• Show Date: 24/11/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Vanessa Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Norwich Terrier Club

Breed: Special awards and Junior handling

Norwich Terrier Club- Special awards and Junior Handling 24-11-2019

Many thanks to the club for inviting me to judge the special awards classes and junior handling, which I enjoyed very much.

OD (3)

1. Ackling & Dingle’s Kreatin Extra Factor. Headed a strong class, this smart boy caught my eye with his compact and cobby outline, good bone and overall substance. Attractive well-proportioned head, well defined stop, neat ears and oval dark eyes all aiding his bright alert expression. Good neck and shoulders, short level back and well-made hindquarters. Shown in great body condition with a beautifully presented harsh jacket. It was on the move that he scored highly, moving positively and with freedom keeping his topline at all times.

2. Smith’s Javidel Walk In The Park. Another showy and compact dog with a balanced outline and ample bone and substance. Pleasing nicely proportioned head with good width of skull, ears set on well apart, although not using them as well as he could, defined stop and dark expressive eyes. Strong neck which I would like a touch more of, good ribbing, firm level back and short loins. Well-muscled hindquarters and good tail set on. Shown in great coat and condition. Moved confidently and soundly away and back.

3. Hayes’ Ragus Fabulous Clown ShCM ShCEx. Soundly made dog of good type with ample bone and substance. He has an attractive well-proportioned head, good ear placement and dark oval eyes full of expression. Well laid shoulders, good ribbing, level topline, and well-made hind quarters. Not as compact as first two dogs and a bit out of coat at the moment. A keen alert showman, he moved with purpose holding his topline, just a touch wide coming on.

OB (6,1abs)

1. Hitchen’s Kreatin Added Extra. Outgoing and enthusiastic youngster full of breed type. A smaller overall package but with plenty of bone and substance, she appeals for her well balanced, cobby and compact outline. Lovely head and expression, neat well placed ears, well defined stop, dark eyes and alert keen expression. Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, short level back, well-made hindquarters and tail set on correctly. Shown in great coat and condition. Came in her own on move, so sound away and back showing typical temperament.

2. Graves’ Ragus Love Letter To Pipsacre. Cobby and compact in appearance, this typy girl has a well-proportioned feminine head, dark eyes, and good ear placement all giving a bright alert expression. Strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, nice spring of rib, firm level topline, well developed hindquarters and well set on tail. Shown in harsh well-groomed jacket and great body condition. Sound steady mover who kept her outline at all times.

3. Hayes’ Ragus Seven Jumps JW. Pretty girl of pleasing breed type and overall balance, good bone and substance, not quite as compact in body as first two. Appealing head with keen bright expression, good breath of skull, well placed ears and dark oval eyes. Strong neck, well laid shoulders, well ribbed, level back and high set tail. Such an attentive showgirl, who moved soundly both ways retaining her profile at all time. Presented well, well-muscled and harsh jacket.

4. Batey’s Contilly On Fire

5. Martin’s Tinave Brown Eyed Girl At Kirmir

Junior Handling (1)

1. Beatrix Dingle aged 6 years. A quietly confident young lady who showed her dog at just the right pace, performing her triangle and straight up and down very nicely with good change of lead hand. Beatrix remembered not to get in between me and dog, so that he was always on show. A really good effort, just a little more practice on the table to set up and show teeth. Well done Beatrix.

Vanessa Cox (Judge)