• Show Date: 13/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tracy Butler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

Darlington Championship Show

15th September 2019

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Veteran Dog - No entries

Minor Puppy Dog - No entries

Puppy Dog - No entries

Junior Dog - 1-0ab

1st - Mahon,Hunns,& Newton - Arnac Bay Huron At Bergelle

13 mth brown dog,masculine head,skull broad and round,medium stop,strong muzzle with correct dentation,strong clean neckinto well placed shoulders,depth and width of chest,striaght front,well ribbed and strong through the loin,well muscled quarters,well tucked up flanks,stands on neat feet,good harsh oily coat,in hard condition,moves with drive,pleased to award him DCC.

Yearling Dog - No entries

Post Graduate Dog - 1-0ab

1st - Smith - Oakmarsh Elkton

2 year old brown dog,masculine head but not overdone,clean neck and shoulder,striaght front,well boned,well ribbed and strong loin,well muscled quarters and second thigh,in good coat,tends to be a little gay with his tail on the move,moves a little close behind.

Limit Dog 2-0ab

1st Barker - Next Generations Chesespi Range Rider (imp)

Pleasing head with medium stop,well set ears,clean strong neck,well placed shoulders,depth and width of chest,well ribbed,strong loin,well tucked up,powerful well muscled quarters,in excellent harsh oily coat,moves with drive RDCC.

2nd - Griffin-Woods - Migwell Soloman's Puzzle

Another brown,prefered the head,ears and balance of one,good front and rear proportions,well off for bone,neat feetholds his topline on the move,not in coat of one but correct,moves ok.

Open Dog - No entries

Veteran Bitch - 1-0ab

1st - Playe & Thomas - Sh Ch Riptide Beaver

8 years,feminine bitch,good head proportions,clean through neck and shoulder,good depth and width of chest,well ribbed,nice bone and feet,presents a balanced picture,in good hard condition,moves well Best Veteran.

Minor Puppy Bitch- 2-0ab

1st - Hutt - Penrose Narcissus

6 month baby,very raw,enough head at this age,balanced front and rear,enough bone,stood on neat feet,correct dentation,not in her best jacket today,moves ok once settled Best Puppy

2nd - Hards - Penrose Nuthatch

Litter sister to one,similiar remarks apply,in better jacket,unfortunatley lost out to her sister as couldnt assess her movement,would benefit greatly from some training.

Puppy Bitch - 1-0ab

1st - Hutt - Penrose Narcissus

Winner of Minor Puppy Bitch

Junior Bitch -1-0ab

1st -Hutt - Penrose Narcissus

Winner of minor puppy and puppy bitch.

Yearling Bitch 1-0ab

1st - Hewitson - Melseed Sky's The Limit

Brown bitch of 18 months,not the biggest of bitches,presents a balanced picture,enough bone and substance,clean throughout,strong loin,moves well.

Post Graduate Bitch - 5-1ab

Lovely class of nice bitches

1st - Barker - Chesepi Vienna

Lovely quality bitch took my eye as soon as she can in the ring,not overdone in any way,feminine head of correct proportions,correct dentation,clean strong neck of medium length into well placed shoulders,chest of depth and width,striaght front when viewed from all angles,stands on tight feet,well ribbed,strong in loin,well muscled quarters and second thigh,good tailset and carrage,best of coats,harsh and oily,moves true with drive from all angles,pleased to award her BCC & BOB

2nd - Lowther - Wild Goose Chaser

Smaller type than one right through,but everything in the right place,clean neck and shoulder,striaght front,good width and depth of chest,enough bone abd tight feet,not carrying an ounce of excess weight,in good coat and hard condition,moves true from all angles RBCC

Limit Bitch - 4-0ab

1st - Barker - Chesepi Santanna

Lovely bitch,pleasing head of good proportions,neat ears,correct bite,balanced angles front and rear,strong loin and powerful well muscled quarters,in the best of coats,carrying correct amount of weight,moves well coming and going.

2nd - Pont - Oakmarsh Dancing Diva

Not the head of one,balanced bitch,presenting good angles front and rear,well muscles throughout,moves well.

3rd - Broomfield - Petsalls Pride Beach At Glaneils

Open Bitch - 1-0ab

1st - Pont - Sh Ch Penrose Harsh Brown

Brown bitch,good head proportions,pleasing expression,clean through neck,well placed shoulders,good width and depth,well ribbed,strong well muscled throughout,in good coat and condition,moves out well.

Judge - Tracy Butler