• Show Date: 10/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Japanese Chin

Bournemouth Ch show 2019 Japanese Chins

MPD (3)

1. Rooney & Green’s Littletigers Innuendo with Jaschin. Small, fine and dainty, this b/w youngster put in a great performance particularly on the move. He has a lovely square outline and is cobby with a well-marked silky coat. Pretty head, good cushioning, high ear set and dark eyes showing ample white to give astonished look. Good neck, shoulders and topline, tail held well standing and on the move. Moved out confidently with good reach in front. BPD

2. Emmerson’s Sleepyhollow Randolph TAF. Smaller pup who has a pleasing shape and cobby body, slender legs and good feet. Pretty head, good cushioning and correct ear set, expressive eyes. Level topline and correct tail set, just not quite as forward as the winner as yet needing a bit more body and coat to complete the picture. Moved soundly when settled.

3. Good’s Sleepyhollow Richardo.

PD (6, 3abs)

1. Blow & Allen’s Sheardream Costa. Maturity helped this lovely b/w pup in terms of body and coat. Liked his compact cobby shape. Pretty head, large dark eyes with ample white showing and well cushioned muzzle. Well-proportioned throughout with good ribbing, secure topline and tail held correctly over body. Very good coat length and texture for his age. Just needed to settle a little on the move today. Promising youngster.

2. Hubble & Summerbell’s Dabrives Silver Carrington. Pleasing b/w boy, his size and shapely outline appealed. Pretty head, dark eyes with some white showing giving a look of astonishment and a well cushioned muzzle. Slender legs, nice lay of shoulder, firm topline and correct tail set and carriage. Coat developing. Moved out confidently just a touch close behind.

3. Banks & Rowley’s Midwood Monaco Choya (Imp USA)

JD (4,1abs)

1. Tarabad’s Tillashby's Nick Is in a Twist at Frondil JW. Promising b/w youngster scoring well for his lovely size and well-proportioned outline. Pretty well marked head, dark eyes with sufficient amount of white and well-padded muzzle. Pleasing neck and firm topline with very good tail set. Presented very well, abundant straight and silky coat with well-plumed tail. His young handler worked hard to keep this boy’s attention and this paid off, he looked lovely standing and on the move which was straight and true.

2. Partington-Palmer’s Littletigers Freak on a Leash (Imp) It. Attractive well put together b/w youngster of pleasing size and type. Pretty yet masculine well-marked head, high set ears, dark, round, expressive eyes and nicely cushioned muzzle. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder, firm topline and high set tail. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Just needs to settle slightly on move but a lovely quality prospect.

3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yoshiki Aka

PGD (1,1abs)

LD (6,1abs)

1. Banks & Rowley’s Choya Tadashi. Handsome b/w boy built on slightly bigger lines, yet still refined and elegant, he caught my eye as he entered the ring. Lovely head with large dark round eyes, well placed ears with profuse feathering and a short broad muzzle giving a good finish to his face. Ample neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good ribbing, level topline and high set well plumed tail. Top notch presentation, he was sporting a profuse well marked silky coat. Quite the showman, he came into his own on the move, stylish and sound as they come. He pulled out the stops today and I was happy to award him the DCC. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of him.

2. Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Lester at Merida Sh.CM Another lovely example of breed who is very well made with good angulations front and back. Elegant neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good width of chest, firm topline, short coupled and high set tail with profuse plume. Super head and expression, expressive eyes and good cushioning on muzzle. Shown in pristine condition, his coat is silky textured with good length. Moved well, just not quite as composed as winner but sound out and back.

3. Evans’ Evansly Emoji

OD (4,1abs)

1. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Pure Gold. Quality red sable/w who stood out in this class for me today. Lovely size and shape, cobby and square with plenty of furnishings. Most attractive head, gorgeous dark, round, expressive eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Slender legs with hare feet, well ribbed, good topline and high set well plumed tail. Shown in pristine condition with his profuse fine silky coat. Moved so freely and soundly, pleased to award him the RDCC.

2. Mountcastle’s Holmchin Gorgeous George. Aptly named smaller b/w boy with a nicely balanced outline, cobby and square. Pleasing head, dark round eyes with ample white giving desired expression. Very well made with good angulations front and back, moderate neck flowing in to well lay shoulders, well ribbed, level topline and well set on tail. Straight coat of silky texture, just not quite as profuse as winner today. Moved out confidently and soundly out and back.

3. Doran’s Shardlow Mikado With Osakazuki.

SBD/B (2)

1. Tarabad’s Tillashby’s Nick Is In A Twist At Frondil JW. Repeat. Won this class on maturity. Best SPB.

2. Good’s Sleepyhollow Richardo. Raw b/w puppy, giving away a lot in terms of maturity in this class. He has a sweet head and expression with high set ears and dark expressive eyes. Level topline and high set tail. Nicely marked silky coat. Moved reasonably well, a touch loose at front, will need plenty of time to develop.

MPB (3)

1. Wallhead’s Merida Marianna. Lovely b/w baby girl, just 6 months, good for size and shape, cobby yet refined. Beautiful head and expression, dark eye with typical look of astonishment and lovely cushioning. Nicely made front, well laid shoulders, secure topline standing and on move and high set tail. So sound on the move, very promising.

2. Crane’s Cranvarl Ruby Tuesday. Another delightful b/w baby, again her size and shapely outline appealed. Very pretty head and expression, lovely eyes with ample white showing. Good front, well laid shoulders and level topline. Wasn’t quite as accurate as winner on the move but time and experience should sort that out.

3. Calvert’s Sharlarna Amera

PB (7,2abs)

1. Brown-Percival’s Littletigers Grace By Sandiman (Imp) It. Whilst maturity helped here, this b/w young lady has a well-balanced outline, compact in body and is dainty yet still with ample substance. Georgeous head with a well cushioned muzzle and dark eye with typical look of astonishment. Lovely neck and shoulders, tail set on just right. Her profuse silky coat was presented in pristine condition with a well plumed tail. She showed herself off so well and moved out with confidence and accuracy. One to watch. Pleased to award her BPB & BPIB.

2. Quinn’s Harlouville Uptown Girl. Another promising puppy and close up to winner, feminine head with dark eyes with sufficient white giving her a typical expression and nicely cushioned muzzle giving a neat finish to her face. Moderate neck, good front assembly, compact and cobby body with secure topline and high set tail all topped off with a well-marked silky coat. Moves out well with good reach. Should have a bright future.

3. Hubble & Summerbell’s Dabrives Silver Dynasty.

JB (4,1abs)

1. Emmerson’s Auralea Wishful Thinking For Ismirelle. Promising feminine b/w youngster with a pleasing body shape, compact and cobby. Lovely head, high set ears and round dark eyes with sufficient white giving a typical expression, and nicely cushioned muzzle. Moderate neck, firm topline with good ribbing, front can tighten up just a little. Shown in lovely bloom with silky coat, well plumed tail and good feathering. Confident mover with good reach in front.

2. Clarke’s Tismechi Lady Orchid. Pleasing little b/w girl, with a feminine head, round dark eyes with ample white showing and good cushioning to muzzle. Firm topline, well ribbed with broad chest, good turn of stifle and high tail set. Presented nicely with good amount of silky coat for age. Sound active mover but not quite as settled as winner.

3. Little’s Total Surprise

PGB (10, 5 abs)

1. Crane’s Cranvarl Truly Scrumptious. Lovely b/w girl who has a well-balanced outline, small and compact. Sweet head, lovely cushioning to muzzle, dark eyes with some white, giving a pleasing expression. Moderate neck, good front assembly with well laid shoulders, cobby body, secure topline and high set well plumed tail. Well presented with profuse silky body coat. Impressive movement, flowing around the ring soundly and with such ease.

2. Quinn’s Sharlarna Japanese Please. Attractive b/w girl with feminine head, large eyes with sufficient white showing giving a typical expression and good finish to foreface. Liked her overall size and proportions, good neck and shoulders, well-built cobby body and high set well plumed tail. Lovely presentation with silky coat and she is quite the showgirl too. Moved steadily in profile just a touch narrow going away today.

3. Speight’s Bonniroy Yumiko Aka

LB (7,2abs)

1. Flynn’s Linjato Mimiko. Stood out for me. Beautiful little b/w girl, pleasing size and balanced outline. Very pretty head, well placed ears, large dark round eyes with the characteristic look of astonishment and good finish of foreface. Good neck, compactly built body, and well-made hindquarters, all topped off with a well presented long straight coat and profuse furnishings of silky texture. Moved well and stood four square.

2. Cushing’s Omikudzi Florentina At Spiritisle (Imp). Another nice b/w girl with a pretty head and expression, good cushioning to muzzle giving a pleasing finish to her face. Good breadth of chest, well ribbed, level topline, well-built cobby body, well angulated hindquarters and high set tail. Presented nicely in silky coat with good feathering. Moved out well and shows to good advantage.

3. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Saffron

OB (6,2abs)

1. Rooney & Green’s Ch Swifthocks Paws For Thought. An eye catching elegant b/w girl who oozes breed type. Very feminine head with dark round eyes with just the right amount of white showing to give the characteristic look of astonishment, very good cushioning and neat finish to muzzle. Well-constructed throughout, with elegant neck, level topline and good hind angulation. First class presentation with soft silky coat. Effortless on the move and sound as they come with good reach in front. Delighted to award her the BCC & her size and exemplary performance today also won her BOB.

2. Blow & Allen’s Yama Misty Morning. This b/w girl is another lovely example of the breed and she’s full of quality and so nicely put together. Beautiful head and expression, large round dark eyes with typical look of astonishment, ample cushioning to give a good finish to face. Straight front, well laid shoulders firm topline, good turn of stifle and high tail set. First class presentation with glamourous silky coat. Scored highly on the moved with her easy stride and accurate movement. Pleased to award her the RBCC.

3. Reeves-Sargant & Diment’s Alstella Going For Gold.

VB (1)

1. Paradise’s Shardlow Knickerboka Glory Sh.CM. A lovely little girl with a pleasing feminine head, good skull shape, ample cushioning to muzzle and dark round eyes with some white to give typical expression. Straight front with correct hare foot, pleasing cobby body, level topline and correct tail set and carriage. Wealth of straight silky coat and profuse feathering. She can move well when she puts her mind to it, just being a bit dizzy today which pegged her back in her open class, happy to award her BV.

Vanessa Cox (Judge).