• Show Date: 05/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Trevor Willmitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria 

Pat Pape Memorial - Special Award Classes

Puppy  9 (1)

1. Clarkson Drumkilty On Impulse. At just 6½ months of age this well balance young show girl is clearly starting her show career well. In good condition, she was sympathetically handled and beautifully presented. The combination of her sweet expression, good pigmentation and overall femininity made sure she “caught the eye”. Correct shoulder position, well angulated front and good reach of neck, coupled with a level top line, strong and well angled rear quarters and correct tail set, produced a very attractive profile. Sound on the move, she covered the ground with ease and was clearly enjoying the show environment. A star in the making, she thoroughly deserved her 1st place in a class of quality puppies.

2. Dickson Tonara Penny Lane At Glynafton. 7 months of age, this young lady showed composure, balance and enthusiasm. Nice head with good pigmentation and dark eyes, straight front, good reach of neck and a level topline. With nice rear angulation and short hocks, she was able to move across the ground well and gave a good account of herself.

  3. Rose Gaytonwood Sparkler. Well balanced youngster at quality at just 6 months of age. Attractive but masculine head and good reach of neck set on correct shoulders, well angled fore and hindquarters, good spring of rib and a level top line flowing into correct tail set. Exuberant and showy, he is sound on the move and gave a good performance for one so young.

 Open  24 (4)

1. Hill & Smith’s SH CH Megarvey Once Upon a Time JW. From a class of super quality this 4 year old is a top quality Sh Ch of substance, balance and was presented in top condition. A sweet and soft expression, straight front, good reach of neck and correct shoulder position and good upper arm combined with good bone. Her level topline is produced from deep and well sprung ribs and strong loins. Correct rear angulation and strong overall rear quarters produced flowing and accurate movement displaying precise footfall. An absolute picture in profile both on the move and stood still, I first had the pleasure of judging this lady when just 9 months of age and it is a delight to see that she is now fulfilling her early potential and I have no doubt she will continue her well deserved success into the future.

2. Porter Shearstone Much Fe. A feminine young but mature lady at just 12 months she was beautifully presented and in good condition. Attractive head on good shoulders and reach of neck with good upper arm and straight forelegs. Straight topline and correct tailset with good spring of rib and strong loins produced an attractive outline when free stood. A good turn of stifle and short hocks helped to produce straight and productive movement.

3. Rose & Neil’s Gildas Amori Infiniti (Imp Swe). On his second birthday, this young man was presented in good hard condition and beautiful golden coat. Soft but masculine head and expression, well positioned shoulder and good length of upper arm. Good depth through the brisket well sprung ribs and strong in the loin, producing a level topline when free stood. Full of enthusiasm, his strong rear quarters ensured he covered the ground with ease and accuracy when on the move.

Judge - Trevor Willmitt