• Show Date: 11/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tony Allcock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Stakes All Days

SWKA Championship Show

YKC Members Stakes D/B

Gundog 6

1. Lewis’s Lovehayne Biljou Among Fairwinds, Retriever (Golden) Well balanced and in excellent coat & condition, head kind expression. Moved out with good reach and drive.

2. Evans’s Farnfield Clarity, Labrador balanced and short coupled, good balance to head, clean neck. Sturdy hindquarters, correct tail.

3. Lay’s Red Maple Maisie, Labrador

Utility 5

1. Hobbs & Whiting’s Guru S Nev Skih Ostrovov at Rapanooey (Imp RUS), Dalmatian. Real baby of good bone and substance. Attractive head, excellent dentition and finish. Somewhat overawed being the first occasion in the ring. Became a lot more confident when moving which was sound and true.

Working 0

Pastoral 6,4

1. Macfarlane’s Sh Ch Supavia Seventh Heaven ShCM JW, Border Collie. Mature and well built. Presented in super coat and condition. Good for head, clean front shoulders and top line. Moved beautifully.

2. Barrowclough’s Shadowness True Blue, Shetland Sheepdog. 11 month old puppy. Very attractive head, great dentition and finish. Super front. Excellent body. Will gain further confidence with age.


1. Tobijanski’s Ch Janski Kalliope Jones (Re Imp) Cesky. This 7 year old was presented in beautiful condition. Attractive balanced head, well set ears, correct strong bite. Well angulated hindquarters correct topline. Sound and true mover.

2. Howell’s Georgie Girl, Norfolk. 3 year old. Sweet natured and has a very pretty head aided by those lovely eyes. Ears to settle. Steady topline and well set tail. Strong hindquarters.

Toy 9,4

1. Cox’s Amicae Moonshine For Temelora, Papillon. 4 years. I liked his overall size and deportment. Fined boned. Accurate mover. Presented in excellent coat.

2. Howell’s Conquell Making Miracles, Pug. Just out of puppy and cheeky with it too! Rather small overall but balanced in respect of shape. Lovely eyes and finish to foreface.

3. Carr’s Daveyluvs D’Artagnan, Bichon Frise

Hound 7,3

1. Robertson’s Soletrader Judigarland, BGV. This 2 year old was beautifully handled. Ultra-feminine, smart on the move holding a secure topline and super forehand. Super coat texture and condition.

2. Holes’s Wolfscastle Run ‘N’ Raisin, Whippet. 14 months old. Well put together with sufficient curves in the right places. Super for skin and coat. Balanced head. A touch unsettled coming back to me. Excellent hindquarters.

3. Leech’s Ch Hibeck Scooby Doo with Soletrader ShCM Basset Fauve de Bretage

AV Puppy Stakes


Dogs 34

1. Harris’s Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town, Keeshond. This 10 month old produces such a stunning profile. Impressive to examine. Beautiful on the move. Good for bone and substance. Excellent coat and condition. Ultimate showman. Day 1 winner and Reserve overall.

2. Howard’s Tameron Mr Pure Xcess, Shih Tzu. This youngster I recently judged awarding BPIS at a breed club show. He is full of promise despite his tender age and has ‘champion’ written all over him. Close call.

3. Taylor’ s Tytomax Celtic Warrior at Annmar, French Bulldog

Bitches 37

1. Pike’s Burlesk Blonde Ambition At Eivisah, Chow Chow. 10 month old. Impressive to handle having good bone and of correct size and shape. Super for mouth and colours. Just lost out to the exceptional movement of Dog for Day 1 winner

2. Scholes’s Brackengold Tis Rossgilde, Lhasa Apso. 10 months old. Beautifully balanced head and correct expression, super for neck and front assembly. Lovely shape on the stand and this is maintained on the move. Accurate precise movement in all directions.

3. Hickson’s Kichigai’s Uptown Girl, Keeshond

AV Pastoral/Working/Terrier Puppy Group

Dogs 21

A super class

1. Morris’s Cwnhapus Innoko, Siberian Husky. 11 months and at a previous show awarded BPIS. Well balanced head, good length of crested neck. Super shoulder with slope to upper arm. Well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters with low hocks. Since I last judged I thought he was tad heavier. Beautifully presented and great mover.

2. Bell’s Zippor Sleepy Sapphireson At Letara, Sealyham. Pressed 1 all the way. This 10 month old is truly lovely. Super for head qualities, neck and correct topline. Moved superbly and must have a very bright future.

3. Mason’s Ragus Mark My Words To Glenhafod, Norwich

Bitches 16

1. Mottram’s Mybears Hera, Polish Lowland Sheepdog. Her well-shaped head being equal in length and strong muzzle is complimented by beautiful dark eyes and pigmentation. Excellent front, deep brisket, correct spring rib Sturdy broad loins. Super for coat. Moved well. Day 2 Winner.

2. Hughes, De-Hunter and Sinclair’s Knowlelion Sassy Boots, Welsh Terrier. Stunning outline. Beautifully balanced. Super jacket. Great for head having strength but still maintaining that femininity. Super for body and tail set. Strong rear assembly. Purposeful mover.

3. Bannister’s Miteymidget’s Tiewie, Bedlington T

AV Toy/Hound Toy Puppy Stakes

Dogs 26

1. Rooney’s Parisland The Gigolo With Yorone, LC Chihuahua. Super boy. At 11 months he is a very mature showman. Gorgeous for head, ears and finish. Excellent neck. Super tail set and carriage. Moved superbly.

2. Gallaghers Manoirs Kensington Kid, Bichon Frise. 7 ½ months, Good for substance and balance. Attractive head set on an excellent neck. Good for body and chest. Impressive mover.

3. Rooney & Green’s Littletigers Innuendo With Jaschin, Japanese Chin

Bitches 33

1. Santoriello’s Pincio Wrapped In Red. My recent Miniature Pinscher CC & BOB. This puppy produces a stunning outline and is beautifully balanced. Already finding herself placed a Championship show Group level I wish her well in future. Day 3 and Overall Winner. Good luck in the final!

2. McGregors Claela No Looking Back, BGV (Grand). 6 months old. Really attractive. Super for size, balance and substance. Loved her head qualities. Moved so well maintaining a level topline and perfect tail setting.

3. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Glorious

AV Gundog Utility Pets As Therapy Stakes D/B

Open 15

1. Harris’s Ch/NL Ch Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees. ShCm, JW, Keeshond. This masculine 6 year old is well proportioned.Good neck and shoulders, good depth of brisket. Excellent tailset and carriage. Steady on the move and he was shown in excellent condition.

2. Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, English Setter. 2 year old with a gorgeous head with attractive eyes and low set ears, set cleanly on to super shoulders by a lengthy neck. Super for ribbing, secure topline and strong loins. He is an accurate mover with a lovely forehand.

3. Mills’s Trendlewood Day Dreaming, Retriever Labrador

AV Gundog/Utility Good Citizen Stakes

Quality Class

D/B 44

1. Hickson’s Ch Kichigai’s Only The Lonely. 4 year old Keeshond and now at the zenith of maturity. Impressive head and expression, with lovely dark eye, clear facial markings. Excellent reach of neck. I loved his shape and substance. Super tail. Moved really well and an exemplary showman.

2. Bull-Harris’s Pendream Go Getter, Standard Poodle. Feminine well-constructed bitch. Good for neck and shoulders. Well ribbed body, short loins. Balanced head with complimentary leathers. Light purposeful action.

3. McCullough’s Sh Ch Kimmax Kurious George German Wirehaired Pointer

AV Pastoral/Working/Terrier Pets As Therapy

Open Stakes D/B 9

1. Jones’s Nikolaev Hendrix, Bouvier des Flandres. Upstanding 4 year old masculine male. Comes into his own on the move. Strong bone and well-muscled, OK bite, excellent topline and set of tail. Coat of correct texture.

2. Warner’s Talanors Time For Fun, Manchester Terrier. He enjoyed it all! This is a delightful puppy who will always create a small. Nice size. Super coat and condition. Moved very well.

3. Bothwell’s Ewbell Pure dead Brilliant at Norcis ShCM, Australian Shepherd

AV Pastoral/Working/Terrier Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Stakes D/B 34

Super class

1. Offer’s Ch Woolytop The Wherryman SHCM ShCEX, Bedlington T. This quality 3 year old is balanced and shapely. He has a presence. All male but not coarse. Deep and long skull, lovely dark eyes, correct thin ears and bite. Flowing neck into the correctly held topline. Presented to perfection. Sound positive mover.

2. Blandford’s Ch Janeyjimjams Joshua, SCWT. Another lovely dog. 5 years old and has the most gorgeous head with perfect ear set and attractive dark eyes. Good for balance; level topline. Super mover. Close call.

3. Bannisters Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCm, Bedlington T

AV Hound/Toy Pets As Therapy

Open Stakes 8

1. Paradise’s Rickenny’s George Ezra With Shardlow JW, Pekingese. This is one I have judged before and I must say how he has come on. Compact and low dog. Nicely angulated so moves well. Enough coat of correct texture. Attractive shaped head well finished with lovely eyes. Picked up heavy.

2. Dowsett’s Avantguard Italys Secret With Tteswood, Affenpinscher. Recently judged him and admired him. He was unsettled today probably because he nearly missed the class!

3. Handley’s Lawleymoon First Love, Whippet

AV Hound/Toy Good Citizens Stakes

D/B 28

1. Das Purkayastha’s Ballyphelan Asansol Among Neckrebagh. Irish Wolfhound. 2 ½ years. Impressive on the stand and examines well. Pleasing head, good for neck and shoulders. Well-muscled stifles and hindquarters. Super length and stride when moving.

2. Paradise’s Rickenny’s George Ezra With Shardlow JW, Pekingese

3. Leech’s Ir Ch Gavelkind Conquistador By Jamchala, Basset Fauve de Bretagne