• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

A pleasing entry of 31 when you consider a dozen or so dogs were excluded due to their connection with myself. Breed type is still very varied, and heads are perhaps losing their wedge proportions with the broad soft teddy bear look, the standard calls for a strong head, with clearly defined stop and this should not be overlooked. Shoulders are improving in the main, but this is an area that should not be ignored, and I was rather surprised at the number of dogs with close hind action, some turning out their hind feet, and lacking drive. It is important that we are not fooled by heavy coats creating illusions and look at the dog underneath for correct structure.

PGD (2, 0) 1. RUDD's Infindigo Lintu Henkka, maturing nicely into a well built male, strong bone and in good coat. Moderate angulation front and rear, and strong defined neck. Very attractive head, good width to skull, and gentle rounded fore face with good stop. Short strong muzzle and good underjaw. Eyes are little round. Ears placed wide on broad skull. Well developed chest, firm topline and strong in rump, with high set tail. Moved well in profile and coming towards, but shade close behind. 2. CLARK's Lumikoira Maitosuklaa much finer in bone and lacking in coat, so looks very leggy. Head is broad, with good stop and gentle rounding of skull, muzzle of correct proportion. Correct oval eyes of good colour for brown tri, ears set rather to side of head affecting expression. Would prefer more length of neck and angulation. Rather loose on the move.

LD (4,0) 1. CRITCHLOW & DUNCAN's Pavoskas Britti Bandiitti, not the biggest of males, but he is balanced and of correct height to length, with attractive wolf sable double coat. Carrying a little too much weight on the day. Moderately angulated front and rear. Skull is broad and he has super eye for colour and shape. Neat well placed ears, rounded foreface and good fill under eye, would like a little more stop to complete the picture. Best mover in the class. 2. FELDBERG's Kaijartuu Revontulet, larger male, who is longer in loin, and for me carries too much coat. Well boned, with sufficient neck and lay back of shoulder, moderate turn of stifle. Head is masculine, with good stop, but under the coat I found the skull rather narrow, and whilst eyes are lovely and dark, they are little close together which gives harsher expression. In profile on the move covers ground well but is rather close behind. 3. CLARK's Oberitz Trollnisse.  

OD (2, 0) 1. COOPERS & CRITCHLOW's Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM, very masculine and well boned, another who carries a huge coat, which makes him look quite long, coat is good texture. Angulation is moderate, but would prefer shade more length to neck. Firm back, well developed rump and excellent tail set. Head is attractive with well set ears and attractive oval eyes, but would prefer more width to skull and slightly stronger underjaw. Sound in all directions and excellent presentation. 2. Infindigo Lintu Henkka

VD (3,0) 1. MEIKLE & HENDERSON's Ch Marymead Muskateer Sh.CM, one I have not judged before, whilst not in full coat he had enough to show the weatherproof double coat of correct texture. Very typical shape, just off square, masculine bone without being over done. Pleasing angulation front and rear with medium neck, and high set tail. Lovely head, broad skull with neat wide set ears, correct oval eye of brown, to give soft bear like expression. Good fill under eye, and stop, short muzzle with good underjaw. Effortless on move, being picky was a shade close behind, pleased to award him CC /BOB and see him take G3. 2. ARISTIDES-PICKARD's Belg Ch Sambreeze Valkoisetsukat, strongly made male, with correct coat, strong, straight and harsh outer with developed mane, fitting the dog well. Super condition and well presented and handled. Has a very typical head, broad skull, good stop and rounded forehead, well filled under eye, to give the bear like wedge. Good eye colour and shape. Firm topline, good bone, moderate angles, moved easy but not quite the drive behind of the winner, RCC. 3. TREASURE's Tabanyaruu Karuselli Miika

SBD/B (2,1) 1. CLARK's Oberitz Trollnisse, attractive in outline, good height to length and correct size for male. In good double coat which is well presented. Firm topline, but would prefer more angulation front and rear, and tends to stand rather 10 to 2 as a result. Head is attractive, but not quite masculine enough for me, correct eye shape and colour. BSBeg.

PB (4, 1) 1. CRITCHLOW's Pavoskas Disco, very mature for age, with strong coat, and good bone, yet is feminine. Head is well developed with broad skull, short muzzle and good fill under eyes. Eyes could be more oval. Good angles front and rear and correct length of neck. Tail set ok. Moved well for pup, though shade close behind. Doesn't want to carry anymore weight. BP & RCC 2. SMITH's Rajarani Christmas Rose, opposite end of maturity scale, very much a baby, with a lot of growing still to do. Not the strength of bone or coat of winner. Just off square in outline. Head still to break for stop and width, eyes well placed and of lovely dark brown to give soft feminine expression. Ex temperament. Moved ok but still rather loose.

JB (8,1) 1. Pavoskas Disco 2. GRAYSTONE's Morval Helina Keiju, lovely outline, good length to height, correct bone for bitch, not the coat of the winner. Super head, ears set wide on broad skull, good stop and rounded foreface, short muzzle. Lovely oval dark eye which contrasts well with pale tri markings, giving soft expression. Firm back and good angles, moved ok in profile, just needs to drive more behind. 3. MEIKLE & HENDERSON's Vis Et Gloria Notte At Lintukoto (Imp It). NB (1, 0) 1. HALL's Sambreeze Snowball, junior bitch who is still quite immature, just off square in outline, firm top line, good angles, tail set little low. Head is still to mature, but has excellent eye for colour and shape and ears are well set if a little long. Movement was OK in profile but rather loose coming and going.

PGB (5, 0) 1. LEE's Allforus Kali, pleasing in profile, with enough strength of bone for bitch. Very good head, strong broad skull, with well defined stop and rounded foreface, ears set wide, short strong muzzle, good underjaw, well filled under dark oval eye. Well developed chest. Moved soundly albeit little close behind. Pushed hard for higher honours, but in challenge tended to stand with hind legs underneath. 2. Vis Et Gloria Notte At Lintukoto (Imp It), 3rd in junior, strongly made bitch, in excellent coat, broad skull, dark eye, short rounded muzzle with good underjaw, ears a little big. Good angles, but rather unsettled on the day and did not give of her best on the move. 3. ARISTIDES-PICKARD Mrs M Sambreeze Tiianmaria. 

LB (3, 0) 1. BELL's Allforus Midnight Dream, this bitch has really matured into a very typical example of the breed, super coat and bone, stands true just off square. Very good angles and neck. Well developed in rump. Harsh black coat, with soft undercoat. Stands on strong oval feet with good pasterns. Excels in head, strong broad skull, correct stop and rounded foreface, dark oval eyes, and neat wide set ears, and short powerful muzzle, combine to give wedge head piece with a real soft bear expression. Best mover of the day with powerful rear action, and true in front. 2. STANLEY's Ansalfrose Jojanna, another who is maturing nicely, correct balance in outline, not the bone of substance of winner, has good coat. Head not as mature, ok for width, but prefer more stop and rise of foreface to skull, neat ears and good eye for shape and colour. Angulation moderate front and rear and moves freely in profile, but little loose coming towards. 3. HALL's Helsinki-Noora Du Domaine D'arinella Bianca Sambreeze.

OB (2, 0) 1. LEE's Ch Kaijartuu Hopea Noita JW, good size bitch, well boned and rather out of coat, and shade long in loin. Firm topline and good angles and neck. Strong broad rump, tail set ok. Head is feminine but a little long compared to width, good stop, would prefer more fill under eye to give true wedge shape. Eyes are excellent shape and dark brown. Moved ok, just little close behind. 2. STANLEY' s Glenchess Nulikka At Ansalfrose, smaller bitch, who is rather short in back and neck, and overall balance would be improved if there was a little more of her. Well coated, and presented. Eye is correct shape and colour, and ears are neat and well set. Head lacks the stop and rounded foreface of winner. Moved ok but lacks drive behind.

VB (1, 0) 1. TREASURE's Infindigo Riemu Emmi Sh.CM, good sized bitch, with good strength of bone and is is good coat. Well angulated at rear, but would prefer a shade more reach in front. Firm topline to correct high set tail, chest could be broader. Attractive head, neat ears, wide set, eyes could be darker for softer expression. Moved freely in profile, but bit loose in front and narrow behind.