• Show Date: 24/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Catalan Sheepdog

LD (1, 0) 1. HANSFORD & DONNELLY's Le Magicien D'oz Du Clos Millette At Peregos (Imp), good size male, correct outline, just longer than tall, in good harsh coat, which is well presented. Angulation behind is ok, but prefer more layback of shoulder. Neck is short and set on well. Attractive head, good length of skull, dark round eye, neat ears, and short strong muzzle. Needs to broaden in chest. Moved ok in profile, but loose in front. Tail carried as sabre. RBD  

OD (1, 0) 1. FIELDSEND & MARR's Int Ch & Ir Ch La Petit Rana's Aikos Xenia At Kawa, strong built, excellent weatherproof harsh coat. Good outline, strong back, good angulation, strong withers. Well proportioned head, good length to skull, short strong muzzle, dark round eye and ears set level to eye. Well developed chest and ribs. Carried ground easily, with tail out low and head dropping. BD & BV

PB (3,0) 1. FIELDSEND, WESTCOTT-SMITH, & THEAKER Starwell Opps We Did It Again With Rozimba Cw19, what a lovely puppy, so self assured and excellent ring presence and presentation. Super profile, correct 9:8 ratio, well coated black & tan. Well angulated, firm topline, chest already well developed. Good head, correct length with round eye, short strong muzzle. Excels on the move, with minimal lift of feet and easy ground cover, BP & BOB 2. HANSFORD & DONNELLY's Peregos Minerva's Wisdom, attractive in head, with good length, and short strong muzzle, well furnished, round eye and neat ears. Good body proportions and coat of good texture, but not quite the thickness of winner. Little unsettled, and means movement was erratic. 3. CAUDRELIER's Winarose Sound Of Music

JB (1, 0) 1. Starwell Opps We Did It Again With Rozimba Cw19

OB (2, 0) 1. FIELDSEND's Kawanna Miss Sunshine At Starwell, correct length to height, well coated. Good layback of shoulder, and hind angles. Firm topline. Deep chest. Good head proportions short strong muzzle. Moved freely and carries tail well. RBB   2. HANSFORD & DONNELLY's Alvegi Borzas Dona At Peregos, good body proportions but lacked coat if winner. Would prefer more lay back if shoulder. Head is attractive, with good length of skull and round eye. Well set ears. Good bone, but pasterns could be firmer. Not reach of winner on move.  

VD/B (1,0) 1. Int Ch & Ir Ch La Petit Rana's Aikos Xenia At Kawa