• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: AV IR Pastoral

PD (2,1) 1. BALAZS-HIRT’s APRODOMBI MENO MANO AT GRAVELOUS, Hun Pumi, square in outline, with muscled neck to firm short back, high set tail, ears rather wide set, but with typical tipping. Would prefer more oval eye. Good length of muzzle. Deep in chest. Moves ok, shade close behind, BP.

PGD (4,1) 1. STATHAM’s VEZUVIJUS VEJUONOS SERKSNAS (IMP LTU),White Swiss, good layback of shoulder and bend of stifle. Correct size and well boned. Flat skull, slight stop and good muzzle, eye are almond – personally would prefer shade darker brown, but has good pigment on rims/lips etc. Good length to neck, firm topline, moved well. 2. PIKE & CARTER’s APRODOMBI LELKES LEVENTE BREEZELYN (IMP HUN) Hun Pumi. Square in outline, with good angles, flat skull, head of good length, ears set on high, with typical carriage. Dark oval eye. Lively on the move just a little close behind. 3. BURMINGTON HOCUS POCUS Breed: Hun Pumi (MR S EBURNE)

OD (3, 0) 1. DENNIS’ BAILEY OF SERENO SPIRIT (IMP ESP) White Swiss, heading a strong class, lovely size and super condition, excellent bone and coat, super presentation and sympathetically handled. Attractive wedge head, flat skull, good length to muzzle, excellent almond eye of dark brown. Long ears set on high and used well. Neck is of good length with arch flowing to withers and he has strong topline, held well on move. Good angulation, producing super ground covering stride, with good reach and powerful rear, BD, BOB, BV. 2. PIKE & CARTER’s CSERESZNYESKERTI-CSALFA BOBO AT BREEZELYN (IMP HUN) Hun Pumi, very attractive and compact in outline, grey in colour, with good depth to coat. Lean through body with well developed muscular neck and strong rear. Good angles and hocks correctly placed behind line of buttocks. Moves well, RBD. 3. MURRAY D'ERED LUIN AVEC PICARBOO (IMP FRA) Breed: Picardy Sheepdog (MRS T L & MR C M PICKERING)


PB (1,0) 1. O'SULLIVAN & KENNETT’s TYNGELI PANDORA Hun Pumi, white, compact in outline, puppy coat doesn’t have the crispness of the adult. Prefer little more neck. Angulation is moderate. Head promising and feminine with good shape and colour and well pigmented rims and lips. Moved ok.

JB (3,2) 1. STATHAM’s BRIGAM SNOW ICE MAIDEN (AI) White Swiss, just out of puppy and rather raw, has good angulation. Head still to break and broaden, shows off good pigment, though eye could be darker. Moves well but needs more ring training to get the best out of her as was rather unsettled by her experience.

PGB (2,1) 1. PIKE & CARTER’s PUMIDEN FROM EAR TO ETERNITY TO BREEZELYN, Hun Pumi, compact grey – not yet in full coat. Attractive head of good length and high set ears with good eye. Would prefer more angulation front and rear. Rather distracted on the move so not giving her best.

OB (5,1) 1. HARVEY’s PUMIDEN TOTAL ECLIPSE Hun Pumi, grey of good proportions, compact with firm topline , good neck to withers and well angulated with hind legs behind buttock. High set tail. Correct long head, flat skull, good length to muzzle and neat high ears. Good depth to chest. Moves well, though can crab.BB 2. PICKERING’s ALPHA NATURA NIKE AVEC PICARBOO (IMP DEN) BELG J CH DJCH BJW, Picardy Sheepdog. Good size elegant bitch, rectangular in outline with firm topline, strong in loin, slope to croup and well set tail of good length. Feminine in head, correct parallel planes and clean lines, good nose and dark oval eye, with pricked ears to give alert expression. Very good angles and shows on the move as covers ground easily and soundly, RBB. 3. NYIRSEGFIA ZAJOS VOM GRAVELOUS (IMP HUN) Breed: Hungarian Pumi (MRS BALAZS-HIRT)