• Show Date: 03/08/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Terrie Cousins-Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Briard

Thank you to the committee of this very enjoyable show for the kind invitation to judge. My lovely ring stewards kept everything running smoothly, thank you ladies. There was a quality entry here today, the males had the edge over the females in quality. The good sized ring allowed me to move the dogs sufficiently to assess their gait, there is no better sight than a beautiful, typey Briard, mature and in full coat, covering the ground easily with the economical striding gait that so typifies this breed. I was delighted to see the BOB shortlisted in the group and to hear that today was his crowning CC, congratulations! I would like to mention just two points to breeders, good fronts were a little scarce and some coats were very straight and silky.

PD (2,0) Two promising boys.

1st: RUAL - KEOGH, Mrs N & RUAL Mrs L Gilcoru Wolfblass D'brie

Lovely masculine clear fawn of good type with good bone and well developed body for his age, proportionate head with strong muzzle and nice large nose, dark eye, good neck, well laid shoulders with chest developing, super topline and croup, strong rear, tail correct and well carried, moved soundly and gave a good account of himself on the stack and the move.

2nd: JACOBS-PEARCE Mrs N L Arundall Mithra

Giving away a few months in age and it does make such a difference in this breed, has all the essentials, really nice colour fawn of a good make and shape, well boned and built, lovely head with a cheeky expression from his brown eyes, super neck giving a good head carriage, body raw as to be expected, carried himself well on the move, he was sound and steady.

JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: SNELLING Mrs J Beaugency Bouzy Roots

This rich clear fawn has personality and ring presence in bucket loads. Very pleasing for size and type with a good head, still to finish, and a strong muzzle, well boned with a super neck giving proud head carriage and level topline, with correct croup and tail, firm all through, needs time to mature in chest and drop in brisket, carrying a typical jacket for his age, well muscled and well angulated thighs, sound on the move with a correctly carried tail. A youngster of obvious quality.

PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: HADDOCK Mr & Mrs P M Gilcoru Moulin D 'brie

Black who presented a very nice type with a typical outline and good substance and bone, masculine head with a dark eye giving that intelligent, gentle expression, well boned, could be a bit firmer in topline, croup slightly sloping and well muscled rear, would like to see him stride out a bit more, fabulous texture coat which was well presented.

LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: JONES Mr M & Mrs S Stormfield Reckless Erik

Oozes Briard, has that rustic look with a supple and muscular frame, masculine head atop a good length neck giving correct head carriage, well laid shoulders, excellent chest and bone, well bodied with firm back and correct slightly sloping croup to well set J tail of good length, strong muscular hindquarters with good hocks, black coat of good texture with ample undercoat, he was rather unsettled on the move today but showed glimpses of an effortless gait which his construction suggests, won this class regardless, I would have gladly given him the RCC but he just needed to collect himself a little more and show exactly how he was made on the move, he will surely make up and have his day.

2nd: ELDER Ms N Stormfield Baktu Our Roots To Barbureve

Loved this boy, all male, another who is built just right and he easily extended on the move when asked to and made it look so easy, he has super bone and construction, plenty of heart room in the chest, head correctly proportioned and in harmony with his body, dark eye giving a lovely wise and gentle expression, nice neck with well placed shoulders, level topline , correct body proportions, muscular hindquarters with strong hocks, excellent J tail, changing coat at the moment and at the pale stage but with texture, fabulous side gait, will be interested to see how he finishes.

3rd: THORP Mrs E Charson Worth The Wait

Judged him as a puppy and thought he had loads of potential then, a size bigger but not coarse in anyway, couldn’t quite match the movement of the first two today, but another male of super type with a gorgeous head, rugged appearance and a really superb coat, very muscular boy, correctly proportioned with firm topline, good angulation and excellent tail.

OD (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: HILLIER Mrs S Barembak Albufera At Charson

I couldn’t take my eyes off this dog, he flowed around the ring demonstrating his superb construction with every stride, when asked to go up a gear he effortlessly did so. A very well balanced and correctly proportioned, masculine rich clear fawn of super type, good size and strength, well muscled all through, exactly the make and shape I think of when I think Briard, proud head carriage, super substance and outline being slightly longer than high, back firm and level with very slight slope to croup, well set and carried tail, correct dry coat, driving effortless movement, front , back and side gait, CC, BOB and shortlisted.

2nd: 2553 HONEYWOOD Mrs E M Ch Gilcoru Fortant D'brie At Dellaswood

One I have placed well before, like his size and strength very much, well balanced head with dark eye, good length muscular neck, shoulders well laid and muscled, firm body with good chest and correct croup, tail of correct length with hook, finishing off a good outline, moved soundly with power, not quite the fluidity of 1 but able to cover ground well, excellent coat RCC.

3rd: 2558 ROGERS, Ms S & HILLIER, Miss S & GARDNER Mr A Ch Etrerat Du Tchibo D'ebene By Charson (Imp)

Mature dog with a profuse coat of good texture, lovely masculine and well boned framed, I would like a touch more length of foreleg for balance, really well built all through with well laid shoulders and strong hindquarters, good on the move and held his topline well.

PB (4 Entries) Abs: 1

Three lovely girls, all at different stages of development, on another day they could change places easily.

1st: WILSON Mrs J Jandade Precoius Blossom

Very feminine but substantial fawn, loved her head and expression, neck and front assembly, one of those rare good ones today. Needs to come together a little for balance and can sometimes stack looking a bit sway backed but on the move she is more together and holds a firm topline and showed an easy stride, sound rear and good precision coming forward, quality girl, adult coat coming in and colour changing already, texture excellent, her lovely side gait took her to BP.

2nd: FOSTER Mrs C Fostebrie Irresistible

Oh my, this fawn baby was so cute and absolutely full of potential. Everything in the right place for a 6-month puppy. Such a pretty head with a soft brown eye, good neck and lovely front and bone, very raw naturally but very sound and collected too, will watch her with interest.

3rd: SWEET, Mrs T & SWEET Miss E Arundall Ebony

Not at all disgraced being 3rd here, this black has a lot of promise, she’s well grown with a delightful expression, lovely front and neck, sound in rear with good proportions and sound movement, should finish well.

Class 903 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: WILSON Mrs J Jandade Precoius Blossom

Class 904 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: 2541 FIELDSEND Mr T J & Mrs A M Qessi Heaven Devil To Starwell (Cze Imp) On her best behaviour today, feminine fawn girl of good size and shape, paled out at the moment but colour coming at the roots, she has a good head, very cheeky glint her in brown eyes, super neck and head carriage with good front and bone, still needs to finish in body, lovely topline and correct croup with well set and carried tail, moved well with good extension, coat a little silky at the moment.

2nd: BARBER, Mrs A & GASKIN Mrs N Shezmo Lady Midna very feminine black bitch of lovely balance and type, so typical in make and shape and very sound and easy on the move, I would just like a bit more of her all over, a real show girl with a super goat coat, carries her tail very well and really has so much to appreciate.

3rd CRAKER Mrs M Rumba Z Kuzni Championow At Crakebrie

A very honest and mature fawn with lots of substance, not quite the shape of the first two but is of a good type and moved soundly holding a strong topline and correctly carried tail, in pleasing coat.

Class 905 LB (3 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: ALDERMAN & HILLIER, Mesdames J & S & GARDNER Mr A Charson Chinese Whispers Gave this black BP last time I judged her, love her shape and typical outline. Her head and expression is super. Her femininity isn’t compromised by her strength, she has an excellent front and chest, good bone, firm topline, is balanced in angulation, well angulated hindquarters with well muscled thighs, carries her tail nicely and moved with an easy stride, I would like to see a little more rear drive, the best is still to come from her RCC.

2nd: HADDOCK Mr & Mrs P M Gilcoru D'issy D 'brie

Nicely put together, typical girl who likes her dinner, pleasing head with good proportions and kind dark eye, strong neck and good front and chest, good spring of rib and correct proportions, sound on the move and carries a really super coarse jacket.

Class OB (6 Entries) Abs: 1

Very strong class, thank you for bringing such quality.

1st: RUAL - KEOGH, Mrs N & RUAL Mrs L Ch Gilcoru Forever D'brie, well this was a surprise as the last time I judged her she was placed 4th which just proves it is the dog on the day and today she was the finished item, she has matured mentally and physically, at the smaller end of the standard but she still packs in the substance, bone and muscle that I look for, she is an honest bitch with a rustic look about her. Well constructed through out and well balanced, nice skull, strong muzzle and correct head proportions, strong neck, could be a tad more length for me, well laid shoulders with good brisket and spring of rib, firm topline, correct croup, well angled and strong rear with strong hocks, lovely J tail of good length, coat was dry and fit for purpose, flowing movement with no exaggeration, CC.

2nd: FOSTER Mrs C Ch Fostebrie Precious Hope (Ai) Sh.CM JW WW18 Bex

Very similar in make and shape to 1, a very well balanced bitch who scores in head and neck, good front and bone, correct rib and good body proportions, firm back, slight slope to croup, tail well set and correct length, not the strength and width of thigh of 1, but balanced angulation, excellent quality coat, covers plenty of ground, tendency to over extend at times, but certainly a very sound and supple mover.

3rd: WILSON Miss D Ch Jandade Precious Charm JW another really nice bitch out of the same mould, again of pleasing type, lovely construction, good muscular condition, sound action with a good topline and well carried J tail, excellent dry coat, she just seemed a little flat today compared with the 2 above her.