• Show Date: 27/06/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Toni Dennis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

To say I was honoured to Judge the breed I love and am devoted to, at the prestigious Windsor KC is an understatement.  Firstly I would like to Thank the committee for inviting me and the Exhibitors who not only entered their dogs for me to assess but also took all of my decisions with great sportsmanship. Many of my decisions were not easy and some hard calls were made.  I was very keen to be able to get my hands on the dogs of our Mother country and I was not disappointed.  The quality was high with consistency, especially being compact and moderate with spring of rib and depth in body that are envious to me, although there were some that were carrying a little too much weight.  Good bone and correct feet were also very consistant as were balanced head pieces with good width of underjaw and soft expressions and correct coats.  Considering the heat of the day, the dogs (and handlers) performed very well and that gorgeous Merry temperament still shone through which certainly brings a smile to ones face.  

I have to say I was very proud to see my Best of Breed winner go through to Group 2 and my Best Puppy go 3rd Puppy in Group.  Huge Congratulations to all invovled!! 

 Areas that I feel need attention are the lack of fill in forefront, this is an area that I so hold of high importance and once lost is hard to get back.  Lets not forget the form and function of our beautiful breed and without prosternm there is less ability to do the job at hand.  There also seems to be a fashion of leaving excess hair on the front legs.  We all love new grooming techniques and this one to give the illusion of more bone and rounder, tighter feet looks great when done well, but be aware of the downfalls and how this extra hair looks whilst the dogs is moving and affecting the balanced look of the dog.  I did find that many had good bone and feet so the extra hair proved more of a hindrance than a benefit.  

I do applaud the breeders for their consistency in quality and I certainly went home with some new goals to set for my own breeding program.  Thank you again for bringing your dogs out for me to view them….I enjoyed every minute and will certainly hold this appointment dear to my heart. 

Class 1735 VD (5 entries) Abs:2   

 1st place: 5637 Wildman Mrs C S & Mr A Mystical Milow At Chanmalo SH. CM   

 Blue dog, balanced with moderate angulation, well sprung ribs, bone-good depth chest, balanced head with pleasing expression.  Moved well.  My best Veteran of Breed 

2nd place: 5597 Pretty Miss J J Multi Ch Joaldy Mandolin Wind JW Sh. CW 

 Black and White dog, Balanced head with pleasing expression, balanced body, good bone and feet, Good Spring of Rib, well presented, slightly longer in body than 1st   

Class 1736 MPD (4 entries) Abs:0 

1st place: 5605 Roberts, Mrs E & Smith Miss C Rayol The Editor 

 Black Dog, balanced ,pleasing head with soft expression, good depth in body, Well Boned with tight Feet.  Good length of upper arm.  Balanced angulation front and rear.  Moved well.  

2nd place: 5610 Sheridan Mrs J Lujesa Living the Dream 

 Good body with well sprung ribs, well boned with tight feet. Longer body than 1st dog, and I would prefer more fill in forefront. 

Class 1737 PD (7 entries) Abs: 1 

1st: 5548 Grice Mrs D & Mr K Brackenjack Ollison At Kyna 

Beautiful Blue dog, all over balanced, beautiful head with melting expression, dark eye. Well Sprung Ribs with good depth and prosternm, short loin, Good Bone into beautiful tight feet, Moderate length neck that flow into well laid shoulders, sound on the move and merry.  Super puppy, happy to award the Reserve Ticket and proud to see him go on to Puppy in Group 3rd  

2nd: 5538 Collins Mr M A & Miss J Craigdean Killiecrankie at Candyke  

 Blue dog, balanced, pleasing head expression.  Slightly longer in body, good spring of rib, Good width in Hindquarter with short hocks. Not front construction of 1st . place. 

Class 1738 JD (3 entries) Abs: 0 

1st place: 5598 Pretty, Mr A W & Mrs J R & Pretty Miss J J Joaldy Best Mate 

 Blue Dog, beautiful balanced head, moderate neck, with good layback in shoulder. Balanced with good spring of rib, prefer darker eye pigment, good coat well presented. 

2nd place: 5619 Thorpe, Mr & Mrs M & J & Harrison Mr N & Mrs K Harbethol Look Man of Magic For Archby 

 Blue Roan Dog, balance head, good spring of rib.  Good length of neck.  Correct coat. Would prefer more fill in forefront. 

Class 1739 YD (5 entries) Abs:0 

1st place: 5562 Kettle Misses S &A Sh Ch Lujesa Impossible Dream 

 Black dog, balanced with moderate angulation, balanced head with soft expression and dark eye. Good Bone into tight feet, well sprung ribs and good depth body, good length of upper arm, moderate length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Well presented 

2nd place: 5590 Pearce-Gudger Mrs G E Glowhill Silversmith For Pearkins  

 Black and White dog balanced with moderate angulation. Balanced head with pleasing, soft expression with dark eye.  Good spring of rib.  In good coat. 

Class 1740 ND (1 entries) Abs: 0 

1st place: 5519 Nindza Mrs D Cachel Hearthob at Laurellakes 

 Balanced dog, balanced head with soft expression and dark eyes. Good Spring of rib, correct silky coat, and well presented. 

Class 1741 PGD  (11 entries) Abs:1 

1st place: 5537 Collins Mr M A & Miss J Cachel King of Hearts at Candyke JW 

 Blue dog. Balanced, pleasing head, and soft expression, dark eye. Well sprung ribs good depth, compact body, Strong Hindquarters.   Correct coat, moved well.  Would prefer more fill in forefront 

2nd place: 5608 Robertson Mrs B Kastrian Affection JW 

 Black dog. Balanced head with pleasing expression. Moderate length of neck into well laid shoulders. Correct silky coat. Prefer slightly more prosternm. Today he let himself down on move.  

Class 1742 LD (11 entries) Abs: 1 

1st place: 5625 Warrington Mrs S E Zakova Sunburst 

Gold dog, balanced, and pleasing expression. Well sprung ribs with good fill in forefront, well boned into tight feet.  Good length of upper arm.  Moderate length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Correct silky coat.  Well presented. 

2nd place: 5616 Squire, Mrs R & Adams Mrs S Corazon De Sibi Night Star (imp) JW 

Blue dog, Balanced head, with dark eye with a melting expression.  Good spring of rib, Moderate angulation front and rear, moved well, overall lovely type  

Class 1743 OD (8 entries) Abs: 2 

1st place: 5511 AMOS-JONES Miss S Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo At Cassom JW 

Blue dog, Demanded attention as soon as he entered the ring. Balanced in every way. Well proportioned head with soft expression, dark eye, good strength in underjaw, moderate length neck blending into well laid shoulder.  Well Sprung ribs, good depth in chest with good prosternm. Presented to T. Moved smooth and soundly and merry, covering ground with ease. Super dog and so proud to see him awarded Best in Group 2nd. 

2nd place: 5539 COX Mrs S V Sh Ch Gardenstone Palme Rider to Suvern JW 

 Light blue dog. Balanced, not head of first and slightly longer than preferred, good bone, moderate balance. Merry and moved well holding topline level. 

Class 1744 GCD (3 entries) Abs:0 

1st place: 5637 Wildman MrsC S & Mr A Mystical Milow At Chanmalo Sh. CM 

 As per Veteran Winner 

2nd place: 5640 WORGAN Mrs W & Mr D E Lujesa License To Thrill For Luthame Sh. CW 

Black dog, moderate balanced, balanced head, prefer darker eye, good body moved well, and merry. 

Class  1745 VB (4 entries) Abs: 3 

1st place: 5603 REED, Mrs S & REED Miss L Reemif Blue Reflection JW Sh. CM 

 Blue Bitch, 9 years old. Happy girl, in good coat, good spring ribs, Good bone with tight feet, moderately angled and  moved well. 

Class 1746 MPB (8 entries) Abs: 0 

1st place: 5563 KETTLE Misses S & A Lujesa Daydream Believer 

 Black bitch, super young bitch, beautifully balanced head, and melting expression. Short backed, good bone into tight well padded feet. Well sprung ribs with good prosternum. Well balanced all over. On the move she was so merry and having fun showing her super temperament. One to watch.   Would take home. 

2nd place: 5546 GLENNERSTER, Mr J & Nicholas-Steele Mrs G Ziennes Sweet Cheeks 

 Blue bitch, not the head of 1st, Moderate length of neck into well laid back shoulders. Good length of  upper arm, good spring ribs, well boned into tight feet. Moved soundly and very merry. 

Class 1747 PB (12 entries) Abs:3 

1st place: 5643 Yilmaz Miss C Kyna Toyah Battersby 

 Blue Bitch, Balanced, compact with moderate angulation, pleasing Head, would prefer full pigmentation to enhance the soft expression.  Moderate length of neck.  Good depth in chest with prosternm, correct coat and well presented, moved soundly holding topline and merry. 

2nd place: 5634 Whitehead Miss P Ryallcourt Minnehaha 

 Black & White bitch, typey compact bitch, and lovely head and expression. Correct Bone into tight feet.  Well sprung ribs with good depth in chest. Balanced moderate angulation with good length of upper arm. Not on her best game today on the move which let her down. 

Class 1748 JB (8entries) Abs: 3 

1st place: 5620 TODD, Mr D C & RAHMAN Mr M D , Grandtully Gabrielle 

Stunning black bitch. Took my eye as she entered the ring.  Balanced all areas. Correct proportioned head with soft melting expression, Fabulous bone into tight, well padded feet.  Moderate length of neck into clean well laid shoulders, good length upper arm, Well sprung ribs with good depth and prosternm.  Good strength and width in hindquarters. Correct straight, silky coat and presented beautifully.  Covered ground on the move holding her topline, and so merry in every way.  

Proud to award her the Bitch ticket. 

2nd place: 5584 NICHOLAS Mrs L Nickarlyn Voodoo Doll 

 Black & White bitch. Balanced Moderate. Well sprung ribs good depth in body with level topline and correct tail set, silky coat, moved well and merry 

Class 1749 YB (5 entries) Abs: 0 

1st place: 5628 WEST Mrs C A Sheigra Stars In Her Eyes JW 

 Black Bitch, balanced, pleasing head and expression, dark eyes, good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Well sprung ribs and good depth in chest. Would prefer more prosternm.  Balanced moderate angulation, moved soundly. 

2nd place: 5636 Whiting Miss SJ   Sh Ch Annilann Miss Zing JW 

 Blue bitch, Compact, balanced, not the head and expression as the 1st, compact body, good spring of rib, shorter in neck and would prefer a better lay of shoulder, good spring of rib with depth in chest. Well Boned, good feet. 

Class 1750 NB (9 entries) Abs: 1 

1st place: 5621 TODD, Mr D C & RAHMAN Mr M D Zeridons Chinese Whispers 

 Blue bitch, compact well sprung ribs, good depth in chest. Well boned with tight feet. Balanced head with pleasing expression, moved out well holding topline, correct coat, and merry. 

2nd place: 5639 WILDMAN Mr M K Fair Exchange To Oktumi 

 Another lovely blue, not quite head of first but still pleasing, Complact and balanced bitch with a good spring of rib, would prefer more prosternm.  Correct silky coat. Moved sound and freely.  Merry. 

Class 1751 PGB ( 17 entries) Abs: 6 

1st place 5517 BAVIN, Mr D G & Mrs J E & AUSTIN Miss C Rojoys Chase The Dream JW Sh. CM  

 Blue bitch, lovely type, sweet expression, balanced throughout, good bone into tight feet, good length upper arm, adequate fill in forefront. Presented beautifully, super coat, ?? 

2nd place: 5611 SINCLAIR Mr & Mrs B Casadeperros Octubre 

 Gold bitch, Moderate, compact bitch with a sweet expression, balanced with a moderate length of neck into well laid shoulders, good fill in forefront, moderate anglulation, good spring rib, moved freely and merry, correct silky coat. 

Class 1752 LB (9 entries) Abs: 2 

1stplace: 5555 HILLER Mr & Mrs I Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW 

  Super Gold bitch, lovely type, sweetest expression, correct length of neck smoothly blending into well laid shoulders, Well sprung ribs with correct prosternm, strong hindquarters.  Good bone into tight feet, balanced in every way.  Moved without effort and merry, correct coat and beautifully presented.  Close decision just missing the Bitch ticket but awarded Reserve ticket without hesitation. 

2nd place: 5635 WHITEHEAD Miss P Ryallcourt Tangle 

 Light Blue Roan & Tan bitch compact, not head of first, moderate length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good spring rib and depth in body. Strong hindquarters with good width. Correct silky coat and well presented.  Moved well holding topline and merry. 

Class 1753 OB (8 entries) Abs: 1 

1st place: 5564 KETTLE Misses S & A Sh Ch Lujesa Jean Genie JW 

Black Bitch, Lovely compact, cockery, balanced bitch. Moderate neck which flowed into well laid shoulders, Good fill in forefront. Good strong width in Hindquarters. Good bone into tight well padded feet.  Merry, moved well although I would like to see her use her front more. In super condition and well presented in correct coat. 

2nd place: 5566 KEW Mrs J & Mr S Withiflor Wheels On Fire at Wylyeview  

 Black and Tan Bitch with beautiful head expression.  Moderate length of neck, well laid back shoulders.  Good bone, strong hind quarters moved well.  Beautifully presented and in lovely coat.  Slightly longer than preferred. 

Class 1754 GCB (6 entries) Abs: 2 

1st place: 5584 NICHOLAS Mrs L Nickarlyn Voodoo Doll 

 As per 2nd Junior 

2nd place: 5630 WEST Mrs C A Sheigra Simply A Star JW 

 Black bitch balanced, not head of first, good spring of rib, compact body.  Good length of neck. Level topline.  Correct coat.