• Show Date: 17/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Pyrenean Mountain Dog

PGD (1,0) 1. NIGHT OWL (MRS K CUBELLO) Tall with good bone and in good coat, ideally would like to see little more body condition, but better to be slim than overweight. Short well developed neck to firm back, fur on neck hangs to give appearance of dewlap, but his throat is clean. Attractive wedge head, broad skull, good fill under eye and tight flews, lovely dark pigment and dark brown eye, though would prefer slightly more almond shape. Moved soundly in all directions, with easy stride, and tail carried in wheel. RCC. LD (1,0) 1. GILLANDANT SPIRIT OF XMAS AT LAKAMONI (M FLOUNDERS, Tall elegant dog but a shade short in back, and would prefer more angulation front and rear. Attractive blaireau markings, another who would benefit from little more body condition. Stands on well boned legs to tight feet, prefer little more width to chest. Lovely wedge head, gentle tradition from skull to muzzle, super eye for shape and colour, to give correct expression. Moved ok in profile, with wheeled tail, but would have preferred shade more width in front.  OD (2,1) 1. KALKASI EXPECT ONLY THE BEST (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK) Good size, in excellent coat and condition. Strong bone to tight cat feet, good layback of shoulder and rear angles to give him an easy effortless ground covering side gait. Short well developed neck, held topline well. Strong head, broad rounded skull, well developed muzzle and good fill under eye. Correct almond, dark brown eye, with oblique set, to give the correct expression, with neat ears set level to eye, DCC.  

SBD (2,1) 1. NIGHT OWL, BSB, and pleased to see him win the special beginners group under Francis Krall.  

JB (2,0) 1. KALKASI SUPER COOL (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK), Well boned yet elegant, standing on tight cat feet. Firm topline, strong short neck. Still to develop in chest but as expected at this age. Head is promising, still to broaden in skull, lovely eye for shape and colour, well pigmented rims. Tight flews. Pleasing in outline though would like little more hind angulation. Sound in all directions, RCC 2. CHARIBERE SECRET CHARM AT RANACANI (MR S P & MRS K MILES), Liked this bitch for her elegant outline and size. Has correct moderate angulation and is well boned. Like winner still has to mature in head, and hope she gets more fill under eye, and prefer slightly more oval shape. Moved well in profile but less positive than winner in front.  PGB (2,0) 1. KALKASI SUPER COOL. 2. SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI (AI) (M FLOUNDERS), tall bitch with good bone yet elegant. Good angulation and short muscular neck, topline OK. Strong wedge head, eyes rather round, which meant expression was somewhat doleful. Pushed winner hard, but felt Junior was tighter in movement coming towards me.  LB (1,0) 1. SKETRICK PAPAGENA AT LAKAMONI.  OB (1,0) 1. CH KALKASI EXPECT TO BE A STAR (MR I & MRS Y BAVERSTOCK), stood alone, but could win in any company, tall, well boned and elegant, correct coat which affords protection without being OTT. Stands well on tight cat feet. Excellent outline, firm back to strong rump and gentle slope to tail, which has pleasing sweep. Correct balanced angulation and strong neck. Loved her head and expression, correct well filled wedge, super eye shape and oblique placement, ears set level with eye. Lovely easy effortless gait in profile, being picky was little close behind. CC & BOB.