• Show Date: 26/04/2019
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Tereza Watkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Of England Ladies Kennel Society

Breed: English Setter

Minor Puppy Dog (6,2)

1st Owen’s Cornsett You My Everything, 8.5 month old Orange, very masculine and well grown for age. Correct head shape, with a nice expression, moderate length of neck, decent shoulder placement, correct tail carriage, sufficient angulation in front and rear. Good front. Sound mover for a baby. In super coat and condition. Lost his topline occasionally but this should develop. Once he settles, will do well.

2nd Kelly’s Cornsett The Wise One, 8.5 months Tri, litter brother to 1st. Another decent youngster, similar remarks apply. Correct head shape and expression, sufficient neck, shoulders. Decent spring of rib. Moved sound and true, just needs a little less weight.

3rd Taylor’s Bumblecorn Ash of Tattay

Puppy Dog (1,1)

1st Bryant & Hollis’ Silvamoon Storm Trooper for Phenset, 11 month old Tri, Correct head shape and expression with a lovely dark eye, shoulders well back, good angulation, in front and rear. Level topline. In excellent coat and condition. Sound mover. Well handled to take Best Puppy Dog.

Junior Dog (4,0)

A nice class of young males, who, on a different day, could change places.

1st Danks-Kemish’s Samelen GI Blues at Alofrana, 12 month old Blue Belton, lovely type, correct head shape with dark eyes and lovely expression, decent angles throughout, level topline, moved soundly with the correct, level tail carriage. Another who shows off his correct shape whilst free-standing as opposed to being stacked, but this will develop as he gains confidence. Would prefer a little more weight on him but couldn’t deny him the class.

2nd Wright’s Sorbus Dance the Night Away, 14 month old Orange Belton, another with the correct head shape, decent length of neck, straight front and level topline, good angulation throughout, just flew his tail a little.

3rd Taylor & Atyeo’s Samelen Come Back Special

Yearling Dog (4,0)

Another good class of youngsters, decisions were close

1st Harris, Bridgewater & Hoeksema’s Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela JW, 21 month old Orange Belton, super moving boy with that, all too rare, slashing tail, this gave him the edge over 2nd. Lovely dark eye and expression, decent length of neck, shoulders okay and a, correct, level topline. Good coat and condition. Well handled.

2nd Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Gray JW, 22 month old dark tricolour, lovely type and initially thought he would be my winner. Correct head shape, good length of neck, shoulders correct and good angulation throughout, straight front and level topline. He was beaten by a dog who showed more animation and drive on the move, however this boy is maturing nicely.

3rd Worthy’s Tattersett Big Orange

Post Graduate Dog (9,1)

1st Schoneville & Derry’s Hawklawn Khamsin at Balvenie JW, masculine Orange Belton, looking better than ever, he has a lovely head and dark eye giving him that true Setter expression of pure kindness. Long, lean neck with a slight arch, enough front and rear angulation which he used so well on the move, so true, fore and aft. In excellent coat and condition. I’m sure he will gain his title. Pleased to award him the Res CC in very good company.

2nd Kelly’s Alofrana Memphis Rock, masculine Tricolour, still a young dog so has plenty of time to develop. Correct head shape, long, muscled neck with a level topline, which he kept on the move. Front and rear angulation was okay and he is in good coat and condition.

3rd Spencer’s Sorbus Plays the Field

Limit Dog (13,2)

This was a very strong class with some favourites of mine who didn’t quite get it together today

1st Stewart & Quenby’s Tattersett Galileo, Blue Belton, nice type, super dark eye with that soft, melting expression, not overdone in any way, he has ample neck, good layback of shoulder, level topline and decent angulation. Very true moving boy with the correct tail carriage. Not flashy but he’s an honest dog and deserves the title that he recently gained.

2nd McKiernan’s Niroke Never Say Never at Bushbane, Orange Belton, very different type to 1, this boy oozes showmanship, in excellent coat and condition, well angulated throughout, strong driving movement, just lost out on front movement today.

3rd Young’s Wansleydale Ace of Hearts Over Ingella

Open Dog (3,1)

1st Littlechild’s Sh Ch Ravensett Fire 'N' Ice JW, Orange Belton, a dog I have previously admired and he didn’t disappoint today. Not a big lad but he is so balanced throughout. His head is a beautiful shape with a dark eye giving him that soft, kind expression which the breed requires. His shoulders are well laid back and his front, true and straight, good depth of chest with nice spring of rib, level topline which he holds well. Correct bend of stifle. His movement is sound, true and elegant. Pleased to award him the CC & BOB.

2nd Carty’s IR/LUX Sh Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood JUN CH AN CH 14 CJW 15 CW 15, Orange Belton. Another worthy Sh Ch who is now at the peak of maturity, I have never seen him look better. Beautiful head and expression with a kind, dark eye, good neck and shoulders, level topline, straight front and good angulation throughout. Moved soundly, just lacked the elegance of the winner, but a quality dog nonetheless.

Special Beginners Dog (1)

1st Kelly’s Alofrana Memphis Rock

Special Beginners Bitch (2)

1st Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto, Tricolour, elegant young girl, nice type, correct head, correctly made in front, neck and shoulders, level topline. Moved sound and true, in good condition. Best Special Beginners.

2nd Bozier’s Victoriaview Hollyhock, this young Orange bitch really played her handler up today, on the stack she is a beautiful shape. Correct head and dark eye, good angles, front and rear, level topline, in good condition, but she just would not move correctly, she was going wide behind and paid the price unfortunately. Certainly not seen her behave like this before, so hopefully just a one-off.

Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1)

1st Harris’ Gemsett Ice Cold In Alex, 6.5 month old Orange Belton, a ‘Star’ of the future I think. Loved her for type, exuberance and style. Correct head proportions, super, correctly shaped, dark eyes, good front, correct in upper arm, long neck, nice layback of shoulder, even at this age, level topline, perfect tailset and tail carriage, which, for me, was where she excelled. She was sound and strong in her movement. One that I would gladly have taken home, loved her. Best Puppy.

2nd Mugford’s Alolfrana Sugar 'N' Spice At Lynwood, 8 month old Tricolour, one that I have admired from the ringside, another lovely type, so feminine and yet has huge ring presence for a baby. Similar remarks apply, she’s not a big girl but her quality cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, today, she was moving slightly wide behind. I still think she’s special and these two should have some exciting battles ahead.

3rd Stevens’ Bumblecorn Rose

Puppy Bitch (3,1)

1st Watkin’s Valsett Starlite Daisy Days, 11 month old Orange Belton, balanced throughout, correct head shape, level topline, correct bend of stifle, chest deep in brisket and well ribbed, in good coat and condition, moved true, both ways.

2nd Mugford’s Alolfrana Sugar 'N' Spice At Lynwood

Junior Bitch (5)

1st Williams’ Bournehouse Secret Love, Orange Belton, so mature in body and coat for her age. Lovely type, true in front, correct head proportions, good layback of shoulder, decent length of neck, level topline, ribs well sprung, good depth and correct tail carriage. She had plenty of style, sound movement but needs to settle.

2nd Sharples’ Mariglen Serendipity At Kanietter, Orange Belton, another lovely type, close up to 1st, just preferred tailset of winner. Correct head shape and dark eye, deep in brisket, level topline, correct bend of stifle, in good coat and condition, she moved very soundly.

3rd Spencer’s Bournehouse Secret Whisper

Yearling Bitch (8,3)

1st Grimsdell's Tattersett Dark Honey, Orange Belton, feminine head with a gentle expression, balanced throughout, good reach of neck, and layback of shoulder, straight in forearm and good depth of chest, level topline, nice bend of stifle. Moved soundly, in good condition, would prefer a slightly darker eye, but she has quality.

2nd Sharples' Mariglen Serendipity At Kanietter

3rd Bryant & Hollis' Phensett Sparks Will Fly JW

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1st Watkin’s Valsett Starlite Indigo Sky, Blue Belton, lovely type, correct head shape with a gentle expression, strong neck into correct layback of shoulder, correct in front, deep in brisket, level topline and well angulated throughout. Moved soundly.

Limit Bitch (16,1)

What a class, many favourites of mine here, just wished I had more cards to give out. 

1st Taylor & Bridgewater’s Wansleydale Yellow Ribbon, smart Orange Belton, headed this very strong class. Beautiful, elegant bitch with a good head shape and gentle expression, deep in brisket, balanced throughout, correct angulation, not overdone in any way. Correct, level topline. In lovely coat and hard condition. Her movement was very sound and positive. Bitch CC, her 3rd.

2nd Harding’s Mariglen Fenella at Cumbersett, Tricolour, a bitch I have admired for quite some time and feel she often gets overlooked. She was on top form today, a lovely type of Setter, correct angles, again, not overdone in any way. Correct length of neck, good layback of shoulders and well ribbed, with a level topline, in excellent coat and condition. Her movement was sound and elegant. Res CC.

3rd Loakes’ Goldbirch Wings Of Desire JW Sh CM

Open Bitch (8,2)

1st Taylor’s Wetherby Whisper to Wansleydale JW. Tricolour, well off for bone, in good coat and condition. Correct angles, level topline, deep in brisket. Moved soundly

2nd Hay’s Mariglen Feather. Light Tricolour. In good coat and condition, correct angles, good layback of shoulder, correct length of neck, level topline, balanced bitch who moved soundly. Would prefer a little more work in her head, but she’s a good, honest bitch.

3rd Montell’s Culverwell Calamity Jane

Judge: Tereza Watkins