funstuff In and Out at Gloi (Imp). This youngster was 4th in Minor Puppy but has a lot to offer and really moved out well here. Loved her overall make and shape, in good condition with good tight feet and enjoying life. 3. Grant’s Westoncruive Black Aurora.

Junior (4,1a) 1. Strudwick’s Flatcharm Miss Lotsa Love for Burpham JW – litter sister to Junior dog winner. Sweet head, correct ear placement, excellent make and shape, short-coupled to powerful hindquarters, tight feet, short well set-on tail. Moved very well, lovely young lady who should go far. 2. Thomson’s Caci’s The Dream Catcher at Badcall. Elegant head of correct length and ratio skull to foreface, lovely dark eye. A size bigger overall but totally in proportion. Very sound on the move with good propulsion from firm hindquarters. 3. Morris and Finlayson’s Finhamspride Sarafina.

Yearling (7,3a) 1. Walker and Roberts’ Gloi Dubh Illusion JW. Lovely girl, super head, classical, feminine, in excellent condition and flowed round the ring effortlessly keeping a level topline. Another who should do well. 2. Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow JW. Close decision as this is another promising youngster. Correct in skull, eye, muzzle and is of a lovely size and shape, very typy. Moved out round the ring well on tight feet. 3. Thomson’s Caci’s The Dream Catcher at Badcall.

Graduate (2,1a) 1. Walker’s Lizzlog Brewing Bettie JW. Alone but a very worthy winner. Has a good head, in super coat and presented a lovely Flatcoat outline, with correct angulation fore and aft, good topline and tailset and tight feet. Moved soundly with style.

Postgraduate (6, 1a) 1. Cowan’s Draketor Dartmore Beauty with Andwalls. Typy well-made girl of substance. Well put together, has a correct feminine head, lovely tight feet. Moved very soundly. 2. Ball’s Gwenadillo Pure Genius at Champunzie. Another of good breed type and in excellent coat and condition Not a classic head but correct with good eye and well-placed ears. Also sound on the move. 3. Gray’s Rotherfield Reason to Dream of Aislear.

Limit (10,1a) Another wonderful class producing CC winner. 1. McDonald’s Steelriver Dance in the Sun to Skyloch. The other star of my day, and had to beat some gorgeous competition. Have admired this bitch from the ringside and not disappointed. Beautiful classic feminine head, lovely eye for colour and shape, correct length of muzzle and size and set of ears. Excellent layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Short in loin, excellent topline and tailset. Good coat but slightly lacking on the day. Moved freely and enthusiastically, true Flatcoat temperament. Delighted to award CC and BOS, very well deserved, not disgraced in challenge for BOB. 2. Smitherman’s Seaheart Cecilia JW. Another I have watched, lovely girl with classic head, good length of neck, super feet, excellent depth and length of ribcage. Super tailset and moved out with drive, pushed winner all the way. 3. Watson’s Rainesgift Heaven Forbid.

Open (9, 2a) Superb class to finish the day. 1. Watson’s Rainesgift Bide Your Time JW. Loved the style and make of this beautiful bitch, truly racy and elegant. Correct size, lovely outline, pretty head, good length of neck into well-laid shoulder, excellent depth and length of ribcage, level topline, super hindquarters. Her movement was a pleasure to watch and it was a desperately close decision for the top award. Delighted to award her the RCC and wish her well. 2. Campbell’s I Believe in Angels Oasis of Peace at Ronevorg. Pushed the winner hard, another super bitch of lovely make and shape. Classical head with correct skull/foreface proportions and dark eye. Well angulated especially hindquarters, just lost out to winner on raciness for me, but moved out with real style and drive. 3. Young’s Sh Ch Ballyriver Bimbo.

Vivien Stucke (Judge)