• Show Date: 09/05/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Swedish Vallhund

JD (2 ,0) 1. JONES’ Tanellis Bloomin William, would prefer him a shade shorter in loin, but holds topline well. Attractive head, well proportioned wedge with clear mask, dark oval eye and strong underjaw. Well angulated front and rear, moved ok and has good length of stride just needs to tighten behind. 2 OFFORD’s Meddobe Inspector Morse, strongly built and preferred body length to height ratio to the winner, but is less mature in head. Head has flat skull but lacks the elements of true blunt wedge and hopes will strengthen in muzzle as matures. Rather wide in chest, and not quite front angles of winner, so whilst was positive on the move behind lacked reach in front.  PGD (3.0)  1. PALLATINA’s Starvon Dark Knight With Valltineya, pleasing outline, with well laid back shoulder and balance stifle. Flat skull with well defined stop, eye of dark brown, but could be more oval. Would like to see more strength to muzzle from underjaw. Well developed chest and good length to ribs. Best mover in the class. 2. SIMPSON’s Mystarz Muzik Maestro Of Vallholme, in profile is well balanced, liked his head, which shows the correct wedge from defined stop and well developed underjaw, ears slightly wide set. Well angulated and moved ok in profile, but found him close behind and rather wide in front.  3. HACKNEY’s Starvon Bring It On   LD (3,1) 1. WILTON’s Meddobe Spice's Endeavour, attractive masking to wedge shaped head, ears well placed, prefer eyes less round, Good outline with correct proportions and is well angulated front and rear. In profile moved with reach, but coming towards was rather wide, ok behind.   2nd: 1967 HACKNEY Mr & Mrs P & C Starvon All About Me, one who has the correct strength of muzzle with good jaw. Strongly made and stands on oval feet. Has good angulation but has tendency to stand with hind legs well under body and this affect topline. Not quite as positive on the move as the winner.  OD (3, 0) 1. PALLATINA’s Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me At Valltineya, attractive in outline with good length to height. Well boned and masculine. Deep red colour, well coated. Firm topine, correct length to neck and good angulation front and rear. Stands four square naturally. Liked his masculine wedge head, flat skull dark oval eye and good strength to muzzle. Moved soundly in all directions, DCC/BOB 2. PERRY & ETCHES’ Starvon Cryptic Spyda, another with a lot to like, strong bone, good length to height though maybe shade longer in loin than 1. Well coated and correct mask and harness markings. Good angles front and rear, firm back, just maybe a shade heavy in body. Attractive in head with broad flat skull, good muzzle and dark oval eye. Just stands a shade wide in front at times. Another who is easy mover. RCC. 3 FITHERN & RUSSELL’s Ch Hurstfield Renen Dasher At Rusern.  VD (2,0) 1. PATERSON & KENNEDY’s Ch & Ir Ch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny For Jarlalfvin, attractive correct proportions in outline and in very good condition. Skull has good width, but would like to see more strength to muzzle and underjaw. Well boned to oval feet. Firm topline, front angles are correct but prefer more bend of stifle. Moved with good reach in front BVIB. 2 BYRNE’s Eriksfjord Jumping Bean, much heavier built, has good wedge head with oval eye of good colour. Strong muzzle. Not the drive on the move of the winner.   

 JB (2,1) 1 OFFORD’s Meddobe Gina Gold, just out of puppy and still has lots of maturing to do – but shows promise. Has flat skull with correct dark oval eye, medium pricked ears placed well, and was alert. Muzzle still to broaden. Ok for bone and stands on oval feet. Firm topline, slightly broad in chest. Adequate angulation. Moved well in profile and from behind. RCC   PGB (1, 0) 1. HACKNEY’s Mrs K Starvon Dreams Are Maid, though 2 years old found her rather immature, in head, lacked the width of skull to create true wedge, and underjaw/muzzle could be stronger. Well set ears, eyes ok for shape but could be darker. Neck and front angles are correct but lacks hind angulation. Moved ok  LB (4,1) 1. OFFORD’s Rusern Cradle Of Love At Kimaroff, heading a difficult class, strongly built, with firm back and broad chest. Has good length of neck and angles. Head has flat skull and dark oval eye. Alert and attentive to handler, moved ok    2 DAY’s Starvon Ziva, much smaller in frame, has good angles front and rear, and moved OK. Not so typical in head, would prefer more stop and strength to muzzle. 3. SIMPSON’s Starvon You Sexy Thing Of Vallholme    OB (2, 1) 1. DIAMOND’s Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm Sh.CM, attractive in profile, with good length to height ratio, well boned to oval feet. Firm topline and well angulated. Very well muscled too. Attractive wedge head, though prefer eyes little more oval, has good strength to muzzle. Good length to rib. Moved well from all directions, BCC.