• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Australian Shepherd

A lovely entry with some close decisions in a number of classes, felt a few dogs were carrying a little too much weight and this affected their movement – plus made them roll in the skin, I believe ASD as with many herding breeds should be fit for function. Angulation in the breed is moderated – but this does mean there should be some bend to stifle and found a number lacking – with handlers pulling back legs back to create an illusion, sadly this simple exaggerates the straight stifles, and the dogs lack drive on the move. The breed standard asks for oval feet, please don’t breed the tight round feet which simply appear to be extensions of the legs, again a working dog needs a foot to carry him. In bitches there were a few that caught my eye, and were seriously considered for the top honours – but the blue merle PG winner just had the edge on the day.

Class 301 MPD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 851 FULLER Mrs & Miss J & E Jacanshe Apollo Enterprise

Attractive B/m tri, well grown and has excellent bone and coat. Chest is defined and of good width, firm topline. Balanced moderate angulation, which is seen in action on the move as he is positive in all directions and covers the ground easily. Skull is maturing well, with balanced flat skull, hope he continues to broaden in muzzle to complete the picture

2nd: 873 WEST, Miss B & BRAIZER Miss M Dizzy Marble As Hot As Fire

very much a baby but shows a lot of promise, excels for bone and coat and is well schooled already to get the best of him on the stand. Preferred his head structure and development over my winner, he has flat square skull, good strength of muzzle which balances head well, and lovely eye shape. Good angles front and rear, and correct length to height ratio. On the move he just showed his age as not as positive as winner, but one with a bright future as he tightens with age.

3rd: 868 REEVE Mrs S Durena Midnight Rebellion

Class 302 PD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 831 ALLAN Mrs A & Mr N Allmark Ebony

Striking black tri, excellently put down and schooled, standing shows off balanced outline from correct length to height ratio, well boned and masculine. Broad square skull, stop is defined and muzzle is of good length and breadth for head, uses ears well, eyes could be more oval. Well angulated and with clean strong neck. Firm topline and broad in rump. Lovely reach in profile on move just shade loose as expect from pups coming towards me.

Class 303 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 853 GALL Mrs J B Benreeda Dingo Dollar

B/m tri, of good bone and coat, found him a shade long in loin. Has firm topline and good hind angles, but would like more front angulation. Head is balanced with correct stop and he has super almond eye. Correct width to chest. Moves well in profile but found him a little close in front.

Class 304 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 852 FULLER Mrs & Miss J & E Allmark Willy Wonka With Jacanshe

Black tri shown in super body condition, coat and bone, well muscled and easily best mover in the class. Moves with drive, covering the ground with ease. Well developed chest, good angulation front and rear and with good neck. Head could be stronger in muzzle and more masculine, but at 2.5 years he still has some maturing to do.

2nd: 846 FITCHES, Mr D R & Mrs U V & FITCHES Miss L A Lamintone Epic Inferno (ai)

Strong boned red tri, shade long cast in body. Ok for hind angulation, but would prefer more angulation in front. Head is mature, with correct almond eye and defined stop. Deep chest. Would prefer moredrive from rear on the move.

3rd: 865 McKINNON Miss S Dialynne Enzo Ferrari

Class 305 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 837 BOTHWELL Miss S Ewbell Pure Dead Brilliant At Norcis Sh.CM,

Blk tri, lovely outline, with correct height to length, have excellent bone and in super coat, well presented and shown. Correct balanced angulation and good strong neck set well. Head proportions are good, square flat skull, muzzle balanced and with good stop. Ears less typical with only tips breaking forward – which do affect expression, but his good angles showed on the move.

2nd: 835 AMBLER Mr & Mrs K Ewbell First Addition

Attractive and balanced in outline, but not the layback of shoulder or neck of winner. Attractive head, well defined stop, and almond eye of good colour. Correct ear. Not yet developed in chest and shows on move when coming towards you

3rd: 836 BELL, Mrs A & NEWLANDS Mrs J Triforce Black Diamond

Class 306 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 856 KIRTLEY, Mrs K & ERDESZ Mrs D AKC ASCA Ch Wyndstar Magic Marker

Red tri in super condition, and excellent presentation. He is well boned without being overdone and has thick double coat. Balanced in outline with good length to height and excellent moderate but defined angulation, showing the correct turn of stifle. Masculine head, flat square skull, good strength of muzzle to balance skull and correct shape and colour of eye. Being picky would like feet little more oval. Excels on the moved, free and easy without exaggeration, straight coming and going, super type, DCC/BOB and G1.

2nd: 844 DOUGLAS, Mr & Mrs A&L & DOUGLAS Miss T Ir Ch Talard Lethal Weapon AnCh18 Jun Ch

Bk tri, another who has lot to admire, correct in profile just longer than tall, in good coat and well presented and shown to get the best from him. Moderate balanced angulation and well boned legs. Masculine head, skull is balanced and just gently rounded, good eye colour – though prefer more almond shape, well set ears to give alert expression. Well developed chest. Effortless on move and with good drive behind.

3rd: 857 KNOTT Mrs J H Lyveden Texas Ranger

Class 307 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 870 SIMMONS Mr P & Mrs Y Sh Ch Allmark Licence To Thrill

Masculine through and through, of good size and bone, shown in excellent double coat. Well boned to correct oval feet. Another who has correct balanced angulation both front & rear with defined bend of stifle. Attractive head, strong tapering muzzle, good reach to strong neck. Firm topline to broad rump. Moves very well, effortless stride, and positive both coming and going, RCC, BVIB and VG3.

2nd: 869 REEVE, Mrs S & TIMPERON Mr J & Mrs R Ghostrider Of The Mightycrown At Triforce Sh.CM

showing off good bone and coat, which is well presented. Skull is of good proportions, well developed muzzle correct almond eye, ears set a little low. A shade wide in chest and prefer more front angulation, moved soundly but not the reach of the winner.

Class 308 SBD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: Jacanshe Apollo Enterprise

2nd: 865 McKINNON Miss S Dialynne Enzo Ferrari

Red tri, who is just a shade long in back when viewed in profile. Head masculine, though perhaps too broad and filled under eye. Well boned, prefer more angulation front and rear. Not the easiest to assess on the move as was rather full of himself.

Class 310 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 867 RAYMOND Mrs M Stonepine Written In The Stars For Dialynne

So feminine but well boned, shows off a lovely clean outline of correct balance. Firm topline and broad rump. Already well developed in chest and has good angulation with strong neck. Attractive head, flat skull, good stop, so reminiscent of her sire who was one of my favourites. Moved well in all directions, BP.

2nd: 860 MC DEVITT Ms K Silver Dream Aussies Creamy Caramel Caronlea,

brown tri, who has super bone and was in good coat. Attractive and correct proportions in outline. Good angulation front and rear. Strong but feminine in head, muzzle balanced to square skull, lovely ear and eye. Another excellent mover, one to watch.

3rd: 862 MILLIGAN, Ms J & MARLEY Mr N Allmark Sapphire With Alfsden

Class 311 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 866 NELSON Mrs L Undralands Marshmellow

5th in puppy based on maturity and difficulty in assessing her on move when in company. Settled better on her own in this class. Lighter boned than winning pups, and carrying some puppy fat. One that needs to mature in head and will need more ring training to get the best from her. Moved ok in profile, once settled.

Class 312 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 872 WALSH Mr J Thornshavn Maid Of Blue For Rosschell (Imp Pol)

What a super bitch, just 14 months of age, lovely outline, and so well made, just stood beautifully for her sympathetic young handler, every single time, as they say - if they are well made they can’t stand wrong. Lovely arch of neck, flowing well into well laid shoulders, firm back, and good bend of stifle. Lovely head and expression, flat skull, super almond eye, still has little broken nose pigment – but forgave for age and her other outstanding qualities. A dream to watch on the move and had she been in better coat could have taken BOB. BCC.

2nd: 838 BOTHWELL Miss S Dialynne Sophia Loren Of Norcis

red tri quality bitch, correct in profile for length to height, good bone yet feminine, well coated. Attractive in head, broad skull, well developed muzzle and another with good eye shape and ear set. Well angulated and moved well in all directions but winner just covered ground so easily.

3rd: 840 BROWN Mrs G M Triforce Morning Mist Over Shepwood

Class 313 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: 874 WILSON, Mr D W & CUDWORTH Miss R C Wilduc Syndicate

One I have long admired and heading two v nice bitches, she is more compact in outline than some, but still longer than tall, very good angles and is well muscled in second thigh and has good turn of stifle. In excellent coat and under the full white collar she has a strong neck set well into good shoulders. Firm in topline. Attractive feminine head, with alert expression. Moved soundly in all directions.

2nd: 834 ALLEN, Mr N & Mrs A & BRIDGES Miss L Allmark Black Sheep

Another super quality bitch, excellent coat and bone, well presented and shown. Found her a little heavy in condition which affected her topline. Very good angles and neck. Lovely head, with square flat skull, good stop and balanced muzzle, eye could be more almond in shape, super colour. Moves with free and easy stride, and positive coming and going

3rd: 849 FLAHERTY Mrs S Lyveden Pacon Pandora

Class 314 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: 841 CHALLENGER Mrs A Ch Lyveden Texas Rose JW

red merle bitch of similar type and shape to PGB winner, not exaggerated in any way, pleasing in outline for length to height and in good body condition. Well angulated front and rear and clean arched neck to firm back and broad rump. Feminine head of good width, defined stop and well balanced muzzle, lovely almond eye of good colour for coat and correctly placed ears. Alert and attentive to handler. Moved very well in all directions. RCC.

2nd: 839 BRIDGES Miss L Ir Ch Trijem Secret Bridge To Liskarn

b/m tri, another who caught my eye and pushed hard for the class, well coated and good bone. Attractive head – of good strength yet feminine and almond eye with well placed ears, stood four square and very alert to handler. Strong rump, but felt was carrying little extra weight which caused her to lose her topline a little on the move. Well angulated and with good strength to neck. Moved soundly in all directions.

3rd: 855 GIBBONS, Miss S & BLYTON Miss T Ir Ch UK Int Ch Mangry's Need For Speed With Wispa