• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Norwegian Buhund

PD (1,0) 1. RIKARLO GABLE (MRS M & MISS D DEUCHAR), super compact outline, firm level topline, with high set tail. Excellent angles. Correct wedge head, flat skull, and dark eye, good pigment. Easy mover, sound in all directions, BD, BP.


OD (3,0) 1. CH ARNSCROFT NEVER SAY DI (MS A SMITH), Square in outline, good neck , well angulated front and rear , tail just a little loose in the heat. Attractive wedge head, flat skull, good eye and high pointed ear. Moved soundly RBD. 2. CH KOROMANDEL BEST SERVED COLD AT KNYTSHALL (MR M & MRS J & MRS N COBB & KENT), Lovely wedged shaped head, flat skull and pointed ears set on high. Good proportions in outline. High set tail. Just preferred hind action of winner. 3. CH ARNSCROFT IN DI ANA JACK (MISS S STONTON)

VD (1,0) 1. CH/BEL CH TONYLYNN'S CHARLES LAFITTE AW(P)R2EX (MRS M & MISS D DEUCHAR), amazing condition for 12 years of age, super double coat, lovely wedge head, eye just a litel rounding with age. Well angulated and with good reach of neck, stands on good oval feet. Moves well in profile but just little loose in front.

PGB (1,0) 1. WOLFEN CLASS ACT (MRS K HAY), little longer in back, is well angulated and has strong neck. Correct high set tail. Wedge head is attractive with high set ear. Rather broad in chest. Prefer more positive hind action.


OB (2,0) 1. ARNSCROFT BIBBITY BOBITY BU (MRS S, MR A & MRS S CALE & DOBSON), square compact outline, with good coat and high set tail. Wedge head, super eye and pigment. Prefer less white markings. Moved ok in profile but is rather wide in front. RBB. 2. KIMURASTYRA AT ARNSCROFT (MS A, MRS M & MISS D SMITH, DEUCHAR & DEUCHAR), little longer cast and with looser tail. Prefer more breadth in skull, though has good eye and ear placement. Moved ok in profile.

VB (1,0) 1. CH/IR CH ARNSCROFT KISS AND TELL DI FOR STURTMOOR (MRS S, MISS L & MRS C T CALE & LAMBERT), super bitch in excellent condition for 10 years of age. Square in outline, thick double coat. Level back. Good angles front and rear. Lovely wedge head with dark eye, high set ears, very alert to handler, moved well in all directions, BB/BOB/BV.