• Show Date: 26/07/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tom Mather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Special Beginners Groups

Leeds Championship Show 2019 Special Beginners Groups Working 1st : 588 RYAN Mrs J Newfangled Shenanigans - NEWFOUNDLAND - Dog. A handsome, well made youngster, good sized skull with clean eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Very good bone, legs and feet. Strong back and decent quarters. Coped well in the heat and he showed and moved to advantage. 2nd : 188 LOASBY Mrs C Sashbob Le Sorcerer Jw - BOXER - Dog. Smart and stylish, attractive head with good breadth of jaw and decent turn up. Nicely arched neck, good depth of chest. Strong, well angulated quarters. 3rd : 11 BURGESS Mr A & Mrs L Cedarcreek Forever Young At Mountainglen - ALASKAN MALAMUTE - Bitch. 4th : 357 HARGREAVES, Mr S I & EXLEY Mr J Aibrean Rocketman - DOGUE DE BORDEAUX - Dog. Pastoral 1st : 1668 WELFORD Miss L Ristine Emerald - SHETLAND SHEEPDOG - Bitch. Pretty and feminine, flat skull, small well placed ears which she can use to advantage. Proud head carriage and well laid shoulders. Good body and rib. Low set tail of adequate length. Easy, fluid action, good coat. 2nd : 995 SMITH Dr P Kehala The Magician - BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOG (GROENENDAEL) - Dog. Not in the fullest of coats but it is a good texture with a clear top coat and outer coat. Very typical head and expression, good forehand with high withers and good body proportions. Moved out well and his calm, steady temperament stood him in good stead. 3rd : 1196 BOYLE Dr L W Barrenclough Heart of Gold JW - COLLIE (ROUGH) - Dog 4th : 1122 STAMP, Mrs J A & JOYCE Mr D C Cookvale Causin A Riot - BORDER COLLIE - Dog Terrier 1st : 2046 DUKES Mrs R A Janski Theodore By Runiks - CESKY TERRIER - Dog. A good quality example of this breed. Masculine with a good head, slight arch to skull, expressive eyes and good nostrils. God shoulders, strong bone, forelegs could be straighter for perfection. Very good body with typical topline and strong loin. Moved well with some drive. 2nd : 1931 SWAIN Mrs C D Weststar Lone Ranger - BORDER TERRIER - Dog. A blue and tan youngster, keen expression, strong jaw. Deep, spannable body, good pelt. Harsh double coat. Moved soundly. 3rd : 2274 HAYES Mrs A C Ragus Seven Jumps - NORWICH TERRIER - Bitch 4th : 2158 SIMONS Ms J Saredon Red Berry - IRISH TERRIER - Dog Hound 1st : 5694 MASON Miss A Tolberg Beez Kneez At Teckeltown - DACHSHUND (MINIATURE LONG-HAIRED) - Bitch. Pleasing head and expression with dark, well set eyes. Proud carriage, decent legs and feet. Well bodied with good elegant of rib and short loin. Despite the longish grass, she coped well with the big ring and moved out with a flowing stride. 2nd : 5999 DAWSON Mrs F & Mr G S Hydebeck Dream Tyme Of Graefyn - IRISH WOLFHOUND - Dog. Less finished than the winner and at just over 12 months he is maturing nicely. Good length of head, neat ears and strong jaw with good dentition. Strong, nicely arched neck. Good bone. Deep, broad chest. Strong quarters gave him some propulsion on the move. 3rd : 5788 MASON Miss A Teckeltown Something Magic - DACHSHUND (MINIATURE SMOOTH-HAIRED) - Dog 4th : 5971 NUTTER Mrs K Nordic Queen - GREYHOUND - Bitch 4th : 2158 SIMONS Ms J Saredon Red Berry - IRISH TERRIER - Dog Toy 1st : 2667 CARR Mrs D Daveyluvs D' Artagnan - BICHON FRISE - Dog. His sparkling white coat was expertly presented, lovely dark eye, good breadth of skull. Decent forehand. Well bodied with some, depth of brisket but he could be a fraction shorter in loin. Good hindquarters and moved out well with some reach and drive. Very typical, jolly temperament. 2nd : 2922 HUNTER Mrs P Twiganlu Gamora - CHIHUAHUA (LONG COAT) - Bitch. A pretty dainty bitch with a lovely head and expression. Good body with level topline and high set, well carried tail. Shows and moves to advantage. 3rd : 3778 SIMMONS Mrs C Petitpom Legend Of Love - POMERANIAN - Dog 4th : 3494 BRYAN Miss K M Teejay Struck Gold - LOWCHEN (Little Lion Dog) - Dog Utility 1st : 4832 CHU Mrs K Enthony Kobwitler (Imp) - POODLE (STANDARD) - Dog. Well balanced and quite elegant with a head of good length, good muzzle and chin. Good depth and breadth of chest, strong well ribbed body with some width over the loins. Very typical on the move. Harsh coat. 2nd : 4735 FLYNN Mrs K M Risepark All the Rage at Rynuan - MINIATURE SCHNAUZER - Dog. Very smart with a grand head, decent ears and intelligent expression. Strong, nicely arched neck and some depth of chest. Typical topline and he was presented in a good jacket. Moved well. 3rd : 5202 TAYLOR Mrs S & Mr J Layoli Sea Of Secrets At Billkenstar - TIBETAN TERRIER - Dog 4th : 4804 MELTON Mrs J Jencro Diamond In The Sky - POODLE (MINIATURE) - Dog Gundog 1st : 7754 YILMAZ Miss C Kalispell Kisim Kelpie - SPANIEL (COCKER) - Dog. Headed a very good group. A really typical "crockery" dog with a handsome head, good nose pad, dark eyes with good tight rims. Clean neck and shoulders, strong well ribbed body. Well boned with nicely padded feet. Good tail set. Made the most of himself on the move and his flat, silky coat was in good order. 2nd : 7178 BOOTH Mr & Mrs G Rocamoka Wind Dreamer - RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) - Bitch. She has a pleasing, gentle expression, dark eyes with good pigmentation. Soundly made with good depth of rib and firm topline. Well angulated and short from hock to heel. Moved with some drive from the rear. 3rd : 6642 ELLINGTON Miss J R Benbuie Thornbird - GORDON SETTER - Dog 4th : 7894 SAMPSON Mrs G Deanway Tomahawk - SPANIEL (SUSSEX) - Dog Judge: Tom Mather