• Show Date: 06/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tracy Butler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

Richmond Championship Show

8th September 2019

Labrador Retrievers

I would like to thank the officers and commitee for inviting me to judge at ther well run,very friendly show,on my first time awarding challenge certificates in this lovely breed.Thanks go to my two very capable stewards on there hard work,on an excellent job in keeping the ring running smoothly.No forgetting the lovely exhibitors who graced me with there presence.

Temperments overall where very good,unfortunatley some exhibits would benefit greatly from more exercise and conditioning,and less food,i found some dogs lacked the lovely round compact feet,and lovely otter tails.

I only found two incorrect mouths,all males where entire and movement overall was good.

Veteran Dog - 8-3ab

1st- Jenner - Rossacre Trail Blazer At Lyjansen

Black of 8yrs,masculine head,not overdone,clean neck and shoulder,well off for bone,level topline,good width and depth of chest,moves well.

2nd - Hodge -Pawcrest Final Countdown

Chocolate of 10yrs,pleasing head and expression,good front and well boned,barrelled rib,with plenty of heart room,strong loin and level topline,moves well

3rd - Stringer - Tumbledown Soul Mate

Special Beginners Dog - 4-2ab

1st - Tipson - Ffurador Charles Xavier

Black,pleasing head,clean balanced dog,in good double coat,bit on the heavy side,moves well once settled.

2nd - White - Serengoch's Lincoln Gyda Arghishalee (ai)

Chocolate of 9 months,clean neck and shoulder,well off for bone,stood on nice tight feet,movement is not his vertue.

Minor Puppy Dog - 3-0ab

1st- Tipson - Ffurador First Past The Post

Chocolate,head yet to come,but plenty of time on his side,good angulation front and rear,well off for bone,stands on good tight feet,in good coat and condition,moves well

2nd - Marskell - Berolee Tom Ford

Another chocolate,just 6 months,kind head and expression,well boned and good neat feet,clean neck and shoulder,level topline,moves ok.

3rd - Kempson - Gothleed Blue Velvet

Puppy Dog 5-0ab

1st - Young - Potterspiney Silas

Yellow 10 months,balanced head proportions,dark pigment,good neck and shoulder,clean front,good bone and feet,chest of width and depth,level topline and strong quarters,moves well.

2nd - Perkins - Carromer Tequilla

Similar remarks as 1,not the feet of 1,moves ok.

3rd - Bold - Shaymiloney Saint Signed By Loubert

Junior Dog - 13-2ab

Lovely class of youngsters,splitting hairs here.

1st - Richmond - Brigglebank Birdman

Black of 14 months,pleasing head with kind expression,not overdone in any way,clean neck into well placed shoulders,striaght front and good bone,stood on nice tight feet,good width and depth of chest,well barrelled ribs,strong through the loin,level topline,well muscled quarters and width of second thigh,neat hocks,tail striaght off his back,moves well and true from all angles,pleased to award him the RDCC.

2nd - Harman - Kareldis Konor

Black,overall bigger stamp of a dog than 1,kind head and expression,good neck and shoulder,well off for bone,tight feet,well ribbed with plenty of heart room,level topline,good double coat,moves wellunfortunatley doesnt show himself off to his advantage.

3rd - Hodge - Naiken East Meets West (ai)

Yearling Dog- 5-2ab

1st - Druggan - Mafia Lab's Taboo Webster At Balladoole (jw)

Yellow,masculine head of good balance,clean through the neck and shoulder,i would prefer a little more length to upperarm,level topline,well muscled quarters,moves well.

2nd - Jenner - Lyjansen Simba's Savanna

Yellow,kind head and expression,clean right through,a little to striaght in the front for me,level topline,moves well.

3rd - Hopgood - Brightwalton Born To Star Too

Graduate Dog 5-0ab

1st - Wiles - Mambrinos Morse Code At Richbourne (imp Nor)

Black,broad skull with defined stop,lovely expression,clean neck,well laid shoulders,good bone and feet,depth and width of chest,well barrelled ribs,strong through the loin,lovely tail set,strong well muscled quarters,excellent coat and condition,moves well,covering the ground with ease.

2nd - Lambert - Treantagh Sedge At Mattand

VHC in junior,not the head of one,would prefer slightly more stop for me,clean neck and shoulders,level topline,overall balanced dog,moves well.

3rd - Lavelle - Crosscroyde Chosen Secret

Post Graduate Dog 7-1ab

1st - Key - Keydella Koko

Chocolate,full of his self,masculine head but not overdone,with keen,kind expression,clean neck,well placed shoulders,balanced front and rear angulation,well boned and good feet,strong loin,level topline,well muscled quarters and second thigh,in good coat,moves well once settled.

2nd - Tipson - Ffurador Charles Xavier

First in special yearling

3rd - Mount - Buckholt Classic Casper

Mid Limit Dog 5-0ab

1st - Hodgkiss - Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie

Yellow,pleasing head and expression,kind in eye,presents a balanced picture front and rear,well boned,level topline in good coat and condition,moves well.

2nd - Cadman - Ashlawn Lord Byron

Chocolate,not the head of one,correct dentation,clean through neck and shoulder,depth and width of chest,tight feet,in good coat,moves well.

3rd - Kempson - Foxrush Timeless Over Gothleed

Limit Dog - 13-2ab

1st Druggan - A Sense Of Pleasure's El Toro At Balladoole (jw)

Black with the kindest of heads and expression,not overdone in any way,cleanest of necks in to well placed shoulders,correct dentation,well boned,striaght front,nice length to upperarm,good depth and width of chest,well barrelled ribs,strong loin and correct level topline which he holds standing and moving,strong well muscled quarters and second thigh,lovely otter tail stiaght off his back,moved free and true from all angles,not carrying and ounce of excess weight,pleased to award him the DCC.

2nd - Johnson - Cremino Chilly Pepper

Yellow,similar remarks to one,just prefered the head and overall picture of one.

3rd - Hayward - Donacre Peaky Blinder

Open Dog - 4-0ab

1st - Coode - CH Warringah's Perth (sh cm)

Yellow,masculine head with pleasing expression,not overdone,lovely balanced angles front and rear,clean flowing lines right through,in fit hard condition,no excess weght,depth and width to chest,well ribbed with plenty of hear room,level topline,correct tailset,moves freely with drive.

2nd - Allen,Hess,& Jordan - Tampas Bay's Marco Polo For Eagle Pond

Yellow,heavier right through than one,and not the front assembley of one,masculine head,level topline,well muscled quarters,in good double coat,moves ok.

3rd - Candel - Dutch Vdh Int Ch Wahnahnish Simply Sensational

Veteran Bitch - 4-0ab

1st - Harman - Lakemeadow Lotus Blossom Of Kareldis

Black,one ive judged before as a youngster,nearly 10 years,starting to show her age,lovely feminine head and melting expression,good neck and shoulder,striaght front,good depth and width of chest,well ribbed,level topline,well muscled quarters,moved well,just starting to feel the heat in the challenge .

Best Veteran

2nd - Spratt - Warringah's Camira Creek Of Briwed

Yellow,heavier than one,and not the front assembley,good bone,level topline,well muscled condition,moves well.

3rd - Scutcher - Winsleywood Wild Honey (jw sh cm)

Special Beginners Bitch - 7-2ab

1st - Ponsford - Badgersleigh Ice Princess

Yellow,pretty bitch with kind expression,clean balanced picture right through,good topline and coat,enough bone and substance,moved well.

2nd - Jones - Serengoch's Chevrolet (ai)

Chocolate,only a baby,but everything in the right place,clean balanced picture,moves well for on so young.

3rd - Beacham - Baileydale Rondo

Minor Puppy Bitch -8-0ab

1st - Jones - Hafnau Orabela

6mth baby,very raw,pretty feminine head,correct dentation,balanced puppy,clean right through,enough bone,tight feet,in good coat ,moves well for one so young.

2nd - Perkins - Keeninspires Moon And Stars

Another raw one,just right for age,not overdone,balanced angles front and rear,good topline moves well.

3rd - Beacham - Baileydale Rondo

Puppy Bitch - 10-4ab

1st - Lambert - Mattand This Is Me

Yellow,feminine head of correct proportions,clean neck,well placed shoulders,good bone,and lovely tight feet,width and depth to chest,well ribbed,strong loin,short coupled,well muscled thigh and nice width of second thigh,tail striaght off her back, moves well

Best Puppy In Breed

2nd - Ponsford - Badgersleigh Ice Princess

Winner of special Beginners

3rd - Johnson - Cremino Cinderalla

Junior Bitch - 18-5ab

What a lovely class of young bitches

1st - Hodge - Naiken Etoile (ai)

Chocolate of 13 months,took my attention as soon as she came into the ring,beautiful head proportions,skull broad with defined stop,not overdone,very feminine and melting expression,cleanest of necks of good length and strength,into well placed shoulders,correct dentation,forelegs well boned and striaght when viewed from all angles,good depth and width of chest,well sprung ribs,level topline,strong in loin,short coupled,well muscled quarters and good width of second thigh,neat hocks,lovely otter tail,striaght off her back,in excellent double coat and condition,not carrying an ounce of excess weight,effortless,true ,free moving from all angles,pleased to award her the BCC & BOB

2nd - Sothwell - Driffwold Alba

Another that demanded my attention,beautiful feminine head,clean neck into well placed shoulders,good depth and wedth of chest,well sprung barrelled ribs,strong in loin,well boned,lovely neat feet,balanced angles front and rear,well muscled quarters in good coat and condition,moved true from all angles,pleased to award her RBCC.

3rd - Allen - Warringah's Wirrabara At Timouron

Yearling Bitch - 7-1ab

1st - Rees - Eremos Moment In Thyme

Yellow,feminine head,would prefer stighly more front abgulation for me,clean in neck,well muscled quarters,level topline and good coat,moves well.

2nd - Bysouth - Luckswarren Secret Pheonix

Black,feminine in head,clean balance throughout,enough bone,well muscled throughout in good coat,not the movemebt of one.

3rd - Jones - Hafnau Georgette

Graduate Bitch - 7-1ab

1st -Wiles - Trendlewood Private Dancer At Richbourne

Yellow,lovely head proportions with melting expresion,strong clean neck,well laid shoulders,good bone and feet,striaght front,depth and width of chest,well ribbed,correct topline and tail set,well muscled in good condition,moves true.

2nd - Chapman - Daisypatch Dolly Mixture

Similar remarks to one,just prefered head of one.

3rd - Evans - Farnfield Clarity

Post Graduate Bitch - 11-2ab

1st - Key - Keydella Kafe'noir

Nicely balanced bitch,pleasing head,good bone and substance,strong in loin,level topline,well muscled throughout,moves out well.

2nd - Bysouth - Luckswarren Secret Pheonix

2nd in yearling

3rd - Hayward - Gothleed Sorrel For Donacre

Mid limit Bitch 5-0ab

1st - Lambert - Mattand ExcuseMe Sir (jw)

Black,lovely head and expression,good front,clean through neck and shoulders,well off for bone,level topline,good feet,well muscled throughout,correct double coat in good condition,moves well always.

2nd - Scutcher - Winsleywood Wild Anise (jw sh cm)

Yellow,similiar remarks to one,just prefered head and feet of one.

3rd - Wallace - Tiaja American Dream

Limit Bitch - 9-2ab

1st - Coode - Warringah's Gulwarra (jw)

Chocolate appealing head and kind expression,clean balance right through,striaght front,good bone and lovely tight feet,depth and with of chest,well sprung ribs,strong through the loin,well muscles quarters,neat hocks,another in fit hard condition from thiss kennel,moves true from all angles.

2nd - Johnson - Cremino Crushed Ice

Yellow,prefered head,expression and feet of one,balanced bitch with good front and frear angulation,in good double coat moves well.

3rd - Hinkley - Sanglier Clara Peggotty

Open Bitch - 4-1ab

1st - Unfortunatley winner of this class was withdrawn from the challenge,due to incorrect name

2nd - Hodge - Naiken Carinsia

Black ,lovely head,balanced bitch throughout,carrying correct weight in hard condition and double coat ,moves true .

3rd -Coode - Warringah's Gurley (jw)

Judge Tracy Butler