• Show Date: 19/10/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Terrie Cousins-Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK

Breed: Norwegian Buhund

The Norwegian Buhund club

Special Award Classes

My thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the special award classes at your championship show. What a lovely day it was with a friendly welcome, very impressive buffet and some very lovely dogs. Thank you to the exhibitors for your entries and for staying on to support the classes, I very much appreciated the opportunity to judge some quality exhibits.

Open Dog (5,1)

1. Smith’s Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di a very well balanced pale wheaten dog, larger size but not heavy , he has a super head and expression, used his ears well, medium arched neck, correct angulation both ends with a firm topline, strong and firm and short couplings, moved with sound easy action and in good coat.

2. Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Diamond Ted very workmanlike pale wheaten, in excellent condition, good size, and strong but not overdone, very well proportioned, has a lovely head, ears and outline, lightly built body with correct rib and chest, sound all ways, scored in overall condition on the day over 3 who was also the most super breed type.

3. Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Irvine Ch Arnscrift Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel

Open Bitch (4,2)

1. Irvine & Gillies Kimura’s Vera with Tapui (imp Nor)

Very alert and smart wheaten bitch of lovely proportions. Liked her type very much and loved her energy, super for size and bone, lightly built and with no exaggeration whatsoever, balanced head and well placed ears. Medium length neck, moderate angulation both front and rear, firm topline with tail set high and tightly curled, sound, light and active on the move.

2. Strong’s Leggatts Dancing Queen at Draccus

Just 14 months, this black exudes energy - ears up, tail up, on her toes and ready to go. Nice overall type with a short compact body, feminine head with no snippiness in muzzle, correct angulation, she needs a little time to finish in chest and brisket, firm body and sound rear, certainly could do a day’s work.

Ch (5,1)

1. Cobb & Kent’s Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall a really super wheaten, square in outline and lightly built, short, firm and compact body, lovely wedge head with good fill and correct erect ears well used, medium arched neck, medium angulation, high set, well curled tail, lovely body condition and a super smooth lying coat. Light and easy in profile movement, sound and precise coming and going, a totally unexaggerated smart dog.

2. Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Maidofcopper of Kormandel a feminine version of 1 with many of the same qualities, she has a wonderful outline, full of personality too! Liked her size, balance and breed type, she fits the requirements of moderate and strong, light and compact very well, excellent tail, active and sound mover, smooth harsh coat.

3. Smith’s Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di

Terrie Cousins-Brown