• Show Date: 05/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Leonberger

MPD (2,0) 1. LORD SZACHAL WITH SALJAY (IMP) (MRS S A SANDALLS), good size and well bones. Attractive head of good length, ears set on high, defined stop and strong muzzle. Still to develop as expected at this age in chest and strength in front. Good angles and moves easily in profile, parallel behind but shade loose in front. 2. PRIDEOFELSA GLENMORANGIE (MRS J & MR G BROOKER), the baby of the class, still rather raw. Well off for bone. Head of good length and oval dark eye. Needs to broaden in chest. Firm back. Angles are correct but needs to tighten on the move which will come with age.


JD (3, 1) 1. MELSPURY DESERT JUNIPER (MRS M TODD), good size with strong bone and in good attractive coat. Pleasing outline with correct 9:10 ratio and strong arched neck to developed withers. Strong head, maturing well, good eye for colour and shape. Little narrow in chest. Moved ok in profile needs to tighten up coming and going. 2. WATERSCAPE MCKENZIE (MR C & MRS H PERKINS), shade longer cast, not as mature as winner and another who needs to develop in chest. Head is promising, good length and substance, correct eye, would prefer tighter fitting lips. High set ears. Would benefit from more ring training to get best out of him.

YD (2, 0) 1.MELSPURY DESERT JUNIPER . 2. SALJAY MILGO ALFIE MOON (MRS C E ROSE), very strong boned and in good coat, but I preferred the overall proportions of the JD. Is longer cast in body and head is rather long through affecting overall balance, though skull has good breadth, would prefer tighter eye rims and lips. Needs to broaden in chest, good neck and ok for angles.


PGD (2,0) 1. DEBBOLLINBY MASKED MARVEL (MS L ANDERSON), tall elegant dog, just off square and in good coat. Chest still to drop, has powerful neck which flows to withers, and firm topline. Correct balance angulation which shows on move and has good extension and ground cover in profile, would just like more positive action coming towards. Attractive head tight eye rims, good length to skull and muzzle. 2. WYLAH RETURN FIRE (MR J & MRS K LORING) strong boned with tight feet. Broad rump, topline could be firmer. Good length to head and muzzle with dark mask, plus overlay on mane, prefer tighter lips. Stands little 10 to 2, and needs to tighten in front on move.

LD (4, 0) 1. LEOSRUS WE WILL REMEMBER FOR KALIZMAR (MR L STUDHOLME), lovely type and super outline, correct 9:10 proportions, has strength of bone and excellent double coat but retains that certain elegance. Stands four square on tight feet. Attractive head of good length to skull and muzzle, dark oval eye with tight rims, high set ears. Lovely arched neck to withers and firm back, strong rump. Moves soundly in all direction and covers ground with ease. DCC. 2. VECTISELEON KIAJA WOLFRIK SHCM (MRS J A BELL), strongly built male who was a touch loaded in shoulder. Attractive head proportions with good eye and ear. Strong boned straight legs to cat feet. Topline could be firmer. Moved well. 3 RUA SOLEIL SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND (IMP RUS) (MR J & MRS K LORING)

OD (5,2) 1. JANTONELY PUCKER UP FLYNN (MS L E BANCROFT), tall male with good angulation, and strong topline, correct muscular neck. Head is of good length, with dark eye, high set ears and attractive mask. Easy mover in all directions, RCC. 2. CH DAVENHEATH FOREVER BLUE JW SHCM (MRS H, MR T & MRS G NIALL & ROTHERY), strongly made dog, who is very braod across shoulder, prefer firmer topline. Stands on tight cat feet. Strong in head and back skull. Moves ok in profile but tends to have high hind action. 3. W ATERSCAPE MCKENZIE (MR C & MRS H PERKINS)

MPB (2,0) 1. NEVER STOP DREAMING GINGER HEAVEN AT KENSALROAG (IMP POL) (MISS J DAWE), well boned pup with lovely angulation and neck. Firm topline held well on move. Head is very attractive, good length with dark mask, oval dark eye. Moves well in profile, freely and without effort, just to tighten now with age. BP 2. PRIDEOFELSA BRUICHLADDICH (MISS E S MACDOUGALL), another promising pup, not maturity of winner and still little rump high – but that should even as matures. Attractive head, good proportions for skull and muzzle, high set ears. Good angulation, stands of well boned legs and tight feet. Promising on move.

PB (4,1) 1. VANITZA DELICIOUS CANDY AT LEOVANNA (IMP BGR) (MR K & MRS S JONES), tall bitch with well boned legs to tight cat feet. Attractive head, with good mask, dark oval eye correct tight flews. Moves freely in profile but needs to tighten in front. 2. DEBBOLLINBY ANGEL WINGS (MRS J STRUDWICK), another well boned bitch, found her coat rather curly – hope as adult coat comes through it straightens. Correct proportions to head, with oval eye and high set ears. Little erratic on the move. 3. PRIDEOFELSA BRUICHLADDICH

JB (4,0) 1. SKJAERGAADENS RIDDING THE CRIBBAR (IMP NOR) (MR & MRS RJ BAILEY), one who really catches the eye, excels for breed type, correct proportions of 9:10, good size, deep in chest. Well boned yet elegant. Stands four square naturally on tight feet. Lovely reach of neck to defined withers, firm topline, and has good angulation. Correct double coat which is excellently presented. Head is of good length, skull and muzzle equal, and medium stop, super eye with ears set on high which are well furnished. Very easy mover, covering ground well. Well handled, BCC & BOB. 2. DEBBOLLINBY ABOVE THE STARS AT DAVENHEATH (MRS H & MRS G NIALL & ROTHERY), longer cast bitch, of good bone and firm topline. Back skull is noticeably broad and affects balance of head, prefer more definition to stop. Angulation is good, and in good coat, moved well in profile but close behind. 3. MELSPURY WIGHT MERMAID (MR CHAMBERS)

YB (2, 0) 1. WOLFEN REACH FOR THE STARS (MRS H E & MR A G COOKE), tall bitch of correct proportions to give that required elegance. Epitomised the “friendliness” called for in the standard and pushed hard for higher honours. Attractive head of balance proportions, oval eye and well placed ears. Good chest, well developed bone and tight feet. Good length to neck and well angulated. Easy mover. 2. JANTONELY UM DIE ECKE ( MR G A & MRS J WILSON), longer cast and rather heavy for bone, in excellent coat . Head is large rather than elongated, good eye and ear. Movement ok in profile but needs to tighten coming and going.

GB (1,0) 1. CONDALF ALRIGHT PRINCESS (MRS R WALKER), good size and bone, but a shade longer cast, shown in excellent coat. Firm back and defined withers. Attractive head of balanced proportions, high set ear, oval eye. Deep chest. Another with super personality. Rather rolls on the move, needs to harden in condition.

PGB (2,0) 1. WOLFEN REACH FOR THE STARS. 2. ROSSNICK XPIALIDICIOUS WITH NEXGEN (MISS C OSBORNE), rather strongly built bitch, who is very wide in chest. Good bone to tight feet. Head is in proportion to body and has tight oval eye and well placed ears. Rather wide on the move in all directions.

LB (5,0) 1. JANTONELY SPELLBINDER WITH ONAWAY (MRS D READ), well presented bitch of good bone, would prefer stronger pasterns. Good toplline, shade longer cast that the 9:10 ratio for the breed. Attractive in head, with super eye and just enough stop. Well developed cheat and correct angles, moved soundly in all directions. 2. LEOSRUS UNFORGETTABLE (MR R K & MRS J WESTWOOD), heavy coated bitch who did not have quite the bone of the winner. Needs to broaden in skull to complete overall balance, high set eras. Would prefer tighter eye. Angulation is good front and rear and moved soundly. 3.DAVENHEATH FOXY LADY TO BRENALJAY (MRS B BROWN)

OB (4,3) 1. DEBBOLINBY MINI KRUZ AVEC SHALEODUST JW (MRS S HURREN), quality mature bitch, with pleasing outline, super bone to tight feet, straight legs, firm back and broad rump. Well angulated with good reach to neck and shows on the move as is free flowing with good reach – sound in all direction, well handled to RCC.

VB (2,0) 1. CH DAVENHEATH DARK SECRET (MRS H, MR T & MRS G NIALL & ROTHERY), well boned bitch standing on good feet. Good profile, rather broad across chest. Feminine in head which is of good length and proportions with correct eye and eye. Moved soundly, hiding her 8.5 years. BV 2. KALEOS IKLE MISS CALAMITY AT KENSALROAG (MISS J DAWE), 7 year old of good bone and in excellent coat with good presentation. Longer in back than the winner. Correct head proportions, oval eye and high set ear. Just a tendency to roll on the move.

SPBB (2,0) 1. JANTONELY UM DIE ECKE ( MR G A & MRS J WILSON) BSpB 2. MELSPURY WIGHT MERMAID (MR CHAMBERS), tall, elegant bitch, but would prefer more strength of bone. Firm topline. Head is promising but needs to develop. Also in body needs to mature.