• Show Date: 03/01/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tina Jopling Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: French Bulldog

Boston DCS Championship Show 5th January 2019 Critique-French Bulldogs 

I thoroughly enjoyed the day my first CC judging appointment. My thanks to the Boston & DCS officers and committee for extending the judging invitation to me, my excellent stewards who helped manage the day and last but by no means least the exhibitors who entered making it a day to remember.  Good to hear support and clapping around the ring for those placed, although unfortunately several good dogs went home cardless, not for lack of merit but the classes were large and well supported.  I was delighted with all my winners and would happily have taken any one of them home!  I did however find particular elements becoming more apparent within the breed concerning health, confirmation and lighter eye colour. Far too many short dogs which affects topline and leads to health implications. Temperament, as expected, was excellent.   

The hall was quite warm and a few dogs seemed to notice the heat but no major concerns were noted with breathing.  The number of dogs with tails is definitely increasing and open nostrils can only be a positive for the health of the breed. 

MPD (12 1) 

1 Stidwell’s –Beaufrogz Bronzite Warrior 9 month old Brindle, well balanced and proportioned puppy, good front and length of neck, correct head, good width of jaw defined lay back, good nostrils, dark eyes, correct bat ears. Gentle roach leading to well angulated hindquarters, small tail, moved well, shown in super condition. 

2 Jennings- Cossys Rag N’Bone Man 7 month dark brindle, lovely body shape pleasing head, good dentition, and dark eyes well domed forehead, correct ear placement, gentle roach leading to well set small tail, correct angulation and tight cat like feet.  Moved well. 

3 Cassidy’s-Chinaskys Charlie Bucket 

Res Phillips-Poison D’acebo Character (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 

PD (10 3) 

1PD Coffey’s-Ascensions Winston of Raglenary 10 months black masked fawn, smaller size but well balanced and in muscled condition, well turned up jaw giving good width, dark eyes melting Frenchie expression, well wrinkled domed forehead, correct ear placement strong neck of good length, correct topline low tail set and well let down hocks lovely tight feet. He moved well and gave the bitch puppy a good challenge resulting in a very close decision. 

2 O’Brien & Chambers’ Luvum Apache Spirit with Rockwater 11 months black masked fawn slightly longer cast than the class winner but lots to like about this boy, nice front and good shoulder placement, well defined muzzle, dark eyes fine wrinkled forehead and strong neck. Good tail set low, lovely angulation and good tuck up. 

3 Seffer’s- Boule & Onuba Sir Kaiser Catrelma (IMP ESP) NAF 

Res Phillips-Poison D’acebo Character (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 


JD (4 1) 

1 Smith & Pratt- Catrelma Petit Bateau avec Khanin 15 months hooded dark brindle pied with lovely clear coat, beautiful outline, good deep front of good width, strong thick neck, lovely square jaw, correct layback, well domed forehead, good width between well placed bat ears. Well sprung rib, good tuck up, well muscled hind quarters, small tail, and tight feet, powerful movement. 

2 Pleasance-Katakia Last Man Standing JW 16 months hooded dark brindle pied with lovely clear coat. Smaller youngster than class winner but lots to like, nice overall body shape wide deep front good fore chest and well sprung rib, good tuck up. Correct topline, low set small tail, and tight feet. Pleasing head with excellent open nostrils and lovely eye colour well placed. Good flowing movement. 

3 Ellis’-Eastonite Marko 

YD (7 0) 

1RDCC Smith’s-Iron Fist Lennox for Bellicose (IMP RUS) 20 months stunning brindle dog good bone, in excellent condition, so much to like about this boy who pushed hard for the CC today.  Excellent broad head, strong square jaw good layback, open nostrils and dark eyes. Deep broad fore chest, thick neck, good spring of rib, correct topline well muscled hind quarters and tight cat like feet from well let down hocks. Moved with drive round the ring. 

2 Fiddes’-Rozeldouge Lorde 18 months dark brindle dog smaller than class winner, well put together with a gleaming coat, broad skull, good mouth, open nostrils and dark eyes.  Nice tail, hindquarters strong with lovely angulation allowing for good movement. 

3 Elsbergiene’s-Winnetou Petropavloskiy Luks 

Res Haynes & Scott-Webb’s-Jelly Roll Morton (AU3) 

PGD (11 1) 

1 Stidwell’s- Lairdstorm Oban Bay Boy at Beaufrogz 18 months dark brindle hooded pied finer boned but well in proportion with lovely body shape, good head maturing nicely, correct mouth, deep stop, dark eyes, good width between ears , moderate topline with low set good tail, tight feet, moved well round the ring. 

 2 Davis & Wildman’s-Rowendale Hobnob Wildax 15 months black masked Fawn dog nothing overdone in excellent muscled condition.  Nice head dark eyes and well padded cheeks, well domed forehead, thick neck, good topline, slightly high tail set of good length. Well let down hocks and tight feet good sound mover.   

3 Jennings’-Cossy Top Dollar 

Res Marshall’s- Siboveld’s San Quentin 


LD (6 1) 

1 Bryant’s- Archness Sign O the Times JW 2.5 years tiger brindle, well balanced dog, beautiful head shape good nostrils, wide jaw with correct dentition, deep stop and  well domed forehead and nice ear placement.  Well sprung rib, good loin and firm hindquarters, super tight feet and excellent mover.  

2 Cund & Harrop’s- Chelmbull Moon Walker 22 months dark brindle dog in lovely muscled condition excellent overall balance and proportion, very pleasing head with dark eyes and good dentition, well padded cheeks, wide jaw, defined stop, just seemed reticent to hold his ears up today. Good strong front deep chest and good spring of rib.  Correct topline low tail set and nice angulation. Excellent mover. 

3 Kelly’s-Pongo Agrestynki at Risley 

Res Timms-Eastonite Maui JW 

OD (17 5) 

1 & DCC Friend’s- Phil Ch Kingfriend Mr El Lion Mature dark brindle dog, excellent shape and proportion, text book Frenchie. Stunning head with nothing overdone well turned up broad jaw, good layback, well domed forehead and excellent ear set.  Correct topline and tail set, well let down hocks tight cat like feet.  Broad fore chest well laid back shoulder good spring of rib and nice tuck up.  At one with his handler and moved with drive round the ring. This boy pushed hard in the challenge for BOB and a pleasure to judge him. 

2 Gracie’s-Lux/Ir Ch Vital Way Hip Hop Bellicose (Imp Rus) JW JN CH IR Dark brindle, good body shape excellent strong head, good dentition, nicely domed forehead and good width between ears. Strong neck, correct topline leading to strong hindquarters, small tail, good angulation a sound mover.  

3 Cund & Harrop’s- Ch Chelmbull the Aviator 

Res Kasprowicz -Daniello Easter Power Live JW 

VD No Entries 

SBD (4 0) 

1 Handley’s- Sawer-Jalatemme Man of The Moon Mature hooded dark brindle pied with clear coat overall excellent condition slightly longer cast with a good strong head, good dentition, and dark eyes, well domed forehead and well placed ears of correct size.  Well sprung rib and tuck up, strong back end with well let down hocks allowing excellent movement around the ring.  

2 Stidwell’s-Beaufrogz Bronzite Warrior See Minor puppy dog 

3 Phillips’ –Poison D’Acebo Character (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 

Res Snook’s-Kanshim Seven Deadly Sins 

GC D/B (2 0) 

1 Tonkin& Pellow’s-Poison D’Acebo Opus Nocturne at Rosanyos (IMP ESP) 17months Brindle small fine boned in proportioned bitch pleasing head, dark eyes, good ear placement, correct topline low tail set, well let down hocks sound feet. Good front, spring of rib and correct tuck up, lovely coat condition and texture.  Moved well. 

2 Tonkin & Pellow’s- Poison D’Acebo Absolute (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 8 months Black masked fawn with a super head type, dark eyes and nice wrinkling. Strong neck, correct roach slightly high tail set. Deep chest and with spring of rib and good tuck up, tight feet with short black nails. 

MPB (23 6) 

1BP Jennings’-Cossy Prim & Proper 7 months beautiful well balanced and in proportion black masked fawn puppy, super square head well defined with good turn up of jaw. Darkest of eyes nice wrinkling on forehead flat skull between bang on ear set. Alert expression well tuned to her handler, good reach of neck and correct topline strong hindquarters lovely angulation and tight neat feet with short nails. Moved well, I loved her. 

2 Vearncombe & Hale’s- Tytorro Paint It Black with Ruption Knightcott 6 months dark brindle excellent head with super expression, wide nostrils, good lip placement, dark round eyes with an appealing soft expression. Head developing well, good ear placement. Wide front, spring of rib and defined tuck up. Strong hindquarters and tight feet with short nails, lovely condition and a good tail.   

3 Asiamah’s-Nasanga Sierra Sunset 

Res Jobson & Warren’s-Warson Queen of Hearts 

PB (17 7) 

1 Krall’s Jafrak Putting on the Charm 10 months black masked fawn –my first word in my notes reads ‘Beautiful’. Lovely bitch with so much to offer excellent balance and proportion well defined head nothing overdone, good dentition, dark eyes, well defined muzzle. Fine wrinkling to domed forehead with lovely ear placement. Good neck, correct topline strong hindquarters nice angulation, tight feet, short nails and good tail set. Tight decision for puppy bitch challenge.  

2 Cund & Harrop’s-Daulokkes Sauvage Rose at Chelmbull (IMP DNK) NAF TAF 9 months dark brindle with a lovely outline, feminine head, expressive dark eyes, good dentition, open nostrils. Gleaming coat and condition. Wide deep front, well sprung rib and defined tuck up, correct topline and small tail set low. Very sound mover  

3 Wise’s-Lorrrosa Love at First Sight with Brumist 

Res Morgan & Ling’s – Tytorro Tiger Feet 


JB (8 1) 

1 Gracie’s –Summergate Cornelia 13 months dark brindle beautiful out line and good balance, soft expression excellent dark eyes of good size, good muzzle defined stop nicely wrinkled forehead and correct ear set completes the picture. Good forequarters, spring of rib and tuck up.  Correct topline and tail set with short tail. 

2 Cheeseman’s –Theapaul Indian Summer 15 months brindle bitch of good proportion, similar to class winner in attributes –well defined head and good body shape, dark nails, tight feet and a small tail complete the picture.  

3 Cook’s-Jaquietus Careless Whisper 

Res Asiamah’s-Flurry Megrim Bull Nasanga (IMP) 

YB (4 0) 

1 Truelove’s-Eastonite Dark Crystal 17 months brindle of correct size and substance, strong head slightly longer in muzzle but with well defined features, she held her ears slightly low but still gave a nice appealing expression with her dark eyes. Good mover. 

2 Seffer’s-Boule & Onuba Rachelle Catrelma (IMP ESP) JW 21 months dark brindle well boned bitch, good head well defined, lovely dark eye colour, dentition good, correct amount of wrinkling allowing for a sweet expression, good sized ears. Neck of good length Good tuck up, with a gentle roach, short tail. 

3 Smith’s- Xentique B’Witched for Taffique JW 

Res Tonkin & Pellow’s- Poison D’Acebo Opus Nocturne at Rosanyos (IMP ESP) 

PGB (12 4) 

1 BCC & BOB Jordan’s –Katakia Rocked It JW 21 months hooded brindle pied bitch, in superb condition, excellent balance and proportion with nothing overdone. Deep wide front well turned up broad jaw, correct dentition, open nostrils, deep stop, expressive dark eyes, well domed forehead and good ear set. Correct topline lovely length of body firm hind quarters, tight feet and a short tail.  This girl has the lot and was in tune with her handler, she just had the edge and I was delighted to award her the Bitch CC & BOB. 

2 Coffey’s-Art’dahomi Polet Felice of Raglenary (IMP RUS)  Black masked fawn, shorter than class winner but again balanced and well muscled, wide front, good spring of rib and good tuck up. Nice square head with plenty of cushioning, dark eyes, dentition and lip placement correct, open nostrils. Short tail and tidy feet. 

3 Plominska & Kil- Busher Pljus Nenette Vanille (IMP RUS) 

Res Smith’s-Finlewvas Tinytots 


LB (9 2) 

1 Brooks & Cairns- Corursus Life can be so Nice JW SHCM Brindle of good size, slightly longer but all in proportion, straight front, well padded head, defined muzzle, open nostrils, excellent dark eyes, good ears. Coat in good condition, tidy tail, neat feet. Moved nicely. 

2 Hopper’s-Khanin Heart Stone at Brynfaw 2 years fawn with black mask in excellent condition, beautiful feminine head with fine wrinkling, wide jaw, correct dentition, deep stop, dark eyes, and good width between correctly placed ears. Pleasing body shape good tuck up short loin, small tail, tight feet, slightly straight in stifle, however a nice mover.  

3 Morison’s- Jafrak Soft Centre with Zandene 

Res Pleasance- Katakia One and Only JW 

OB (11 2) 

1 RBCC Hines’-Rycolah Shooting Star JW Mature black masked fawn, excellent balance and proportion, well muscled condition, nice feminine head, open nostrils, dark expressive eyes, good wrinkling well domed forehead with correct ear placement. Well sprung rib, lovely tuck up, firm hindquarters, tight feet, and short black nails lovely movement well deserving of her RBCC, well handled.  Another tough decision in the challenge. 

2 Gracie’s- Wings of a Angel Over Summergate Hooded fawn pied, in super condition and so alert enjoying her day. Beautiful head which she held high, expressive dark eyes, well defined jaw, good wrinkling, neat upright ears, super length of neck, well laid back shoulders, slightly level topline, short loin, tail, nice angulation and lovely movement.  

3 Roach’s-Roalice Mini Mouse SHCM 

Res Jobson & Warren’s-Warson Madam Pomfrey 

VB (1 1)  

SBB (3 1) 1 Rashleigh & Richards’-Poison Dacebo Edenspring (IMP ESP) NAF TAF 

7 months dark Brindle 8months of age, pleasing head, well defined muzzle, deep stop, dark eyes giving a sweet expression, straight front, slightly longer well shaped body, good hindquarters, correct tail, good on the move, needs time to mature. 

2 Houston’s –Eastonite Coco Chanel Black masked fawn, wide jaw with correct dentition, open nostrils, dark eyes, domed forehead, good ears.  Shorter in body, but a balanced youngster. Wide front, nice spring of rib, short loin, well muscled, good movement. 



Tina Jopling