• Show Date: 19/09/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)

 VD (1,0)  

1st Muirhead’s CH JETAIME ETOILE-DU-FUTUR Sh.CM 12 yr male, head is of good length and nicely chiselled, parallel planes, dark eyes well set; ears of good size and shape could be higher set and used better. Good front, parallel limbs, down in pasterns, ok top, croup and tail set, moved well enough but a little close behind, lacked a little in animation

PD (1,0)

1st Lawless, Lawless & Brophy’s REVLOCH PERFECT STORM OF CHERRYBEAU (AI) 11 months, well grown and developed boy for age, lovely length of head, good planes, moderate stop, high set ears, good split, pigment, eye shape colour and set; chiselling still to develop. Good neck for length and arch, good outline, stance and bone. Little loose in front, hocks turning in at present, BPIB going on to PG 4

 JD & SY & GCD (1,0)

1st Bird, Lester & Smith’s HAWKSFLIGHT PAPARAZZI AT DOMBURG, 15 months and at the rangy stage of growth and coat, head of good length, parallels not quite, good chiselling, eye a touch full, muzzle to fill and strengthen in underjaw. Good neck, slightly long and flat in top line, parallel stance, moving very close fore and aft

PG (1,0)

1st Church & Howard-Harrington’s INVANSE DESPICABLE ME, 3yr stylish boy, super outline. Long head, skull a little flared, roman nose, enough chiselling, excellent split and pigment, good ears for shape, set and carriage, would like more neck; excellent withers, short back, croup a little too sloping. Parallel stance on good limbs, moving wide in front, ok rear, restricted side gait

LD (2,0)

1st Snook’s BONVIVANT LIQUORICE LIQUER, 2.5 yrs mid-size shapely male, attractive head, minimum stop, good parallels and chiselling, dark eyes a little full but a lovely expression, very good ear set, shape and use, arched neck, elegant flow to top and under lines, short coupled, proportionate bone, little erratic on the move when setting off but good profile when settled. I liked him a lot although would prefer a bit more of him all round, RCC

2nd Malinowski, Hearson & Grove’s REVLOCH INDIANA JONES, 5.5 yrs shapely lad, head of good length, planes and chiselling, a little strong through for me, good stop, strength of underjaw, dark eyes well set, lovely expression, good pigment; nicely arched neck, high withers, level top line, good chest, balanced angulation, moved with reach and drive, a little close behind, would like more leg

OD (4,2)

1st Blight’s IR CH REVLOCH DI CANIO, 7.5 yrs, classic type, strength with elegance; beautiful long clean head, a touch deep in skull, typical expression from dark almond eyes, very good ear shape, size and set, wide split and dark pigment. Nicely arched neck onto distinct withers, good top and underlines; good bone, stance, parallel limbs. He needs to come up on his front pasterns however presents a super outline, CC & BOB, shortlisted in Group

2nd Flavell’s CH NIAVANA MAN ABOUT TOWN, almost 3 yrs, handsome young male, beautiful long dry head, lovely chiselling, dark eyes, wide split mouth. Neck is well arched but could be longer, good withers, croup, top and under line, stands four square, super silhouette but would like a touch more leg, angles in front more open than rear, slightly restricted gait

SBD (1,0)

1st Smith’s KEHALA THE MAGICIAN, very raw 2yrs, head of good length, minimum stop, flat skull a little deep through, eyes dark, well set, rather small, good pigment; needs more definition of withers, level back shade long, proportionate bone, parallel stance, moved well enough all ways, sweet character

VB (2,1) 

1st Malinowski & Jouannet’s CH FURIOUS FUSCHIA DU BOIS DU TOT (Imp) 9.5 yrs stylish bitch of classic type. Long well chiselled head though could be dryer, flat skull, moderate stop, straight muzzle, flat cheeks, wide split, med dark eyes a little full, very good ear set, shape, size; lovely neck, distinct withers, good chest and underline. Pleasing angulation front, a shade over at rear, moved well all ways with drive, pressed hard for the top spot, RCC & BVIB

JB (1,0) 

1st Phillip’s KEHALA TOUCHED BY A STAR AT TANJE, raw 15 mths and at the dreaded stage for BSDs. Very long head, minimum stop, skull needs to flatten and muzzle rather pinched at present; neck is of good length, body at the rangy stage so not much definition as yet, parallel stance, front assembly a little upright, moderate rear, restricted side gait. Needs her clothes

PGB (2,0)

1st Hodkinson’s XANOVA LADY STARK AT TERRGROEN, very feminine youngster of lovely type. Beautiful head, dark almond obliquely set eyes, nicely chiselled, good parallels, high set ears. Arched neck, coat a little wavy which detracts from outline, good chest, underline, proportionate bone; slightly steep in upper arm, moderate rear, erratic on the move due to handler error, I liked her a lot 

2nd Caves NIAVANA MOMENT OF MAGIC, lovely long and dry head, parallels need to settle, well set and shaped eyes giving typical expression, good pigment, split could be better, body needs to develop, a shade long cast, parallel stance, would like a touch more leg, better rear angles than front. Slightly loose coming, ok side gait

LB (4,2)

1st Fletcher, Finnigan & Church’s INVANSE ALMOST ILLEGAL, 2 yrs still a little raw; head is of good length needs to break, slightly deep through back skull and prominent in brow, good split, pigment, well set and used ears, nice expression. Would like more defined withers, short firm loin, excellent muscle, parallel stance on straight limbs, chest developing nicely, good underline, moved fairly well

2nd Fowler & Mancy’s NIAVANA MOON RIVER AT TOPTUNE almost 3 yrs, petite girl carrying a lot of furnishings which detract from first impressions; head is of good length, well chiselled and balanced throughout, dark eyes a little full, nicely arched neck which would prefer longer, good chest, angulations and underline would like a little more leg. Moved ok

OB (2,1)

1st McNamara & Gardiner’s KEHALA MAI TAI, 4.5 yrs, mature girl, medium length head, parallel planes, moderate stop, slightly deep, lovely dark almond eyes well set, good split and pigment, nice reach and arch to neck onto distinct withers, firm top line, attractive silhouette, good chest, little open in front, better rear, good tuck-up; proportionate bone, stands four square on straight limbs and moved well all ways, CC