• Show Date: 19/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Drinkwater Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Rottweiler Club

Breed: Rottweiler

Critique for Scottish Rottweiler Championship Show held on Sunday 19th May 2019. Dogs Mr Tony Drinkwater (Galerita) I would like to thank the Scottish Rottweiler Club for inviting me to judge dogs at their Championship Show. It is 21 years since I judged bitches for the club which was my 1st judging appointment with C.C’s in the breed. Thank you for the lovely Gift. I had a good entry with some very good quality dogs. I would just like to see more almond shaped eyes and more length of muzzle. Apart from 1 dog all temperaments were first class. I would like to thank my 2 stewards for all their help in keeping me under control.

Class No 1 Minor Puppy Dog 8 (1abs) 1st Rushfirth&Nicol Jacraila Viking Warrior A very nice 7 month old dog. Nice dry head, dark eye strong muzzle correct dentition. Good forechest well off for bone, good feet well carried tail. Moved well.

2nd Ward Warrimead Hot Shot Another very nice 8 month old dog. Nice head and expression. Dark eye, Well carried ears. Correct dentition with good pigmentation. Level topline, Good angulation, correct tail carried. Moved well.

3rd Hunter&Finlayson Varenka The Mediator

Class 2 Puppy Dog 4 (1abs)

1st Brawn Javladare Drop The Mic A very handsome 10 month old Puppy. Pleasing head and expression, dark eye. Correct scissor bite with good mouth pigmentation. Good front nice feet Well off for bone. Good angulation, moved with ease. Best puppy dog.

2nd Chaffe O’Eudore Du Temple D’Aranos (imp Fra) Another nice puppy larger than 1. Nice head, correct dentition. Good topline, Good angulation. Moved well.

3rd Allan Jaqara Hocus Pocus

Class 3 Junior Dog 6 (1abs)

1st Dunhill Hall Fantasa Blu Diablo Medium size dog of good proportions. Nice head, good ear carriage Scissor bite with good pigmentation. Good forechest and front. Good feet. Good top and underline. Good angulation. Moved well.

2nd Topping Rottsworth Ice Warrior Nice size dog of good quality. Good head and expression, dark eye, good , pigmentation, correct dentition. Straight front, good bone. Good angulation. Moved well.

3rd Campbell Julzez Cayo Cruz

Class 4 Novice Dog 1 (1abs)

Class 5 Yearling Dog 5 (1abs)

1st Baillie&Shaw Stairvale Frazer Medium size dog, Lovely dry head with a nice dark eye, good expression, Well carried ears, correct dentition. Well off for bone, good forechest, good topline held well on the move.

2nd James/Thompson Bamabel Ezekiel Slightly larger than 1. Good head nice expression with good eye. Scissor bite. Good forechest, tight feet. Topline good held on the move.

 Chaffe Brutus is Rojaus Slenio

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog 9 (2abs)

1st Morey&Pugh Warrimead Ice Very good expressive head with well carried ears, almond shaped eyes Correct scissor bite and pigmentation. Good forechest, well off for bone Tight feet, good topline well held on the move which was very positive.

2nd Lazic/Pinky/Mulhall Devil Haus of Lazic Medium size dog. Good eye and good ear carriage. Good shaped muzzle, correct scissor bite, good pigmentation. Good top and underline, nice feet Good angles. Moved well.

3rd Leask Granjolea Do It For Me

Class 7 Limit Dog 11 (4abs)

1st Davies Carsal Quest Fine upstanding powerful dog. Very good head with well carried ears, dark eye,strong muzzle of good length. Correct dentition and pigmentation. Strong Neck going into good topline, good forechest,Well muscled dog. Good bone and feet, Angulation very good topline good held on the move. RCC

2nd Baillie/Topping Rottsworth Ice Man von Stairvale Another quality dog of type and substance. Nice head, good expression, correct shaped eye and colour correct dentition. Good forechest, strong neck Going into good topline. Well carried tail moved well.

3rd Hislop Westlodge Five Star JW

Class 8 Open Dog 7 (1abs)

1st Dunhill Hall Ch Cammcastle’s Quarterback Fantasa (imp USA) Good size dog of type, quality and substance. Very good dry head with correct ear carriage, very good dark shaped eyes. Very good pigmentation and correct scissor bite. Strong neck, good forechest strong bone very good feet. Level top and underline, good angulation all round. Moved powerfully round the ring never breaking stride he could have maintained this all day. What a pleasure to go over such a well constructed powerful dog. CC and with my co judge a well deserved BIS.

2nd Brawn/Coles Javladare One Vision Another quality dog of good size. Strong dry head, well carried ears, Dark eye Correct scissor bite, good strong muzzle. Strong neck going into good topline. Good front,well off for bone, tight feet. Good angulation, moved well

3rd Topham/Maltas Virlees Claudius JW ShCM

Class 9 Veteran Dog 3

1st Robinson Danjerrie Drover at Tazmanic A lovely 8 year old. Nice head, well carried attentive ears, dark eye of good shape, correct bite. Strong neck going into good front. Good top and underline, good angulation. Moved well. BV dog and BV In show.

2nd McCreadie Varenka The Musketeer Heavier made dog than 1. Good strong dry head, well carried ears, Dark eye of good shape, scissor bite. Good top and underline, Good angulation. Moved well.

3rd Bunton Dabraco My Guy ShCM