• Show Date: 17/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Border Collie

Thank you to the exhibitors for a lovely entry (joint top in the group) on a week day. Taking an overall view of the breed – I have to say I think the bitches are stronger in quality and more uniform in type that the dogs and the size variation in the latter was immense, some adults looked more like over grown Shetland sheepdogs. I was also finding it hard in some cases to find males with a distinct stop and as a result some heads were untypical. As ever judging is about compromise as the perfect dog is not yet born, so there were some who appealed on standing and then did not match my requirements on the move and vice versa – and whilst the ring was a good length it would have been interesting to see some exhibits move in a bigger more square ring when perhaps they could have got into a better stride. The quality of the puppies was good and a pleasing situation for the breed, some exciting prospects for the future.

MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1 PRANDLE Borderbrook Spring Dreamer At Baywern – well grown pup in good coat and well presented. Little heavy in bone for me, and at that age when tends to rise over loin. Angles at front are correct but would prefer more hind angulation. Masculine head of good width, and distinct sop. Would prefer more oval eye. Still showing his age on the move as is a little loose, but has good reach in front when viewed in profile.

PD (6 Entries) Abs: 0 1. MORTON Bordadale Gladiator, very promising puppy, lovely smooth flowing outline, not overdone at all. Super angulation front and rear, to sloping croup and well set tail. Correct body condition – and enough coat to be protective and fit the dog. Attractive head of good skull width and well defined stop, correct oval eye of good colour. In perfect world would like more lift in ears but they are just semi erect. Gave his novice handler a hard time on the move – but with persistence showed that he is sound in all directions and has lovely reach of stride. Hope his owner will gain confidence and showmanship to bring out more of the best of this boy, who could have a bright future.

2. SIMMONS Kirkwind Starship Trooper, one who is rather too fond of his dinner which affects overall outline and elegance! Though held topline well and proportions of head to body etc and length to height were correct. Correct bone and angulation. Would prefer more slope to croup and lower tail set. Attractive head, good eye shape and colour and alert expression from prick ears. Shade close on the move.

3. RETTIE & MORLEY Chikaramor Cast A Spell Of Glenfound

JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 1 Bordadale Gladiator

2. DUNLIN Thwaitlake Magical Dreams For Jachelm, strongly built and shade long cast, but has excellent angulation and reach of neck. Preferred the croup of the puppy and overall proportions. Good head, broad skull and correct stop, ears just tipped and eyes correct. Well boned legs, but feet rather round. Moves well with low carriage and minimum lift.

3 Chikaramor Cast A Spell Of Glenfound

YD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1. LEE Master Of Illusion JW, well matured youngsters, has a tendency to be over stretched – and looks better when standing naturally. Enough angulation and reach of neck, carries topline well, to slip slope of croup and well set tail. Correct bone to oval feet. Broad head, short muzzle well balanced to head, and with good jaw. Correct eye and ear. Moves freely. Handled well.

2. HENDERSON Borderbrook I'm On Fire, much taller and rather raw at present. Not the angulation of the winner. Attractive head, good width to skull and correct oval eye and good stop. Rather erratic on the move.

3. WILTSHIRE & WILTSHIRE Dark Side Of The Moon At Caleykiz

PGD (7 Entries) Abs: 1 1 STAMP & JOYCE Cookvale Causin A Riot, headinga very mixed class, some of the dogs were very small and low on leg. My winner was correct size and bone, very well-muscled unlike many today. A dark tri colour who is well-made with good angulation and overall shape. Good head with correct stop, lovely eye ad very good ears. Alert and attentive to handler and well-schooled. Good depth to chest and firm loin. Moved very well.

2 WILTSHIRE & WILTSHIRE Caleykiz I Got Rhythm N'black, my notes say crazy! Not easy dog to handle as was affected by clapping in another ring and meant he took a while to settle. Patiently & sympathetically handled. Correct size and well off for coat. Good angulation front and rear, though with keenness to rush off does at times show too much bend of stifle on the stand. Attractive head with good oval eye. Neat ears. Firm back to correct croup. Tended to crab badly in his haste to race round ring, but when he settled and moved slowly was sound and covers ground well.

3 HEGGIE & THOMSON & LARGE Anscot Take A Chance On Me

LD (9 Entries) Abs: 1 SCHOFIELD Rogansrock Beautiful Dream JW lot to like about this boy and seriously considered for higher honours. Lovely outline and excellent angulation. Strong broad masculine head, eyes very dark and shade close together. Strong muzzle with good underjaw. Correct coat and well presented. Moved well from all directions with minimum lift of feet. Is rather fond of tail and personally felt handler was too hard on the dog and only drew further attention to the issue, and kept breaking his stride on the move costing him higher honours.

2. BARWICK Tobermoray Talk Of The Town JW, similar type slightly less angulation than winner, which showed on move as not quite the reach of the winner. Good topline. Broad skull with correct eye and ear. Good strength of muzzle slightly tapering without being snipey. Moved soundly.

3 KERR Sheltysham Son Of Swag For Borderclan (ai) JW

Class 459 OD (10 Entries) Abs: 0 1 ENTWISTLE Janbell Here Comes Trouble, bigger sized dog but is well proportioned and in balance. Loved his flowing outline, whilst top size he is not over done and certainly has athletic look about him. Deep chest, good ribs and strong loin. Super angulation front and rear and excellent slope of croup to low set tail. Was always standing four square every time I looked at him and stands on correct oval feet. If being picky pasterns could be slightly stronger. Lovely head, good width and stop, balance to muzzle is correct and has correct slight taper. Dark oval eye. Excellent on the move, true coming and going and with that effortless long reaching side gait I look for in a border collie, dropping head and using neck and tail to complete the picture. CC.

2. FAWCETT Sh Ch Laceway Photo Finish, one I have admired from the ring side and certainly appeals in profile. Beautifully schooled and stands well. Shorter coupled than winner, but also of good proportions and flowing outline. Well off for angulation front and rear and good croup. Correct amount of bone to be strong without being coarse. For me would have liked a shade more stop and more oval eye, but other head proportions are good and ears well placed and used well. Another who excels on the move – covering the ground easily, and sound and true in all directions. RCC.

3 RATCLIFFE Arrodare Hear Me Roar

VD (7 Entries) Abs: 0 1 PORTMAN Caleykiz Dance To The Rhythm,another one who caught my eye and was considered for higher honours. In excellent condition and certainly not looking 11 ½ years old. Very good angulation, good size, well bones and with correct double coat, not overdone. Attractive in head with correct eye for shape & colour, well used ears, broad skull and good muzzle. Very good on the move with excellent length of stride, just a little happy with tail in challenge for BV.

2. RETTIE Ch Sianworth Magical Spell Over Glenfound, an old favourite of mine who hasn’t settled as he has got older! Excellent athletic shape and good balance/proportions. Strong topline and very good angulation. Croup is correct to low set long tail. Head is of good length – could be a shade broader but I forgave as often with age they lose substance over skull, good stop and correct eye. Moves with tremendous reach and pace but at times hard to assess gait from front or rear as simply races away with owner and scrabbles for traction.

3 HALES Sh Ch Laceway Lone Ranger JW

MPB (12 Entries) Abs: 2 1 WILKINSON Altricia Luck Be A Lady, heading a super class of baby pups where maturity varied tremendously, but there was a lot of quality. Mature blue merle who stood with such confidence and assurance four square – she was impossible to deny. I hear she is out of a bitch I much admired and previously awarded a CC, so hope this young lady follows in her dam’s footsteps. Lovely smooth outline, super angles and very good reach of neck. Correct balance of head proportions to muzzle and whilst I expect her head will develop more she has started well with good width and lovely eye and ear. Excellent on the move – true from all directions. BP

2. RATCLIFFE Arrodare Beautiful Trauma, had to give way to the more mature pup, but loved this one for her type and balance. Like the winner has excellent angulation and this shows on the move – where already she is true and able to cover the ground well. Lovely head of good proportions, alert expression with correct eye and ears that she uses well.

3 TURNER & ALEXANDER Kynagon Lily Was Here At Locheil (Imp)

PB (8 Entries) Abs: 0 1 LEE & RATCLIFFE Arrodare Royal Flush, similar in type to the LB winner and I see they share common line, very mature and very well-schooled to bring out the best in her. Very pleasing shape and proportions and enough bone to have strength but still be feminine. Good coat and presentation. Excellent angles and neck. Just found she has a tendency to stand ten to two in front. Attractive head, with well-defined stop. Moved well though little close behind.

2 MORLEY & ROGERSON Chikaramor Black Magic, tricolour, has attractive outline, firm top line and good croup, good angles. Well off for coat and correct bone for bitch. Attractive head of good skull width, well set and well used ears. Lovely oval eye of correct brown colour, alert expression, one that watches the judge around the ring. Moved well.

3 CHARLESWORTH Ginnylands Friday Feeling

JB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 1 Chikaramor Black Magic

2 SMALL Tobermoray Godrevy Beach, more mature than winner but preferred outline and croup of the winner. Good angles and bone to correct oval feet. Attractive head, well developed with good width to skull and correct muzzle. Used ears well, would prefer darker eye. Moved ok.

3 BARKER & YOUNG, Tobermoray Dance A Dream at Jephanil

YB (8 Entries) Abs: 0 1 GORLEY & RATCLIFFE Arrodare Girl Crush, lovely bitch just oozed breed type, correct athletic appearance, smooth flowing outline, just love the sweep from good length of neck along topline over well-developed rump to croup. Sufficient bone and coat to give substance without being overdone, it is a moderately long coated breed not a fluffy breed. Excellent angulation, stands four square at all times and has correct slope of croup to low set tail. Attractive head, alert expression, when used her ears. Good stop and length of muzzle to compliment skull, clean cheeks. She excels on the move, effortless, unhurried covering the ground with long stride and minimum lift, very true coming and going. I see she is the product of a half-brother x half-sister mating line bred to a bitch to who I awarded her 3rd CC, so not surprised she caught my eye, CC & BOB

2 FAWCETT Janbell Out Of The Blue At Laceway,blue merle, another who has smooth outline, nothing overdone. Excellent angulation, and good neck. Well coated and excellent presentation and ring training. Attractive head, good width to skull defined stop and correct oval eye and good ears. Moves well but not the reach of the winner.

3 DUNLIN Darian Ready For My Close Up With Jachelm

PGB (9 Entries) Abs: 3 1 RATCLIFFE Arrodare Here You Come Again, another from this kennel, with a super outline, and excellent angulation, stands 4 square showing her correct construction. Good reach of neck, firm back to correct croup. In good coat and well presented. Broad skull, correct oval eye, well used ears. Moved easily and sound in all directions.

2 FAWCETT Laceway Enchanted Voices, shade smaller than winner but balanced. Not quite the hind angels or croup of the winner. Good reach of neck, well boned. Very good head of good proportions, excellent eye and ears. Moved very well.

3 JONES Sianworth Special Edition

LB (9 Entries) Abs: 2 1 SMITH & GREEN Fayken Striptease JW, my BPIS last time I judged and she has matured into a lovely bitch, sadly totally out of coat today which cost her higher honours, but her qualities could not be denied in this class. Lovely in profile and nothing to hide! Excellent angulation with good reach of neck and another who naturally stands well showing off good construction. Head is good width and has alert prick ears, and good eye, though lack of coat does make them look a little large and fluff on head has to be ignored to see true skull shape. She is a free and easy mover – sound in both directly and with good reach.

2 ZOLAKOVA & VLASCIC Ms A Hats Off Of Bordertreowe JW (Imp) another who I have admitted before and today unlucky to meet the winner. Blue merle in good coat and lovely shape, and body condition, well-muscled. Good angulation and length of neck, smooth outline to sloping croup. Attractive head, feminine but with good width, correct eye shape. Moves soundly in all directions, but not quite the reach of the winner.

3 CARLEY Jupavia Echota

OB (8 Entries) Abs: 2 1 TURNER & ALEXANDER Rus Ch Locheil Affairs Of The Heart, another who has the correct athletic lines, and not over done for coat or bone. Excellent angulation, and reach of neck. Stands attentive to handler and shows off her super conformation. Very feminine, head is attractive, broad skull, well defined stop and lovely ears to give the correct alert expression. Excels for movement in profile, super reach and minimum lift, being picky found her a shade close behind. I see she is by a dog I have awarded a CC to before and can see a lot of her sire in her. RCC.

2 MOSS Dorvale Blue Star – another favourite of mine – just love this bitch for breed type and shape, she has such super outline on the stand, excellent angles, though not quite the reach of neck of winner. Super head, with the correct skull, good stop and lovely eye, with prick ears to give her that alert expression. In super coat, especially for a blue merle, with correct bone/substance. Moves true in all directions, just preferred length of stride of winner today. Close decision between to very lovely bitches.

3 WILTSHIRE & ROTTGER Caleykiz Boogie On JW

VB (6 Entries) Abs: 1 WILTSHIRE, Mrs C & WILTSHIRE Miss D Sh Ch Caleykiz Rhythm In Black JW, in super condition and giving nothing away now she is 11 ½ years old. Super shape, correct length to height, and very good angles and reach of neck. Not over done for coat, but has enough to give protection. Holds topline well. Good head, with correct stop, and eye. Good depth of chest. Another who excels on the move, covering ground easily and with super effortless stride. Pipped her brother for BV.

2 MACDONALD Sh Ch Jupavia Seventh Blessing JW Sh.CM heavier type to winner, has good angulation and neck and was in full coat, and well presented. Head is well proportioned with good stop and eye but quite strong for bitch. Moves well and sound.

3 SHAHMATOVA Nashdom Forever Chic